A truly integrated business

Spa World is a member of the Australian based, Vortex Leisure group of businesses.

Along with Spa World, Vortex Leisure also owns Spa Store, Banff Spas, Arcadia Spas, Fisher Spas, Lifestyle Spas and distributes spa pools and swim spas under various brands to over 20 countries around the world.

We are a truly integrated business in that our Australian and New Zealand based design teams develop products, we manufacture them ourselves, sell them through our stores and websites and support our customers with consumable items post sale via our Spa Store business.

By controlling every aspect of our business, from innovation to quality control, to customer support, we can ensure that our products, service and backup support are second to none within our industry.

Our people are our strength

Our people at Spa World

Adam Fisher

Director - Product Development

Since 2003 Adam has been involved in all aspects of the business & now works primarily on the continual evolution & improvement of our products.

Andrew Pullen

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has been in the spa business for over 20 years. As well as being our CEO, he also sits on our board & the board of Spa World New Zealand.

Angus Brow

Non Executive Director

Angus is a shareholder & non executive director. He has experience on sitting on several boards & from executive roles within the ICT industry. 

Charlie Xuereb

State Sales Leader

Charlie has been in the spa industry for over 20 years. Based in Newcastle, Charlie's role in the company is State Sales Leader.

Charne Lotz

Procurement Specialist

Charne has 12 years of procurement experience & has recently moved from South Africa with her family. She loves being outdoors with her kids.

Chloe Quilliam

Assistant Accountant

Chloe is from the Isle of Man & has a strong auditing & accounting background from 1 of the 'Big 4'. When not in the office you'll find her racing down a mountain bike trail.

Ciara Halket

Inventory Specialist

Ciara, from Ireland, has 15+ years of customer service, admin & inventory experience. She joined Spa World in 2017 and is our Inventory Specialist for Spa Store. She enjoys hanging out with her family.

Craig Dennis

Chief Financial Officer

Craig joined us in Feb 2017 coming from a corporate finance & general management background. When he's not counting the beans (or spas) he's trying to catch fish.

Craig Fairbairn

Sales Consultant

Craig Fairbairn has been in the Spa industry for 30 years. He has expert knowledge of the industry & predominately works in our Show Team throughout Australia & NZ.

Craig Reid

State Sales Leader

Craig was a Sales Manager & Trainer for the UK's largest bank, before joining Spa World in 2009. His vast spa sales experience has seen him feature on several TV shows.

David Abdel

Executive Director

David has been in the spa industry for over 20 years and is passionate about improving the health, well-being and happiness of the Spa Word family.

Deepak Madhukar

Sales Associate

Deepak has a long history in sales and is passionate about customer care. When not helping match people to their perfect spa, he can be found enjoying his garden.

Donna Wright

National Operations Manager

Donna loves working for a company that promotes "Relaxing". She ensures that customer's have a 5 star service & embodies the 5 'C's of the business.

Duncan Mitchell

Sales Consultant

Duncan is from Scotland and his passion is customer care. When not helping people choose their perfect spa or swim spa you'll find him in practising his bagpipes.

Elaine Kalache

Sales Consultant

After personally experiencing the benefits of a spa & its soothing aspects Elaine knew she had to join us. Bringing better health & happiness to all her customers is her goal.

Fred Kalache

Sales Consultant

Fred has been in the spa business over 25 years. He has been married for 24 years & has 2 sons. He enjoys selling & seeing his customers leave the store happy & excited!

Harry Whyte

Sales Consultant

Harry is based in our Adelaide showroom & has many years of customer service experience. He enjoys jumping in his spa after football to ease his aches & pains.

Holly Lewis

Customer Care Consultant

Holly has worked in the customer service industry for over 12 years. She has used her skills & experience to learn about the spa industry & assist her customers.

Jane Pearson

Accounts Recievable

Jane moved here from the UK in January 2016 & spent a year 'relaxing'. She joined Spa World in January 2017 & is very much enjoying her role.

Julie McGrath

Accounts Payable Administrator

Julie is originally from the UK & has lived in NZ with her husband & 2 kids for the past decade. When not working she enjoys hanging out with her family.

Kenneth Norness

Head Of Global Marketing

Kenneth (J) is from North America & joined Spa World in 2013. He is passionate about making a positive impact, everything online & tech.

Kurt Blakeley

Customer Care Consultant

Kurt is from Cape Town & has worked in customer service in the financial industry for 20 years. He enjoys a good braai (bbq) & spending time outdoors with his family.

Kyra Russell

Customer Care Consultant

Kyra has years of call centre experience in the US and is obsessed with providing the best customer experience. She enjoys travelling and exploring the outdoors.

Lillian Sifri

Sales Consultant

Lillian has been in the business for over 10 years. From shows to showrooms she is passionate about how spas change peoples lives & bring so much happiness.

Mariam El Orfi

Content Manager

Mariam is our writer & content creator. Her background's in communications. When not lifting the lid on spas, she’ll be at the gym or in the hills with her dog.

Mario Crivellaro

Technical Manager

Mario completed a degree in IT before coming on board to become the warranty & technical specialist for Spa World.

Mark Baugh

State Sales Leader

Mark is our WA Territory Sales Manager & has built an exceptional business with us. His fantastic customer satisfaction ratings are proof of this.

Meg Fern

Inventory Manager

Meg has 18 years in logistics & inventory control. She brings this experience to Spa World & manages hundreds of container movements per year.

Megan Vanderhoeven

Customer Care Consultant

Megan is passionate about providing Five Star service. In her spare time she participates in a number of water sports but her favourite is sailing.

Mel Brereton

Customer Care Consultant

Mel has been in customer service & warehousing for 20 years. She answers queries for Spastore, as well hanging out with her husband & their kids.

Michelle O'Loughlin

Customer Care Consultant

Mish has over 20 years in customer service & is a born organiser focused on your spa delivery. When not working on bookings she spends time with friends & family.

Michelle Pratt

Sales Consultant

Michelle lives in beautiful sunny Brisbane. She has been selling spas for nearly 25 years & still loves it. She is passionate about delivering the perfect spa.

Mike O'Malley

Customer Care Consultant

Mike is from St. Louis Missouri & has a customer service background. He dabbles in the arts. He & his wife are looking forward to the birth of their first child.

Monique Crawford

Product Marketing Coordinator

Before joining Spa World, Monique worked in the UK for a large tech giant & has strong product marketing skills. In her spare time she enjoys being in the outdoors & trying new food places.

Nick Kermode

Sales Consultant

Nick lives by the saying "do it right, while you're doing it" so lasting customer satisfaction is his goal. He lives in Brisbane & is a former pro golfer. If you need the best spa & your slice fixed, he's your man.

Nicola Hodges

Financial Controller

Nicola worked in the legal sector before joining Spa World. She enjoys spending time with her young family & keeps fit to keep up with her twins.

Nicole Reid

Sales Consultant

As one of our newest Melbourne Sales Managers, Nicole prides herself in her customer service & works hard to offer a consultative, non-pressured approach to sales.

Peter Sorensen

State Sales Leader

Born and bred in Brisbane, Peter has been in customer service for many years and still believes in good old fashioned service. Enjoys the odd game of golf or snooker.

Rachel Christie

Customer Care Consultant

Rachel has been in customer services for the past 24 years. She is passionate about making sure every customer receives a 5 Star experience.

Sandra Wylie

Customer Care Consultant

Worked in Government & customer focused roles for 20 years. Is family orientated & has travelled extensively overseas.

Sharona Staton

Customer Care Consultant

As a former service supervisor for an International airline Sharona's excited to bring her passion to help people & give them the service & care they deserve. 

Steve Whyte

State Sales Leader

Steve is managing our business in South Australia & is enjoying his role representing Spa World at numerous shows around the country.

Tom Whyte

Sales Consultant

Tom's based in the Adelaide showroom. He also enjoys doing shows around Australia & is an enthusiastic salesperson with significant customer service experience.

Tony Jones

General Manager - Spa World Solutions

Tony has been in the spa industry for more than 20 years. Tony heads up our quality control team and has a passion for excellence.

Tracey Robinson

Accounts Payable Administrator

Tracey is an AP wizard and when not paying our bills she is busy hiking, reading or playing with her dogs.

Trent Williams

State Manager

Trent joined the Spa World group straight out of high school. He is one of our Melbourne based Product Specialists.

Contribute to our Communities

As a successful business, we feel we have a moral obligation to give back to our community.
Every year, we contribute to more than a dozen Australian and New Zealand charities. These include; Make a Wish, Starlight Foundation, MS Research Foundation, the Mark Hughes Foundation, Bowel Cancer Research, Parkinson’s Australia and many more.

Contributions are determined by our employees who contribute a sum each year from their profit share payments, along with a matching contribution from the business. In the future it is our plan to do a lot more, so watch this space. 

Our Vision

We lead our markets by creating undeniably beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to use products that improve health, well-being and happiness.

Our Values

We are also bound by a common set of values. We consider these values to be the foundation stones of our business. Like any strong foundation, they allow us to build upon them what we believe to be a remarkable group of businesses. We call them our 5 ‘C’s.

Care for our customers and each other with 5 star performance

We have partnered with Trust Pilot to allow our customers to independently review our service.
We are very proud of our 5 star rating, one that we have maintained since the start. Our businesses share a world class customer care team that are always standing by to answer any question or alleviate any concern.

Whilst caring for our customers is vitally important to us, caring for our teams is equally important. We maintain our employee engagement rating at more than 20% above the national average. We believe that a happy team leads to happy customers and we are yet to be proved wrong!

Continually improve our products, systems & presentation through collaboration & innovation

The Japanese have the term ‘Kaizen’. Loosely translated, this means continuous and never ending improvement.
The philosophy is at the core of our business. We talk about how our business improvement system is like painting the Sydney harbour bridge. You start at one end, get to the other end and then start back at the beginning.

Despite being recognised as a market leader in product development, systems and customer care, we can always do better. We are constantly chasing perfection.

Communicate accurately & honestly

For most, buying a spa or swim spa will be one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. We treat this fact with a great deal of respect. As such, we believe we have an obligation to communicate to our customers in as clear and concise way as possible.

This is not always the case in the spa industry. We aren’t proud to say that many in the industry don’t let the truth stand in the way of a good story! If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is particularly true of many ‘was / now’ pricing claims you will see when shopping for a spa. Whilst it is great to get a great deal and superior value (which we believe we offer everyday), savings of more than 30% are very likely to be misleading.

If you have shopped with us and believe that you have been misled in any way, click here to email our CEO - he wants to know.

Celebrate & share our success

Our family of employees and contractors are the reason of our success. As such, we wish to reward their efforts beyond ‘an honest day of pay, for an honest day of work’.  

We are committed to ensuring that the wages and salaries of our employees are within the upper band of national average rates for each respective position. Furthermore, as a group we distribute between 5 and 7.5% of our profits to our team each year through a rather unique profit share system.

Contribute to our communities

As a successful business, we feel we have a moral obligation to give back to our community. As you will have seen in the Community section above we contribute to over a dozen worthwhile Australian charities. Who we contribute to is a decision made by our employees, they nominate and donate a sum each year from their profit share programme and we match that amount.

It is our intention to do everything we possibly can to continue growing the amount we actively contribute back to the community, so keep an eye on this space as there's a lot more to come.

Click for Code of Corporate Responsibility