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Reviews of spas, swim spas and related products.

Master Spas® swim spa review (Prices, pros, cons and more…)

There are a whole range of swim spas on the market – varying in size, quality, design and price. In this in-depth review, we take a look at Master Spas® swim spa range and see how it stacks up against mid-market swim spas.

Master Spas® Review (Prices, pros, cons and more…)

Interested in a Master Spas® spa or swim spa? Wondering if they’re worth the extra investment over mid-market spas? In this detailed article, we take an in-depth look at Master Spas® products, prices, pros and cons and more.

What is the best swim spa in Australia?

Thinking about buying a swim spa? Wondering which one to buy and which are the best brands? This article lists the top swim spas in Australia and explains what makes them so good.

HotSpring® vs Jacuzzi® In-Depth Review (Features, prices, pros and cons and more...)

Looking for a premium spa pool? Can't decide between Jacuzzi® or HotSpring®? This detailed article will answer your questions including costs, features, pros, cons and more.

HotSpring® Spas Review (Features, prices, pros and cons and more...)

Wondering if a Hot Spring® spa is worth the money? Want to know the difference between HotSpring® and cheaper mid-market spas? In this in-depth article, we take a look at the HotSpring® range and find out if they are worth the extra expense.

Alpine Spas™ Review (prices, pros, cons and more...)

Thinking about an Alpine Spa™? Want to learn more? Read this in-depth review of Alpine Spas™ products, prices, pros and cons and more...

Best Spa Pools In Australia - Top 6 Spa Brands Reviewed

Searching for the best spa pool in Australia? Confused by all of the options? This article will fully review 6 spa brands including pros and cons of each and more...