Top 5 Outdoor DIY Tips. (Creating your family haven)

The lock-down period will invariably result in the formation of new habits and priorities for lots of us – indeed, the time spent relaxing at home with your nearest and dearest has been a revelation for many.

If you envisage spending more time with loved ones in your own private haven moving forward, here are some things you can do right now to create truly special outdoor spaces. 

Bring the fence to life

Enhance the sense of serenity with a living fence. By training a tree to grow in specific patterns you’ll add texture and depth to blank walls. 

Step by step

Add personality to your backyard by making your own stepping stones using quick-mix concrete!

Make it cozy

Create a warm, welcoming ambiance by introducing colour to your backyard. Give timber decks and metal furniture a lift with some cushions and throws in bright, bold colours. 

Light it up!

Take on a DIY project and build yourself an outdoor firepit. You’ll find plenty of easy tutorial videos online, and all the materials and advice you could ever need at your local hardware store. Just remember to check local regulations before you start. 

Break out the bubbles!

So, what’s missing? The spa, of course! A spa pool is the perfect spot to relax and unwind with those most important to you, enjoying the peace and quiet of your own private family haven!

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