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Relieving Depression With The Help Of Exercise and Spa Usage

Relieving depression with the help of exercise and spa or swim spa, a pair that goes well together, and can help to better get a handle on depression. 

Depression can be so debilitating for people who suffer it.  There have been endless studies recently that have again proved that regular exercise and relaxation specifically in water can help the body to cope with depression. 

The exercise helps the mind by creating more endorphins that get released as you are exercising and after the workout.  These work on the opiate receptors in the brain that for some are not stimulated enough.  It has been shown that the type of exercise you choose is less important than the concept of regularity. 

You should be regularly exercising every day
to help with the consistency that the brain needs.  You will soon start looking forward to the exercise because of its great effects on helping to relieve depression. 

Ultimately, this helps to directly affect the brain.  They looked at working out with weights, and the workout was beneficial, but an extended version actually started to go the other way if your glucose levels get too depleted.  It is important to stay in an aerobic state.  If you are tramping, this is important to remember as well since your glucose levels could become lower, and depression can be triggered.

Dietary issues, and eating regularly also play into depression.  The better the gut, the better the head.  So make sure you always have a protein focus at each meal and watch your carbohydrate intake.  You may crave more carbs, but it is only your body telling you it really needs more protein to keep the blood sugar levels stable. 

Depression, which comes from inadequate supply or distribution of neurochemicals, depends greatly on hydration levels.  There are many views on this topic, but I would suggest for the average 75-90kg adults to drink at least 2 litres and best with 3 litres a day to help keep the chemistry moving, and more balanced.  Since this also helps with better blood sugar distribution- it does have a direct effect on depression. 

Spas and swim spas can also be of great help by using a pulsing method for best effects.  When breathing in, visualize a swing on a playground moving up, and then as you are exhaling imagine the swing coming down.

Try it, you might be very surprised how something so simple can do so much for you or a loved one. 

CLOSING STATEMENT- A lot of what passes for depression these days is nothing more than a body saying that it needs work. - Geoffrey Norman

May Depression be only a memory, Dr. Kyle

DISCLAIMER:  The advice given in the blogs is about creating new ideas and possibilities that people might not have thought of for helping themselves.  Some of the ideas are from recent or past research, some are from helping patients find solutions in clinical settings, and some are things that have worked for several patients.  The main point is that we are not diagnosing your condition, its level, the many symptoms and issues that can come with any disorder, and making direct recommendations to your specific condition.  These ideas are meant to spark ideas that you can discuss with your health practitioner and get direct advice on your specific condition.  This gives you the greatest level of protection and knowing that if you take the ideas and put them into practice that they will not harm you in any way. 
Be Well and Choose Happiness.
Dr. Kyle