J-210™ Spa

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1.98 x 1.98 x 0.91m
1,173 ltr
Weight (full)
1,412 kg

Jacuzzi® J-200™ Classic Collection

The Jacuzzi Brothers invented hydrotherapy and have had more than 700 patents awarded over the years proving the Jacuzzi Family started a legacy as leaders in technology and product innovation starting with the pump and moving into the shell design, jet technology, and most recently the SmartTub™ System.

The affordable J-200™ Classic collection is a wonderful introduction to the hydrotherapy benefits, the relaxation and overall calmness that comes from the experience of having your own Jacuzzi® spa. They are amongst the most affordable Jacuzzi® spa models available. The J-210™ is striking and memorable as it is the only circular spa in the Jacuzzi® range. This is an entry-level Family spa with numerous quality features, these include intelligent design, room for 4 adults and numerous Classic jets.

The ideal Jacuzzi® for a family who desire an open spa design and layout, the ONLY circular spa in the entire range.


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Classic Jets
SmartTub™ App
Multi-Stage Filtration
ProLast™ Spa Cover
Classic LED lighting
Classic Control System
NO maintenance ProEndure™ Cabinet

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J-210™ specification sheet

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J-210™ Features

J-210 Circular Design
Circular Spa Design

The J-210™ features Jacuzzi® Classic Hydromassage know-how coupled with the quintessential, social-based spa experience synonymous with early, round hot tubs.

J-210 Classic jets
ClassicPro™ Jets

Jacuzzi® knows hydrotherapy and the ClassicPro™  jets found in the J-200™ collection provide a complete invigorating hydromassage experience expected from the inventors of spa pools.

J-210 cabinet
ProEndure™ cabinet

The beautiful yet durable ProEndure™ Cabinetry, made from a proprietary synthetic material that is resistant to damage caused by UV, rot, insects or vermin is featured on the J-200™ collection.

J-210 LED lighting
Classic LED lighting

The J-210™ uses the Classic multi-coloured LED lighting system to create a soothing, serene environment. J-235™ shown.

J-200 Classic Control system
Jacuzzi® Classic Control system

All J-200™ spas feature an intuitive, easy to use control system that is also compatible with the SmartTub™ app.

J-210 SmartTub app
SmartTub™ app - Included Option from Spa World

Jacuzzi® has created SmartTub™, a patented technology that makes it easy to remotely control and monitor your spa from anywhere in the world right from your smartphone. SmartTub™ uses the more reliable 3G mobile network instead of WiFi. If you can get a 3G connection at your spas, you can connect. It's that simple. Usually an optional extra, SmartTub is included for FREE on all Jacuzzi® spas from by Spa World and it also includes two years of free cellular connection service.

J-210 ClearRay system
ClearRay™ - Included Option from Spa World

The CLEARRAY® UV-C system provides clean, clear water. It utilizes the same UV-C technology employed in municipal water facilities to remove bacteria and viruses. It reduces the amount of sanitizer required and provides safe, clean, clear water.

J-210 Multi-Stage Filtration
Two-Stage Filtration

The two-stage water filtration system makes maintaining crystal clear water quick and easy.

J-210 ProLast spa cover
ProLast™ custom spa cover - Included Option from Spa World

The ProLast™ cover delivers elegance, durability and reduction in weight over standard vinyl covers. Made from the same marine-grade, UV resistant fabric used on high-end outdoor umbrellas, the ProLast™ cover will outlast standard vinyl covers. Usually an optional upgrade, Spa World includes a ProLast™ cover upgrade for FREE with every Jacuzzi® spa. (Excludes Swim Spas. An optional Cover lifter is shown.)

Color Options

Shell Colors
Silver Pearl shell

Silver Pearl
Porcelain shell


Opal shell

Sahara shell


Midnight shell

Monaco shell


No Maintenance ProEndure™ Cabinet Colors
Modern Hardwood cabinet

Smoked Ebony cabinet

Roasted Chestnut 
Brushed Grey cabinet

Brazilian Teak

Size, Volume and Weight

Spa measurement
J-485 spa size 
spa weight J-485
Empty: 239kg

Full: 1412kg
spa volume J-485
Volume: 1173 Litre

Energy Efficiency

J400 spa energy efficiency

Full Foam Insulation

All Jacuzzi® spas meet strict energy consumption standards from the California Energy Commission. 

Jacuzzi® spares no expense and fully insulates the cavity of all models. This means the space between the shell and cabinet is completely filled which reduces heat loss and running costs. 

J400 spa cover

ProLast™ Custom Lid

As durable as they are beautiful, a ProLast™ covers are an obvious choice for J-210™ owners. 

Not only do ProLast® covers have an elegant look befitting a Jacuzzi®, but they also reduce running costs by locking in heat and they are a logical investment as they last longer than standard vinyl spa covers.

J400 Propolymer base

Propolymer™ Foundation

After building spas for 60+ years Jacuzzi® has learned how to build a spa that lasts the test of time. 

Designed to offer peace of mind, the rigid, one-piece ProPolymer™ Foundation is made from rugged ABS making it impervious to insects, vermin, rot, decay and rust.

Water Cleaning


The CLEARRAY­­® UV-C system removes bacteria and viruses from spa water which simplifies water care and reduces sanitizer use.  

5-Stage Filtration
Two-Stage Filtration

The J-210™ features a Two-Stage Filtration system.

Build Quality

J-335 warranty
5 Year Shell Warranty

In the rare event that a component fails on a spa, it can be replaced, but that is not the case with the spa shell and that is why you can relax in knowing that if there is water loss due to defects in the spa shell Jacuzzi® has you covered with a 5 Year Warranty.

J-335 shell surface warranty
2 Year Shell Surface Warranty

Acrylic spa shells require a critical, detailed focus on the manufacturing process and materials. Jacuzzi® maintains one of the lowest shell failure rates in the industry and as such, provide a 2 Year Shell Surface Warranty against blistering, cracking, or delaminating of the interior surface of the spa shell.

J-335 plumbing warranty
2 Year Plumbing Warranty

Being the inventors of Hydrotherapy, Jacuzzi® knows about plumbing and how important the use of premium components and workmanship is in preventing plumbing failures. Due to this, Jacuzzi® offers a 2 Year Plumbing Warranty against leaks due to defects in workmanship or materials.

J-335 equipment warranty
2 Year Equipment Warranty

The pumps and heater make up the heart of a Jacuzzi® spa and are warranted against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship or materials for 2 years so you can rest easy that your spa is ready to perform when required.

J-335 control warranty
2 Year Control System Warranty

The control system is as rugged as it is intuitive and is warranted against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship or materials for 2 years so you can rest easy that your spa is ready to perform when required.

J-335 cabinet warranty
1 Year ProEndure™ Cabinet Warranty

ProEndure™ synthetic cabinets are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for a year from the original date of purchase. Normal wear and weathering of the cabinet will occur naturally over time and are not defects.