How to reduce anxiety through relaxation

Millions of people worldwide suffer from various forms of anxiety on a daily basis. It goes from extreme cases that basically shut down a persons’ ability to function – to disrupting your life and taking much of the joy out if it. There is hope and there are things you can do to reduce anxiety – including using a spa or swim spa.


In this article, we are just exploring a few ways to help with anxiety. No one has all of the ways or answers on how best to solve this problem within all of us because the reasons are so varied. One regular spa pool use.

When we are looking at anxiety, we are actually looking at a neurological-chemical exchange in the body that is putting too much or not enough into the body for proper function at the exact time that it is needed. So how can we use a spa or swim spa to help this disorder you might ask?

"One thing we do know, is that anxiety can be directly affected and assisted by regular spa pool use."

There are several ways to help. First, the gut controls the production of these chemicals so it is necessary, to begin with diet and your eating structure.

Make sure that you carve out time for all three meals, and find a way to eat them in a peaceful way. For some families, it means that the member with anxiety eats outside in quiet if the space is too noisy.

For those at the office, some may have to take the time to go outside or to a very quiet space.

Eating when nervous inhibits the production of necessary neurochemicals that help to reduce anxiety. Eating calmly helps, and giving you the time to eat, 20-40 minutes, without rushing is important. Then it is important that you are getting healthy nutrients in your system.

"When you come home or even before work, take 10 minutes in the spa or swim spa to help calm the system."

Most importantly, watch what oils go into your body, and what oils your food is cooked in before digesting.

Many fast food restaurants use trans fats, which coat your stomach and lead to anxiety through nutrients depletion. Olive oil or coconut oils are best.

It is important to also get good Vitamin B-6, 100mg twice a day. If you consume alcohol it is also important to make sure you are getting B-1 and B-2 in the diet so a Vitamin B Complex capsules would help dramatically. B vitamins are co-factors in thousands of reactions and virtually all neuro-chemical makeups.

The next concept is to remember that your spa or swim spa is a temperature modulator for helping you to soothe your nervous system. In any chemical reaction, there are substrates (Chemicals), temperature, and pressure as the variables that are adjusted for better outcomes.

"Morning dips are great for those that wake up at 4am with 'morning breakthrough' anxiety."

So the spa and swim spas work as the temperature component and also helps with the pressure aspect as it applies to your mental state. When you come home or even before work, take 10 minutes in the spa or swim spa to help calm the system.

If anxiety reduction is the goal, then the spa should not be so hot. The extreme hot relaxes the muscles but also gets the stomach to produce a little more acid.

Hot temperatures are great for relaxation and digestion, but not so good for anxiety. A slightly cooler spa or swim spa will cause the nervous system to relax better and to avoid creating too much acid from extreme heat.

This cooling sensation on the skin causes a deeper blood flow, which distributes the chemistry better, and anxiety will start to lift. Try using your spa pool as an active part of your treatment. Morning dips are great for those that wake up at 4am with Morning breakthrough anxiety.

By Dr Kyle Neeley

"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday."
Author unknown


The advice given in the blogs is about creating new ideas and possibilities that people might not have thought of for helping themselves. Some of the ideas are from recent or past research, some are from helping patients find solutions in clinical settings, and some are things that have worked for several patients. The main point is that we are not diagnosing your condition, its level, the many symptoms and issues that can come with any disorder, and making direct recommendations to your specific condition. These ideas are meant to spark ideas that you can discuss with your health practitioner and get direct advice on your specific condition. This gives you the greatest level of protection and knowing that if you take the ideas and put them into practice that they will not harm you in any way.

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