Hydroglow jet lighting

A recent innovation is our optional Hydro Glow back lit jets. Instead of LED lights being distributed around the spa shell, the jets themselves light up, ensuring that your spa will become the talk of the neighbourhood.

Up to 95 back lit jets

The addition of the Hydroglow TM back lit jet option to our spa range is a world first. Traditionally, spas have been lit using one or more LED lights, usually in the foot well of the spa. Back lighting the jets themselves, gives a much better effect with up to 95 jets glowing strongly. As an added feature, multi colour LED bulbs are used, meaning you can dial up a colour to suit your mood, or select party mode and the lights cycle through 27 unique colours.

Ultimate control

Advanced lighting software provides you with complete flexibility over your choice of colour mixing mode, effect transition speed and brightness adjustment. Light modes include: White: fixed white light, User colour: manual selection from 27 possible colours, Step: step change between colours, Fade: smooth fade between colours, Party: automatic disco light pattern. In addition there are five light effect speed & brightness adjustments to truly enable lighting control perfection.

Five Star Trust Pilot Rating

We are proud that Spa World customers have given us a Five Star Trustpilot rating.