Retreat Spa

From $11,999

Why choose the Arcadia Retreat?

Barrier free seating

The Retreat is Arcadia’s largest high performance spa. 43 powerful jets, keep everyone happy in either one of the 4 hydrotherapy seats or you can spread out along the exclusive bench seating.

Perfect entertainer

At 2.3m x 3m, this is a large spa. While there is dedicated seating for 11 adults, the large volume of water allows plenty of room for family and friends to join in too.

Retreat Premium Pack

Add the Arcadia Premium Pack to your Retreat spa.
A selection of our best selling upgrades that makes
your spa longer lasting, more economical and more
Arcadia Retreat RRP $11,999
+ Stainless steel jets
+ Perimeter and cabinet lighting
+ Corona discharge ozone water clarifier
+ Dual layer insulation

Retreat with Premium Pack  $13,499

Spa World Rating

Energy Efficiency
Build Quality
In-Spa Experience
Water Maintenance

How we rate our spas

Choosing the right spa can be confusing. Especially when faced with many options to choose from. To simplify this process, we have used our years of spa experience to create a simple rating system that compares our huge range of spas across a number of important attributes.

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Seating design

The Arcadia Retreat seats eleven adults in comfort. 
Retreat seating layout

Four hydrotherapy seats

The retreat has four spacious hydrotherapy seats.  Each seat has a soft head rest and a combination of powerful hydrotherapy jets. 

  Retreat Bench Seating

Bench seating for 6

The Retreat has exclusive bench seating for 6 adults. Perfect for social gathering topped of with leg massage jets and large single spinners on each side.  

  bench seating

Cool-down seat

The Retreat has a cool down seat for those times when you need to cool off a bit. Situated between two of the hydrotherapy seats, its perfect for rotating between the 3.

  Cool down seat

Retreat Features

Spanet controller

Arcadia's philosophy is all about simplicity and reliability. This is reflected by choosing the Australian based Spanet control system. Spanet controls are intuitive and simple. They are also built to give service for years on end.

pressure control
Individual seat pressure controls

Just as some like a firm mattress and some like a soft one, the Arcadia Retreat allows you to adjust your jet pressure.  The Retreat has individual jet pressure control for each seat to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Perimeter Lighting
Perimeter Lighting - Premium Pack

Perimeter lighting is the perfect way to set the atmosphere in your spa. Over 15 small multicoloured lights offer a gentle glow just below the water line. Choose your colour, set the mood and relax.

multicoloured lighting
Programmable multi-coloured lighting

Standard on the Arcadia Retreat, the underwater programmable multi-coloured light gently sets the mood for after hours spa use. Choose from the five program options and relax. 

SV link
Spanet WiFi control (optional)

Control your spa remotely from anywhere in the world! With the optional Spanet wifi/bluetooth control unit, all you have to do is download the phone app (Android or Apple) and you can control all the spa functions simply and remotely. Also included is the SV HiFi which allows you to stream music from any bluetooth equipped smart device (phone, tablet etc). Sit back relax to your favorite music.

Color Options

Shell Colors
pearl shadow

Pearl Shadow


stirling silver

Stirling Silver

Cabinet Colors
costal grey

Coastal Grey
cabinate- chocolate

Cabinet - Natural


Size, Volume and Weight

Spa measurement
retreat-size chart  
spa weight
Empty: 500kg

Full: 2,500kg
spa volume
Volume: 2,000 litres


Hydrotherapy Rating
Jet Count
Retreat Jet Layout
  • 130mm high pressure jet1 x 130mm High Pressure Volcano Jet
  • 127mm Directional jet2 x 127mm Directional Jets
  • 127mm single spinning jet6 x 127mm Single Spinning Jets
  • 75mm directional jet10 x 75mm Directional Jets
  • 50mm directional jet2 x 50mm Directional Jets
  • 40mm air jet22 x 40mm Air Jets
Jet Types
130mm Hi Volcano Directional Jet
130mm Hi Volcano Directional Jet
130mm High Pressure Volcano Jet These jets are either fitted into the footwell for the ultimate foot massage or positioned facing upwards in the middle of the spa to treat hamstrings, gluts, lower back and even the front of the abdomen. 
127mm Directional Jet
127mm Directional Jet
127mm Directional Jets The 127mm directional jets provide and intense, pressure point massage. These are particularly effective at treating knotted muscles in the back.
127mm Single Spinning Jet
127mm Single Spinning Jet
127mm Single Spinning Jets This large single spinner gives a rotating massage effect similar to a masseuse using their thumb in a kneading fashion. They provide a very effective back massage.
75mm Directional Jet
75mm Directional Jet
75mm Directional Jets This style of directional jets gives a targeted but less intense pressure point massage. It's very effective for a more prolonged treatment of tired muscles.
50mm Directional Jet
50mm Directional Jet
50mm Directional Jets These jets are usually used in banks of 8 or more jets and are often coupled with 50mm twin spinners to give a shiatsu style pressure point massage therapy.
40mm Air Jet
40mm Air Jet
40mm Air Jets As the name implies, the 40mm air jets emit an air stream as opposed to a water stream. These are almost always used under the legs and buttocks to provide a relaxing soft tissue massage treatment.

Energy Efficiency

Consumption at rest
Consumption in use

Programmable Circulation Pump

Up until recently, there were two types of filtration pump systems available. The first was a two speed pump which filtered on low speed and switched to high speed when the jets were turned on. Two speed pumps are still available, but the pumps are usually more noisy and less reliable.

The second system was a very small circulation pump which ran 24 hours a day regardless of whether you needed it to or not. Arcadia instead uses a programmable circulation pump. It is quieter and more reliable than a two speed pump, but can be programmed to run for between 2 and 24 hours per day depending on how much the spa is being used.

Variable Output Heater

The heater of your spa draws more power than any other component. As a result, when the big jet pump or pumps turn on, the heater usually has to turn off, as unless your spa is hard wired, a conventional outdoor power point cannot provide enough power to run the heater and big jet pump at the same time.

Arcadia however, use a variable output heater. This means when the spa's jet pump is turned on, the heater turns DOWN rather than OFF. This has the benefit of maintaining the spa's temperature while you are using it, rather than cooling it down.

High density High Density Lid

As heat rises, most of the heat loss in a spa occurs through the spa's cover. As such, it is important that the spa's cover is manufactured from a high density foam that has better heat retention properties. All Arcadia Spas uses a high density foam insert which is also heat shrink sealed to prevent water ingress, prolonging the cover's life.

Perimeter Insulation

There are several ways to insulate a spa. Arcadia spas have chosen to use perimeter insulation. Whilst more expensive to produce than foaming the shell of the spa, it does have the benefit of insulating the water that is in the plumbing of the spa, as well as the water in the spa itself.

Dual Layer Insulation*

Acting like double glazed windows, the dual layer insulation system traps air between the foam insulation on the shell and the reflective foil and foam insulation of the cabinet, to create a pocket of warm air.

This system ensures that not only the water in the spa is insulated, but also the water in the pipework. This option adds a higher level of heat retention than Arcadia’s standard perimeter insulation.


Water Cleaning

Ease of Use
Water Cleaning Technologies
maintenance cost


Ozone Water Clarifier
Ozone Water Clarifier

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas and when missing with water, is very effective at oxidising and eliminated organic compounds such as algae. Arcadia Spas offer an optional ozone clarifying system that will significantly reduce the amount of sanitiser required to keep your spa clean and clear.

Build Quality

Shell construction
Thermobond shell construction Thermobond shell construction

Arcadia Spas use a 4 layer thermobond shell construction in the manufacturing of all of their spa shells.

The first layer is acrylic which gives the spa its colour. This is backed by a water proof, vinyl ester resin, marine grade polyester resin, which adds torsional strength, and, finally, a polyceramic layer which adds rigidity.

The shells are oven cured to ensure the correct bonding of the various layers. This is a crucial step that is missed by most manufacturers due to its additional cost.

PVC plumbing Flexible PVC Plumbing

In order to eliminate the chance of kinks in the plumbing and to prolong life, Arcadia Spas use a flexible PVC plumbing material called Duraflex. This is a flexible tubing that incorporates a spiral of rigid PVC. Unlike the tubing used by many manufacturers, Arcadia Spas Duraflex plumbing is specifically designed for hot, chemically treated water and carries a 5 year no leak guarantee.

Vermin Proof Base

Vermin, snakes and rodents love the underside of spas as it is warm and dry. To repel unwanted visitors, all Arcadia Spas feature a sealed, Vermin proof base and cabinet design.

10 year warranty 10 Year Non Pro rata Structural Warranty

All Arcadia Spas are offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa's shell blisters or cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

5 year warranty 5 Year Plumbing, Heater  & Jet Warranty

The plumbing system of all Arcadia spas is warranted against leaking for 5 years.

The heater and jets of all Arcadia Spas are warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

2 year warranty 2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

The circulation pump, jet pump(s) and electronic control system of all Arcadia Spas are warranted against defects for 2 years.

*Please consult your local store for complete warranty details