SpaNet SV series - the world's most Eco friendly spa control system

Variable Heater Technology

Valuable Heater
Most spas on today's market must switch off their heater when the main pump is turned on. This must happen to prevent overloading the spa's power supply. However, SpaNet SV's variable heater technology simply adjusts the heater's output to match the available power. This ensures that heat loss is minimised whilst the spa is in use and guarantees a faster re heat time.

Dynamic Thermal Tuning

SpaNet SV's dynamic thermal tuning software actually teaches itself to run more efficiently! Much like adaptive transmission technology in modern cars, the SV controller monitors the spa's use, cooldown and heat up cycles and water conditions and then uses this data to adapt your spa's heating system to misinise power use. This can lead to savings of up to 20% over non-adaptive systems.

Heat Pump Interface

Heat pumps are a fantastic way of reducing your spa's running costs. In fact, savings of up to 73% are not uncommon. However, there's a catch. Most heat pumps available for spas now days are not actually designed to work with spas. It is vital, that in choosing a heat pump for you spa, you check that it interfaces with the spa's control system. Currently, the only spa control system available that interfaces with heat pumps, are SpaNet's SV series controllers. The SV system allows you to fully control the heat pump's operation via the spa's touch pad. It not only heats the spa, but also cool it - great in hot climates. Lastly, the Spa Net heat pumps will go through a proper shut down process before use. This is crucial for trouble free heat pump operation.

Power Save Software

A feature to truly lower spa running costs by reducing energy usage during peak power priced periods, by limiting filtration only (low) or both filtration and heating (high) to occur outside peak power periods. Peak power start and end times and power saving level are all easily adjusted via the topside panel user menu. PowerSAVE levels are adjustable (off, low and high) to tailor the feature to your requirements.