Muscular strength exercises

How swim spas help muscle strengthening

The leading expert in swim spa exercise, Dr. Rick McAvoy, recommends integrating your swim spa strengthening programme with land-based exercise if needed.

You can see more on the benefits of swim spas for strength training via Dr. Rick’s blog here.

Studies show that you can lose up to 30% of muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70. 

Swim spas offer the perfect solution for muscle strengthening. Use your swim spa for resistance training to improve overall muscle strength through safe and effective exercise.

Benefits of swim spas for strength training:

  • Water training is low impact and gentle on joints. 
  • Water provides three-dimensional resistance around the body for better results.
  • Water can help improve flexibility and strength at the same time, thanks to resistance in multiple directions.

Dr. Rick McAvoy is a physical therapist based in the United States who has specialised in aquatic physical therapy, fitness and sports performance for more than 25 years. Spa World is pleased to work alongside Dr. Rick helping to get the word out about the health benefits of swim spas.