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Is it possible that Hydrotherapy eliminates neck and shoulder pain

Neck Therapy CollarIf you suffer from neck and shoulder pain you know how the chronic pain takes away all of your energy. 

The revolutionary hydrotherapy Neck Therapy Collar, which comes standard or optional on spas from quality spa manufacturers, has bearing free hydrotherapy jets that are strategically placed to bring maximum relaxation. The neck therapy collar incorporates jets specifically designed to reduce stress and tension carried in the neck and shoulder area. 

When shopping for spas, choosing the neck therapy collar is much like having your own personal masseuse on hand to soothe away the stresses of your day.

Neck and shoulder pain can be brought on by trauma, overuse, and injury. But it can also be brought on by everyday stress and tension.  The most prominent of the group is the stress and tension that slowly grips our lives until it just becomes too much for the neck and shoulders to function any longer. 

The nerves that control the neck also controls the shoulder and arm function. Brachial nerve roots come from the cervical nerves and exits just inside the collar bone (Clavicle) between the anterior and medial Scalene muscles.  This nerve then collects in a nerve group (Brachial Plexus) and then proceeds down the arm as the brachial nerve.  This is very important because if the neck is tight; you will often have pain or loss of function in the shoulder on the affected side. 

Something as simple as working at a computer, repetitive functions as hammering, lifting, or sorting can also bring on a tight neck that affects the shoulders

People have stress and tension from physical aspects of living their lives, but we can also subconsciously hold stress and tension in our neck or shoulder region because we choose to hold our neck and shoulders in a compressed way.  It is not uncommon for all of us to choose an area of the body to hold stress.  Some hold it in the low back, while others hold it in their neck and shoulder region.

Regardless of the reason, some people believe that hydrotherapy jets in spas can be the answer to the discomfort if regularly used.Help with neck and shoulder pain

With several hydrotherapy jets placed just where the muscles meet at the base of the neck, the hydrotherapy neck collar can relax the main muscles that support the neck and shoulders.  The Erector Spinae group that hold up the spine, the Supraspinatus that help with lifting the shoulder, the Infraspinatus that help us to hold our arms out in front of us, the Trapezius muscles used for lifting, the Occiput region which is located at the base of the head, and Levator Scapula muscles that allow us to turn our heads.  These areas can be relaxed at once with the Neck Therapy Collar jets. 

I am amazed at the technology and the design of these hydrotherapy jets.  You really just have to try it for yourself to even begin to get an idea how useful these can be for soothing neck and shoulder tension, stress, and pain.

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CLOSING THOUGHT: Sometimes I feel my arm is like a swan's neck - so weak.
Maria Sharapova

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