What is a spa cover lifter (cost, pros and cons and more…)

Using a cover lifter or cover caddy will help you to get the cover on and off your spa with ease, and also minimises the time your cover spends on the ground, keeping it away from dirt and prolonging the life of your spa’s hardcover.

A hot tub cover lifter helps you remove and replace your hot tub cover quickly, easily and efficiently!

What is a cover lifter for a spa?

Ever noticed how difficult it is to lift your spa cover after you’ve finished relaxing in the spa? It suddenly feels a lot heavier, and sometimes results in unnecessary dragging and tugging.

Cover lifters make removing spa covers a simple, one-person operation as the lifter can be attached to one side of your spa. Cover lifters are designed to support the cover as it swings the cover off your spa pool, reducing the physical effort required in removing the cover.

A good quality spa cover will be heavier due to extra insulation, which can make it harder to get on and off your spa than a cheaper lightweight variety. That's where a spa cover lifter comes in. it does all the heavy lifting for you so you can just sit back and relax.

Spa World™ Twin Swim Spa Cover Lifters

How does spa pool cover lifter work?

Often, when a spa cover is left resting on the ground it can damage the interior plastic and stitching of the cover, weakening it over time. A cover lifter will keep your cover off the ground and ensure the cover weight is distributed evenly.

This will ultimately help to maintain your cover and prevent small damages that lead to heat loss through the cover, saving you money and effort in the long run.

Watch: How to use a cover lifter

Can a cover lifter go on any side of a hot tub?

There are a variety of cover lifter options available, whether you want it attached, freestanding or under-mounted. Ideally, you want the cover lifter to sit at the back of your spa, so it doesn’t block your view once the cover is stacked. You may also want to consider stacking the cover so it creates a wind block or extra privacy.

Keep these things in mind:

  • You want the cover lifter to sit at the back or side of your spa, so it doesn’t block your view
  • Consider stacking the cover so it creates a wind block or extra privacy while you soak

For easy installation, an under-mounted option will be best.

How much space do you need for a hot tub cover lifter?

You’ll need to allow some room for the cover lifter, as the metal bracing will stick out from the spa, so allow a minimum 20cm on each side of your spa and around 60cm at the back for the cover to rest on, will give you plenty of space.

You can check out some of our cover lifter options below:

Spa World cabinet-free cover lifter

This cover lifter sits under the cabinet of your spa and can be easily installed by placing it under one side of your spa.

  • Allows easy one-person operation
  • Saves your back from struggling with your spa cover
  • Easily fits most portable square or rectangular spas under 2400mm wide and 1 meter high
  • Quickly slips underneath the spa (spa may need to be emptied).

Spa Cover Basket Lifter

This cover lifter can sit on the side of the spa cabinet, or rest horizontally with a bracket that holds it up off the ground.

  • Makes lifting spa cover easy and hassle-free
  • User-friendly, convenient one-person operation
  • Keeps spa cover off the ground and protects it from scuffs and damage
  • Eliminates stress on spa cover hinges

Not only will a cover lifter save your back, but it will also help to keep your cover clean and off the ground, protecting your cover and your investment for years to come.

In Summary

We hope this article has helped you understand the many ways to maintain your spa cover and what to be aware of.

If you are looking for more information on maintaining your spa pool, you can check out our other articles here.

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