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The Jet Setter by Hot Spring Spas is our 2-3 person luxury spa

The Jetsetter spa is perfect for one, two or three users and is the smallest of Hot Springs Spas premium range.

The lounge seat has a Moto-Massage® DX jet for your back, Precision® jets for your neck and shoulders, and a JetStream® jet for your feet so you can relax in style. Two Jet-Cluster systems in this hot tub provide additional hydromassage options.

The Jetsetter is your entry into our premium range of spas which boast the best in build quality, water clarity and low spa running costs.

Motomassage DX jet pack

Luminescence® four-zone multi-color lighting system

Twin Hydromassage rotational jets

Relaxing Motomassage Lounger

Easy step down entry

Hot Spring Features

Continuous Silent Filtration
In a Hot Spring® spa, the SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump works continuously, filtering the spa’s water for 24 hours a day. It’s totally automatic, so there’s no need to program long cleaning and heating cycles as in other spas.

Energy Smart Spas
Hot Spring spas are totally insulated with multiple layers of high density, polyurethane foam, the same material used to insulate commercial freezers.

No fault heater
Hot Spring Spas pioneered the concept of a no-fault heater in hot tubs, and leads the industry in advanced heater technology.

Intuitive controller
The IQ 2020® spa control system – the brains inside every Hot Spring spa – uses advanced technology to make our spas simple to operate.

Set and Forget
To heat your Hot Spring spa, simply decide what water temperature you like, then "set it and forget it." Your spa will always be ready when you are, and the Power-On/Ready Indicator light on the spa's cabinet will let you know your hot tub is on and ready.

Superior covers
Hot Spring Spas pioneered the first rigid, vinyl hot tub cover, creating a higher standard for energy efficiency. The exclusive "shoe" in the cover hinge creates a tight seal that locks in heat. The standard 1.5 lb. and 2.0 lb. foam cores increase the R-factor of the cover, adding to its ability to retain heat.


Hot Spring Options

ACE Diamond Sanitising
Hot Spring Spas has revolutionized the way hot tub owners care for their water by offering the first and only integrated salt water sanitizing system using diamond technology.

Wireless TV and sound
For maximum entertainment, add the excitement of a Wireless TV to the Wireless Sound System. Transmit your favorite show from your home TV wirelessly, whether it’s cable, DVD, or satellite.

Cover removal system
Your spa ownership experience would not be complete without one of our Hot Spring® cover removal systems. Our cover removal systems are designed specifically to work with your Hot Spring cover and will enhance the ownership experience

Spa Specifications

Spa Manufacturer

Hot Springs Spas

Spa Model


Spa Size

2.13m x 1.65m x .74m H

Spa Seating

Seats: 3 adults

Loungers: 1

Hydrotherapy seats: 3

Hydrotherapy jets

1 Moto-Massage® DX jet (2)

1 JetStream® jets

2 Rotary Hydromassage jets

1 Directional Hydromassage jets

4 HydroStream® jets

4 Directional Precision® jets

Available Colours



    Stirling marble
    Champagne Opal


    Coastal Grey

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