Royale P Spa

From $6,999

Three reasons to choose a Viking Spas Royale

Lifetime warranty
Best Buy Winner
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime Shell Warranty 
Lifetime warranty
Proudly USA Made
1.98 x 1.98 x 0.86m
1,022 ltr
Weight (full)
1,246 kg
From 17

Why choose a Viking Spas Royale?

American made, award winning quality

All Viking Spas are made in America under the business ethos of 'high quality spas at affordable prices'. The Royale spa encapsulates this philosophy and has won the US Consumer Digest Best Buy award. Combine this with Vikings' Lifetime Shell Guarantee and you can buy a Royale spa with total confidence.   

Good, better, best

The Royale spa is available in 3 different versions and all versions have the same comfortable seating arrangement. The Royale P spa comes equipped with 17 jets, while the Royale spa boasts an impressive 31 jets, and the Royale ETS spa has the same number of jets and also includes an extra pump for a superior hydrotherapy experience. So Viking Spas really do cover good, better, best spa options for you.

Innovative materials and industry leading partners

Royale spas come with an exclusive High Density polyethylene shell and SoftTouch non-slip surface. Both covered under the lifetime shell warranty. Equipment in the Royale is from Waterway and Balboa,  two very respected and renowned spa business suppliers.

Royale P

Fortiflex HDPE Shell
SoftTouch slip resistant surface
Mazzei Injection Ozonator
High density thermal hard cover
Jet Pump 1x1hp

Standard RRP $8,199
Standard sale price $6,999
You save$1,200

Upgrade to the Royale

Fortiflex HDPE Shell
SoftTouch slip resistant surface
Mazzei Injection Ozonator
High density thermal hard cover
Jet Pump 1x4hp

Standard RRP $9,299
Standard sale price $7,999
You save$1,300

Upgrade to the Royale ETS

Fortiflex HDPE Shell
SoftTouch slip resistant surface
Mazzei Injection Ozonator
High density thermal hard cover
Jet Pump 2x3hp

Standard RRP $10,499
Standard sale price $8,999
You save$1,500

Select your Royale spa

The Royale is available in three different versions, all models share the same spa shell, seating arrangements, dimensions and basic features.

The 'good' Royale P spa has 17 hydrotherapy jets and is great value for money.

The 'better' Royale Spa has a comprehensive 31 jets, including 2 full-time neck massage jets.

The 'best' Royale ETS, this spa has the same number of jets as the Royale but comes with an extra pump to create a more robust hydrotherapy experience. 

Royale P $8,199

17 Jets

1 Pump

Royale $9,299 - Royale ETS $10,499

31 Jets - 31 Jets

1 Pump - 2 Pumps

Spa World Rating

Energy Efficiency
Build Quality
In-Spa Experience
Water Cleaning Technology
How we rate our spas

Choosing the right spa can be confusing. Especially when faced with many options to choose from. To simplify this process, we have used our years of spa experience to create a simple rating system that compares our huge range of spas across a number of important attributes.

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Seating design

The Royale Spa seats six adults in comfort. 
Cerium Hydroplus

Zero G Lounger

Zero G loungers are exclusive to Viking Spas. They are everyones favourite and perfectly encapsulate what relaxation and hydrotherapy are all about. 


Twin Captain Seats

The Captain Seats in the Royale both offer full hydrotherapy sessions. With different jets and arrangements we recommend spending time in both for the complete and ultimate hydrotherapy session.


3-D Seat 

Also known as the Three Dimensional Seat. This popular corner seat allows you to swivel and sit or recline as you want. So you can always face family and friends, no matter where they are in the spa. Flexibility defines the 3-D Seat because it also doubles as a 'reversible Lounger'.


Twin Recuperation Seats

These seats in the Royale have been designed to seat you in a higher position and allow you to cool down and better regulate your body temperature. They allow you to recuperate from your hydrotherapy session and are also popular with smaller, younger users. 


Royale Features

Fully adjustable jets with Storm Jet Technology

With the exception of the Ozonator Foot Jet, all jets in the Royale spa are adjustable. Simply turn the jet to the right and restrict the jet flow, or turn it off completely.

Soft-Touch, slip resistant surface

The satin surface in the Royale is exclusive to Viking Spas. This revolutionary slip resistant surface offers protection from slipping and falling and perfectly reflects their commitment in regard to your family's health and safety when it comes to spending time in the spa. 

US Consumers Digest Best Buy

The Royale spa has won this prestigious award for the last 8 years. This is validation that Viking Spas are the safest, highest quality spas that offer real value for money. 

Clever, family focussed safety feature

Further proof of Viking Spas total commitment to your family's safety in the spa. Clever design means that every outside edge on the Viking Royale spa can also be used as a hand-rail, a hand-rail for both adults and children. Just one more clever design feature from Viking to help you safely enjoy your spa.    

Lifetime warranty on spa shell

All Royale spa shells are constructed from Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This unique material is extremely durable and proven resistant to chemical damage, delaminating or cracking. Thanks to these properties and superior construction techniques all Royale spas have a lifetime warranty on the shells.      

Trusted Balboa power systems

All Royale spas are equipped with Balboa Power Systems. The Royale P spa has a VS100 Power System, the Royale has a VS500, while the ETS model uses the VS502 Power System.

Hard cover 

All Royale spas come with a fitted hard cover. When your spa is not in use nearly all the heat loss is through the top, but with this high density cover any heat loss is kept at a minimum. It also adds a security element to the spa making it an attractive and practical feature.

Waterway Euro Executive pump

All Viking Spas exclusively use Waterway Pumps. All Royale spas are equipped with the Euro Executive model and these pumps have an established reputation for running up to 50% cooler than other brands and are renowned for being one of the most energy efficient in the industry for their size.

Infinity edge water feature  

The Infinity edge water feature is exclusive to Viking Spas. This particular feature adds a further dimension of relaxation, calmness and tranquility to every spa session in the Royale.  

Mazzei injection ozonator

This has been engineered to be the most effective sanitising system available for Viking Spas. Using a patented Mazzei injector, ozone is more effective in sanitising and providing crystal clear, clean water in your spa.

Stainless Steel jets 

Stainless steel jets have a long history of being the preferred option for the discerning spa buyer and these classical and dependable Stainless Steel jets in the Royale are no exception.       

LED lighting - Royale & Royale ETS only

Another thoughtful and clever design touch is the LED lighting on the Royale and Royale ETS spas. With this feature you can easily set the right mood and create the perfect scene. It allows you to set multiple individual colours, or have them transition from one colour to the next.

Color Options

Shell and Cabinet Colors
Black Satin

Black Satin


Size, Volume and Weight

Spa measurement
Five size 
spa weight
Empty: 225kg

Full: 1247kg
spa volume
Volume: 1022 Litres


Hydrotherapy Rating
Jet Count
Royale P jets
  • 4 x PD - Poly Storm Directional Jets
  • 6 x MD - Mini Storm Directional Jets
  • 6 x CD - Cluster Storm Directional Jets
  • 1 x OF - Ozonator Foot Jet
Royale & Royale ETS jets
Cerium Hydroplus Jet Layout
  • 2 x Poly Storm Directional Jets
  • 2 x Poly Storm Rotational Jets
  • 5 x Mini Storm Directional Jets
  • 4 x Mini Storm Rotational Jets
  • 8 x Cluster Storm Directional Jets
  • 7 x Cluster Storm Rotational Jets
  • 2 x Neck Jets
  • 1 x Ozonator Foot Jet
Jet Types
130mm Hi Volcano Directional Jet
Poly Storm Directional JetThe Poly Storm Directional jets provide an intense, pressure point massage. They are particularly good for treating any knotted muscles in the back or the shoulders.     
127mm Directional Jet
127mm Directional Jet
Poly Storm Rotational JetsThe Poly Storm Rotational jets give a rotating massage effect that is similar to a masseuse using their thumb in a kneading fashion.  These jets offer a very effective and focussed back massage.
127mm Single Spinning Jet
127mm Single Spinning Jet
Mini Storm Directional JetsMini Storm Directional jets provide a targeted but less intense pressure point massage than the Poly jets. They are very effective for a more prolonged treatment of tired and aching muscles.
127mm Twin Spinning Jet
127mm Twin Spinning Jet
Mini Storm Rotational JetsMini Storm Rotational jets give a rotating massage effect that is similar to a masseuse kneading their thumbs.  These jets provide a very effective back massage and shoulder massage.
75mm Directional Jet
75mm Directional Jet
Cluster Storm Directional JetsCluster Storm Directional jets give a targeted but less intense pressure point massage. Usually found in groups they work as a single unit to provide a very effective and prolonged treatment for tired muscles.
75mm Single Spinning Jet
75mm Single Spinning Jet
Cluster Storm Rotational JetsCluster Storm Rotational jets give a rotating massage effect similar to the other rotational jets but with a slightly lighter kneading effect. Working as a single unit they are very effective for a back massage.

Other spas with similar specifications

Energy Efficiency

Consumption at rest
Consumption in use
Two Speed Pump
FoamBoard/Temp shield insulation

The Royale Spa has a layer of 25mm foam board insulation fitted during construction at the factory.
This additional layer of insulation goes a long way in helping the energy efficiency of the spa. It also creates a sound barrier and assists in lowering any noise while the spa is in operation.

Insulated base
Thermal Hard Cover

Most heat loss in a spa is through the waters surface, so a high quality, fitted spa cover is essential for reducing running costs and minimising heat loss through the top of the spa.
This hard cover has a high density thermal top that traps in all heat and helps maximise energy efficiency.

Perimeter insulation
Perimeter Insulation

Another area of heat loss is when the spa is circulating water through the plumbing during a filtration cycle. Most manufacturers insulate the spas shell, the plumbing's outside this area and heat is lost. Viking Spas fit to the inside of the cabinet, meaning that the spa’s plumbing is insulated as well as it’s shell.

Water Cleaning

Ease of Use
Water Cleaning Technologies
maintenance cost
Mazzei Injection Ozonator

Viking Spas have engineered the most effective sanitising system for the Royale spas. Sanitised, clean and crystal clear water is produced by a patented Mazzei injector system.

Build Quality

Shell construction
HDPE shell construction

Viking Spas use a High Density Polyethylene shell. This extremely strong and durable material is ideal for spa shell construction. It's been proven very resistant to chemical damage, delaminating or cracking. The outstanding qualities of this material combined with the construction technique mean every Viking shell has a lifetime warranty. 

Flexible PVC Plumbing

Most spas in this price bracket use low quality tubing in their plumbing. This is prone to kinking, which leads to reduced jet pressure. The Royale uses high quality, flexible PVC plumbing especially designed for hot, chemically treated water.

Vermin Proof Base

Vermin, snakes and rodents love the underside of spas as it is a warm and dry area. To repel any unwanted visitors, the Royale spa features a sealed and treated Vermin proof base and cabinet design.

Lifetime warranty
Lifetime HDPE Shell Warranty

Buy with full confidence. HDPE is such a strong and durable material that all Viking Spas have an industry leading, lifetime shell warranty.

5 Year Jet, Heater and Plumbing Warranty

The plumbing system, heater and jets in all Viking Spas will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 5 years.

2 Year Ozonator, Pump and Components Warranty

The Mazzei Injection Ozonator, Circulation Pump and Electronic Components are warranted against defects for 2 years.

*Please consult your local store for complete warranty details