Our People

The Spa World team are a passionate bunch. With years of experience in the spa industry between them, together they make up a crew of experts who are passionate about sharing the health and wellbeing benefits of spas and swim spas.

Our people

Adam Fisher

Director Product Development

Adam first joined the company in 2003 and has been involved across most areas of the business since then. Adam's focus now is on continuous improvement and evolution of the product range.

Alicia Agliam

Customer Care Consultant

Alicia has been in the customer service industry for several years. Her primary focus is to help customers. She is fond of watching Korean dramas and loves traveling during her spare time.

Amy Stringer

Sales Consultant

Amy’s previous experience is in retail and customer service. Her enthusiastic approach allows her to work part time as a sales consultant and in various other roles while juggling a young family.

Ana Ruiz

Customer Care Consultant

Ana has been in the customer service industry for several years. She's currently handling customer queries for Spa Store. Outside of work, she enjoys watching movies and traveling.

Andrew Pullen

Managing Director

Andrew brings 20 years' experience in the spa industry to the CEO role as well as a board member for Spa World Australia and Spa World New Zealand.

Angelo Ruiz

Customer Care Consultant

Angelo joined the Spa World family in 2014 and is currently handling cover orders along with other tasks.

Annabella Garwood

Content Creator

Annabella worked as a broadcast journalist in Auckland before joining the Spa World team. When she's not creating content, Annabella enjoys sailing and embarking on outdoor adventures.

Arlin Megirian

Sales and Service Technician

Arlin has been a part of the Tasmanian team for 6 years in the role of sales and service technician. When he’s not at work you will mostly find him in the outdoors either 4 wheel driving, camping or riding his motorbike.

Caleb Laus

Data Engineer

Caleb finds working with data an exciting journey of discovery, insights, and impact to better planning and innovation. You will find him at the park playing basketball when he's not on his computer.

Catherine Quizon

Publisher | Marketing Assistant

Catherine worked as a computer programmer and instructor before shifting to social media and online marketing. Road trips and picnics with her family are her favorite weekend activities, and reading a good book is her quiet retreat.

Charlie Bevilacqua

Sales Consultant

Charlie lives his life based on three things: Family, respect and honour. When not helping customers choose the best spa for them, he loves playing his guitar loud.

Charlie Xuereb

Retail Manager

Charlie is State Sales Leader based in Newcastle. He brings 20 years’ experience in the spa industry to his role.

Charm Delena

Customer Care Consultant

Customer service is Charm's forte since being in this industry for 16 years and running! Charm used to work as a trainer for business ethics for professionals, so professionalism is highly regarded for her. Charm is a music lover and likes playing the drums.

Charne Lotz

Procurement Specialist

Charne has 12 years of procurement experience and has recently moved from South Africa with her family. She loves spending time with her kids in the great outdoors.

Chloe MacKinnon

Content Creator

Chloe has a background in creative communications. When she’s not creating, she’s doing DIY projects, exploring the local hospitality or out in nature.

Chloe Quilliam

Assistant Accountant

Chloe is from the Isle of Man and has a strong auditing and accounting background from her previous role with one of the 'Big four". When Chloe's not in the office, you'll find her racing down a mountain bike trail.

Chris Wickett

Warehouse Specialist

Chris is a guru in all things warehouse and stock control. He loves making sure that every spa is handled like precious cargo.

Ciara Halket

Inventory Specialist

Ciara is from Ireland and has been living in New Zealand since 2011. She has 16+ years of customer service, administration and inventory experience. Outside of work, she enjoys hanging out with her family

Craig Dennis

Chief Financial Officer

Craig joined the company in Feb 2017 coming from a corporate finance and general management background. When he's not counting the beans (or spas), he's trying to catch fish.

Craig Fairbairn

Sales Consultant

Craig Fairbairn has been in the Spa industry for 30 years. He has expert knowledge of the industry and predominantly works in our Show Team throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Dale Jamieson

Business Developement Manager

Dale has been in the spa industry for over 15 years and works closely with our Spa World sales team and wholesale customers. He has a passion for helping people grow their skill sets and reach their full potential.

Donna Wright

General Manager - Spa World

Donna loves working for a company that promotes "Relaxing". She ensures that customers receive 5-star service and embodies the Spa World's 5 'C's.

Duncan Mitchell

Retail Manager

Duncan is from Scotland, and his passion is customer care. When not helping people choose their perfect spa or swim spa, you will find him in practising his bagpipes.

Elaine Kalache

Retail Manager

After personally experiencing the benefits of a spa and its soothing effects, Elaine knew she had to join us. Bringing better health and happiness to all her customers is her goal.

Fred Kalache

Sales Consultant

Fred has been in the spa business for over 25 years. He has been married for 24 years and has two sons. He enjoys selling and seeing his customers leave the store happy and excited.

Gerard Glyn

Sales Consultant

Gerard has many years of experience in customer service and is passionate about delivering a great experience. Outside of work you can find him enjoying photography, walking his Greyhound, and searching for the best coffee he can find.

Heart Abueg

Customer Care Consultant

Heart has a lot of years of contact center experience. Her ambition is to deliver the ultimate customer service experience whether on the phones or performing the support role. She enjoys playing with her dog when not binging on Youtube videos.

Hannah Logan

Delivery Specialist

When not delighting customers by scheduling their deliveries, Hannah plays tenor horn in a brass band, entertains her three cats and enjoys baking and all things crafty.

Harry Whyte

Retail Manager

Harry is based in our Adelaide showroom and has many years of customer service experience. He enjoys jumping in his spa after football to ease his aches and pains.

Jade Guinto

Administrative Support

Jade is currently handling administrative tasks and also helps in customer service. In her free time, she likes doing needlework and traveling.

Jane Pearson

Accounts Receivable

Jane moved here from the UK in January 2016 and spent a year' relaxing'. She joined Spa World in January 2017 and is very much enjoying her role.

Janelle Moxey

Administration Assistant

Janelle has been and an administrative assistant for 10 years and is passionate about helping teams succeed.

Jamie Sta. Ana

Warranty & Tech Support Specialist

Jamie has been with the industry's customer service, technical support, and support team for the past 13 years. He makes sure that every customer is satisfied with the end result. You can catch him playing and streaming video games on several social media platforms in his free time.

Jennifer Yanga

Content Creator

Jen has been in the customer service industry for years before she started as a content creator. She enjoys cooking and hanging out with her family when not at work.

Joanna Marie Paglingayen

Customer Care Consultant

Customer service isn’t always easy, but Joan loves being able to communicate with people around the world, solving their problems and learning something new every single day. When not at work, she enjoy's spending time with family and watching movies. She is a fan of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Joanna Magat

Customer Care Consultant

Joanna enjoys helping customers and has been in the customer service industry for years. When not helping customers she spends her time at the beach and travelling.

Julie McGrath

Accounts Payable Administrator

Julie is originally from the UK and has lived in New Zealand with her husband and two kids for the past decade. When not working, she enjoys hanging out with her family.

John Pattison

Operation Manager

John has coordinated Tasmania’s spa delivery, warranty and technical teams for the last 10 years ensuring a high level of service throughout. In his spare time he restores cars, renovates his house and relaxes in his spa.

Kenneth Norness

Head Of Global Marketing

Kenneth (J) is from North America and joined Spa World in 2013. He is passionate about making a positive impact, everything online and tech.

Kyra Russell

Customer Care Consultant

Kyra has years of call centre experience in the US and is obsessed with providing the best customer experience. She enjoys travelling and exploring the outdoors.

Leah Burt

Logistic Specialist

Leah previously worked in Aviation Operations for 17 years. She is passionate about customer service and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Lillian Sifri

Sales Consultant

Lillian has been in the business since 2004. From shows to showrooms, she is passionate about how spas change peoples lives and bring so much happiness.

Lisa Marias

Sales Consultant

Lisa moved to Australia from Cape Town in 2017 with her family. She is focused on providing great customer service and is passionate about helping customers find the perfect spa.

Livi Brodie

Inventory Administrator

Livi has studied reception and office support as well as having experience in customer service. In her spare time she enjoy socialising with friends and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Mario Crivellaro

Service and Warranty Manager

Mario completed a degree in IT before coming on board to become the warranty and Service and Warranty Manager for Spa World.

Maria Theresa Magat

Customer Care Consultant

Maria has been in the business of helping customers for several years. Outside of work, she can be found reading books, watching movies and enjoying the outdoors.

Mariam El Orfi

Content Manager

Mariam has a background in communications and she is the Spa World™ writer and content creator. When not lifting the lid on spas, she’ll be at the gym or in the hills with her dog.

Marty Pluymers

Service Technician

Marty fulfills a role as a Service Technician based in our Glenorchy store giving him a vast array of knowledge in all aspects of Spas. When not working on spas he enjoys weekends on the Harley.

Matt Jenke


With over 7 years experience creating and telling visual stories, Matt joins the Spa World family as our Videographer. When Matt isn't operating the camera you'll find him down at the beach for a spot of kitesurfing.

Meg Fern

Inventory Manager

Meg has 18 years' experience in logistics and inventory control roles. She brings this experience to Spa World and manages hundreds of container movements per year.

Megan Vanderhoeven

Delivery Manager

Megan is passionate about providing 5-star service. In her spare time, she participates in several water sports, but her favourite is sailing.

Mel Brereton

Customer Care Consultant

Mel has been in customer service and warehousing for 20 years. She answers queries for Spastore, as well as hanging out with her husband and kids.

Melody Soriano

Customer Care Consultant

Melody has been in the customer service industry for several years and she loves being able to speak and assist customers across the globe. Melody loves arts and music. She paints and sings online during her spare time.

Michael Stringer

Managing Director - Tasmania

Michael is committed to making your spa experience an enjoyable one for many years to come. You can find him in both the Launceston & Hobart stores. He enjoys motorsport, AFL and projects around the home.

Michelle Pratt

Sales Consultant

Michelle lives in beautiful sunny Brisbane. She has been selling spas for nearly 25 years and still loves it. She is passionate about delivering the perfect spa.

Miguel Ruiz

Support Centre Coordinator

With 10 years of experience in training and management, Miguel makes sure that the different departments in the Support Centre work efficiently. Outside of work, Miguel can be found on the beach or hiking in the mountains.

Monique Crawford

Leisure Product Manager

Before joining Spa World™, Monique worked in the UK for a large tech giant and has strong product marketing skills. In her spare time, she enjoys being in the outdoors and trying out new food places.

Nick Kermode

Sales Consultant

Nick lives by the saying "do it right, while you're doing it" so lasting customer satisfaction is his goal. He lives in Brisbane and is a former pro golfer. If you need the best spa and your slice fixed, he's your man.

Nick Whyte

Sales Consultant

Nick is passionate about customer care and loves helping people to find the best spa, swim spa or sauna. As an avid golfer, Nick spends his spare time on the local Canberra courses.

Nicola Hodges

Financial Controller

Nicola worked in the legal sector before joining Spa World. She enjoys spending time with her young family and likes to stay fit to keep up with her twins.

Paige Oyaga

Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Paige has a range of marketing, sales, and support experience. She thrives on getting the job done right. While not working, Paige enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

Peter Sorensen

Retail Manager

Born and bred in Brisbane, Peter has been in customer service for many years and still believes in good old fashioned service. He is also partial to the odd game of golf or snooker.

Phil Marcaida

Inventory Administrator

Phil has over 15 years of customer service experience. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, playing board games, and riding his Onewheel.

Rachel Christie

Logistics Manager

Rachel has been in customer services for the past 24 years. She is passionate about making sure every customer receives a 5 Star experience.

Rae Tañedo

Customer Care Consultant

Rae has been in the customer service industry for 16 years. She aims to always provide the best customer experience. Rae is passionate about cooking and enjoys going to the beach to snorkle.

Rebecca Knox

Delivery specialist

Rebecca brings her exceptional customer services skills and administrative background to Spa World customers. When not helping to deliver items, Rebecca enjoys being a member of a Brazilian percussion band and plays the Surdo, Tams and Chocalho.

Ruby Pullen

Customer Care Consultant

Ruby thoroughly enjoys her customer care role. When she's not helping customers, she's busy studying for her bachelor of Design Innovation.

Sandra Wylie

Customer Care Team Leader

Sandra has worked in government and customer-focused roles for 20 years. Sandra is family orientated and has enjoyed extensive travel overseas.

Sara Shalders

Customer Experience Specialist

Sara is here to help improve your journey with Spa World, and hearing your feedback makes her day! When she is not helping you get the best experience with your spa, she can normally be found watching netflix with her dogs in front of the AC.

Sean Newsum

Sales Consultant

Sean joined the team in 2017, he is dedicated to providing a great customer experience instore. In his spare time he loves his music and the Carlton Football club.

Sharona Staton

Delivery Specialist

As a former service supervisor for an international airline, Sharona brings her passion for helping people and making sure they receive the service and care they deserve to her role at Spa World.

Steve Whyte

Retail Manager

Steve is managing our business in South Australia and enjoying his role representing Spa World at numerous shows around the country.

Theo Katzourakis

Sales Consultant

Theo has many years of international customer service experience. He is totally focused on matching the perfect spa to your needs. When not helping people Theo can be found enjoying the finer things Melbourne has on offer.

Tiffani Swanepoel

Retail Manager

Tiffini has a range of sales and customer care experience. She passionate about providing the most enjoyable customer experience and when not helping customers, Tiffani loves the outdoors, hiking and the beach life.

TJ Ulutupu

Delivery Specialist

TJ loves to help people and when he's not, he's entertaining them in the online streaming world.

Tim Pullyn

Chief Technology Officer

Tim is Spa World's ICT specialist and supports the business with anything tech-related. He has a 15+ year background in the tech industry, most recently working as a Program Manager for one of Queensland Health's largest bespoke applications before returning to New Zealand in early 2021. Outside of work, Tim is most commonly found in the garage, on a motorbike or a rifle range.

Tim Wells

General Manager - Spa Store

Tim comes from a marketing and project management background and is passionate about providing excellent service to customers. Tim is a keen drummer and when he's not working, he loves creating music.

Tom Whyte

Retail Manager

Tom is based in the Adelaide showroom. He relishes the opportunity to do shows around Australia and approaches sales with energy and enthusiasm. He brings a wealth of customer service knowledge to his role at Spa World.

Tony Jones

Head of Compliance

Tony has been in the spa and pool industry for more than 20 years. He brings a passion for excellence to his work as General Manager for Spa World Solutions.

Tracey Robinson

Accounts Payable Administrator

Tracey is an AP wizard, and when not paying our bills, she is busy hiking, reading or playing with her dogs.

Trent Williams

Retail Manager

Trent joined the Spa World group straight out of high school. He is one of our Melbourne-based Product Specialists.

Five Star Trust Pilot Rating

We are proud that Spa World customers have given us a Five Star Trustpilot rating.