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Insomnia, sleep issues and achieving a better nights sleep

Insomnia and spa poolsInsomnia, sleep issues and achieving a better nights sleep; this elusive frontier for some people does not have to escape you all together.  Better sleep can be achieved with several basic steps and the use of your spa or swim spa pool.  Australia has one of the highest rates of sleep problems in the world with it estimated to be around 76% of all Australians.  It is slightly lower in the United States at 50%, and half that at 25% in England.  Life gives us several clues as to why this may be the issue.  Insomnia is a period of time that is prolonged when trying to get to sleep.  This abnormal inability to get adequate sleep, suffering interrupted sleep, trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking before you would choose to wake all contribute to insomnia.  The response is to wake feeling unrefreshed, exhausted, unable to concentrate on even easy tasks, and being irritable most of the day.

There are many things that can have a profound effect on sleep.
Hormone levels in male and females play a significant role, too many stimulants (chocolate, coffee, energy drinks, sugar, and for some salt), stress, trauma or emotional events, breakups, illnesses, injury, surgeries (pre-post), loss of a loved one, trouble at the office/work, exams, or deadlines for our lives all contribute in their own way to disrupting sleep.  It has also been shown that too much light in the bedroom at sleep time can be disruptive. 

Working to get a good nights sleep can mean trying a few simple things.
Exercise can also help with a swim spa session or 30-45 minute walk before bedtime to increase the metabolism and calm the mind. 

First, turn off all visually stimulating items like computers, televisions, cell phone texting, and excessive lighting about an hour before bedtime.  This starts to allow the eye to calm down and the delta waves in the brain to become less excited. Helping the brain relax in time is important to allow sleep to occur. 

Try giving yourself at least two hours after eating before going to bed so digestion does not keep you up. 

Avoid alcohol before bedtime because it will disrupt several stages of sleep that may not let you get into a deeper, more restful sleep. 

Watch for caffeine that can slip into your evening ritual.  Even like some teas (black, green, and other than herbal teas) can have caffeine in them which will excite your nervous system. 

Emotionally, I started years ago making a list of everything that I needed to do the next day right before I went to bed, and left the list for me to pick up in the morning so I could release my mind from the burden of thinking about them all night.  I know that I have written them down and will not forget-so I am ready for tomorrow.  But more importantly, I do not have to carry them in my mind all the way through sleep into tomorrow.  This way of shifting the thoughts gives the body a break for sleep. 

A spa or Swim Spa can also help since it has long been proven that water itself, but rather warm/cool water can really help you to relax before bedtime.  Run the jets for the first half of the time you plan to soak and then shut them off that focus on the calm that follows for the second half of the soak.  When you get out, you will feel more relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

CLOSING STATEMENT- "The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world."
? Leonard Cohen

Sleep Restfully, See You Soon Dr. Kyle