swim spa vs pool Swim spa vs Swimming pool

8 Reasons why a swim spa is better than a pool.

1.    Swim spas are a pool and spa all in one!

Get the best of both in one compact package.

2.    Swim spas are perfect for fitness, fun and relaxation all year:

Tired of paying for and maintaining a pool all year but you, your family and friends can only use it for a few short months? Swim spas are usable all year so if you want to do “laps”, splash with the kids or relax with a glass of bubbles in July, a swim spa is the answer.

3.    Swim spas are less expensive and easier to maintain:

It’s all in the cover. Swim spas have an insulated sealable hard cover that keeps out leaves and other debris while stopping evaporation which reduces up to 70% of the heat loss. Swim spas hold less water than swimming pools but you get the same benefits without the number of chemicals required.  With a swim spa, you spend more time enjoying your pool than taking care of it.

4.    Swim spas are completely portable:

Want to move or change where your pool is? Swim Spas are highly portable and self-contained making relocation a breeze.

5.    Swim spas are compact and easy to install:

Not everyone has a lifestyle block or the large area required for a pool. Swim spas are compact and take very little space compared to a pool leaving your garden or lawn to be enjoyed.

6.    Swim spas are ideal for fitness:

Swim spas are used by top-level athletes to stay in shape so you can be assured you can get the same results. You can keep your workout pace the same or vary it but you never have to worry about running into the wall or turns so you can stay in the zone and concentrate on your workout.

7.    Swim spas allow you to focus on your goals:

Instead of worrying about running into the walls or slowing down for turns, swim spas allow you to keep one constant speed so you can focus on your fitness. 

8.    Swim spas cost less:

The average installation cost of a swim spa is much less than installing a pool due to the construction involved in a pool installation.

Do you have a pool or swim spa? What other ways are swim spas better?

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