About Us

Spa World™ is the largest spa retailer in the Southern Hemisphere and a member of the Vortex™ Leisure group of businesses.

Vortex™ Leisure distributes spa pools and swim spas under various brands to over 20 countries around the world.

We are a truly integrated business in that our Australian and New Zealand-based design team develops products, we manufacture them ourselves, sell them through our stores and websites and support our customers with a seven-day customer care centre. We also support or customers with consumable items post sale via our Spa Store business.

By controlling every aspect of our business, from innovation and quality control to customer support, we can ensure that our products, service and support are second to none.

Climate change is real. It is the biggest threat to our planet right now.

As a responsible manufacturer, we're taking meaningful climate action to reduce our environmental impact and lead the change in our industry.

The world's first carbon neutral spa retailer When you’re in the retail and manufacturing business and care about nature and the planet as we do – you can’t help but reflect on your role and how you can do things differently.

The truth is, you can’t do any type of manufacturing without creating a carbon footprint. But that’s no excuse to bury your head in the sand over climate change!

In early 2020 we committed to becoming a 100% carbon neutral company, joining the many other companies and industries taking a stand for the planet.

Six months later, we became the first carbon neutral spa retailer in the world!

For us, the catalyst for change was the devastating Australian bushfires. We’ve always been into reusing, recycling and reducing waste but the bushfires were a wake-up call.

We needed to act with urgency and we needed to show our own industry that carbon neutrality can, and must, be done.

A company is only as good as it's people.

Five Star Trust Pilot Rating

We are proud that Spa World customers have given us a Five Star Trustpilot rating.