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 Spa Heat Pumps

Hybrid Heat Pump Technology save up to 73% on your heating costs!!

Our Hybrid hot water heat pumps use electricity to drive a heat pump, which takes the energy in the surrounding air and transfers it into the water. The process is quite similar to how a refrigerator or air conditioning unit operates, except the technology is used to keep your Vortex spa pool hot and ready to use, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional spa pool heater.Details

Purezone Spa Filters

PurezoneTM Filtration

PurezoneTM filtration is quite simply the ultimate filtration system in use on spas today. The two high flow cartridges pre-filter the water removing larger particles, whilst the PurezoneTM cartridge filters down to an amazing 1 micron, removing contaminants far finer than any conventional system is able to.


Thermobond Spa Shell

Thermobond Shell

The basis of a great spa is a great spa shell. Infinity shells use the best of materials and processes to ensure their strength and durability match the best that the world has to offer. The Thermobond shell is produced using an 8 step, 4 layer process that is second to none. Details

SpaNet Spa Controller

Spa Net Technology

At the heart of our Vortex and Fisher spas is a powerful SpaNet control system. The SpaNet systems boost the highest level of functionality on the market


SpaNet System Controller

Upgrade to SpaNet's new SV series control system

Spanet's new SV controller ads dynamic thermal tuning, variable heater technology and heat pump interface to make it the world's most ECO friendly spa control system


 Vortex Spas Heatlock Insulation

Heatlock Insulation

The Vortex Heatlock Insulation system has two features that make it a superior to the ‘foam on shell’ system. Firstly, greater heat retention efficiency leading to lower running costs. Secondly, greater noise reduction leading to a more tranquil spa experience. Details

 Thermoclad Spa Cabinet

Thermoclad cabinet

Spa ownership shouldn't be a hassle which is why all our spas feature a low maintenance Thermoclad cabinet. Produced using a special colour fast polymer, Thermoclad resists rot, mildew and fading Details

 Hydroflow Spa Jets

Hydroflow Jets

Hydroflow jets are the best the industry has to offer. They combine clipless and bearingless technology with the ability to incorporate Vortex Spa's Hydroglow jet lighting system. Details

 UV spa Water Treatment

Crystal Clear UV Purification

Within the Crystal Clear system, water is passed through a UV sanitising system similar to that used in the bottled water industry. When incorporated with our Purezone™ filtration and programmable circulation pump, water quality improves and chemical use decreasesDetails

 Vortex Hydroglow Spa Lighting

Hydroglow Lighting

Don't be satisfied with a single LED light. With the optional Hydroglow jet lighting package, you can enjoy up to 75 individually back lit jets, each with 27 unique colour choices and 5 different lighting programs.Details

 Aquavibe Spa Sound System

Aquavibe Sound System

The only thing better than hearing clean, crisp music, is feeling it. Tactile transducers attached to the shell underside effectively turns the shell into the speaker. Incorporates an iPod docking station or connect to the Aquavibe DVD spa theatre systemDetails

 Aquaview Spa TV

Aquaview TV/MP4 System

Watch you favourite movies on Vortex Spa's Aquaview spa theatre system. Available as an option on the Spectrum, Nitro, Xenon and Hydrozone, the Aquaview system links with the Aquavibe sound system to bring you home theatre enjoyment whilst relaxing in your soothing Vortex spaDetails