Alpine Spas™ Review (Prices, pros, cons and more...)

Thinking about buying a spa or swim spa from Alpine Spas™? Wondering if they’re any good? In this article, we take an in-depth look at Alpine Spas™ products, prices, customer reviews, pros, cons, and more.

Where are Alpine Spas made

We don’t sell Alpine Spas™ products, but we do know a lot about spas – having sold and serviced many different brands over our 35+ years in business. We also like helping our customers make good decisions, so we wrote a quick article on the topic.

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd, the parent company of Spa World™. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing and may change without notice.

Who are Alpine Spas™?

Alpine Spas™ is a New Zealand-owned spa retailer that sells a variety of spas and related products; including entry to mid-level spas, swim spas, saunas and gazebos.

Alpine Spas™ is new to the Australian market. The first Alpine Spas™ showroom has recently opened in Noble Park, Victoria.

Alpine Spas™ is also planning on opening a second showroom in Marsden Park, Sydney in 2022.

In New Zealand, Alpine Spas™ has a showroom in Auckland and one in Christchurch.

Where can I buy Alpine Spas™ in Australia?

If you live in Australia and want to view or buy Alpine Spas™ products, you can visit the Alpine Spas™ website.

If you live in Melbourne, Victoria, you can visit Alpine Spas™ showroom at Noble Park which opened in February 2022. Alpine Spas™ is also opening a showroom in Sydney in 2022.

Where is Alpine Spas™ in Melbourne?

Alpine Spas™ has recently (February 2022) opened a showroom in Melbourne, Victoria.

The address for Alpine Spas™ showroom in Noble Park, Melbourne is:

  • Alpine Spas™, Factory 1/450 Princes Hwy, Noble Park, Melbourne, Victoria 3174

The opening hours for Alpine Spas™ showroom in Noble Park, Melbourne is:

  • Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Wednesday - closed, Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm

Where is Alpine Spas™ in Sydney?

Alpine Spas™ is planning on opening a showroom in Marsden Park, Sydney in 2022.

The address for Alpine Spas™ showroom in Sydney is:

  • Alpine Spas™, 879 Richmond Road, Marsden Park, Sydney 2765.

Where can I buy a spa, swim spa or plunge pool in Melbourne?

Looking for a spa pool, swim spa or plunge pool in Melbourne, Australia? There are lots of spa stores you can visit including Spa World's showrooms in Braybrook and Dandenong. View Spa World's Victoria spa stores here.

You can see a full list of spa and swim spa stores in and around Melbourne including the suburbs of Docklands, South Morang, Westmeadows, Tullamarine, Braybrook and Lynbrook in this helpful article.

Where can I buy a spa, swim spa or plunge pool in Sydney?

Wondering where to buy a spa pool, swim spa or plunge pool in Sydney, Australia? There are lots of options available including Spa World's showrooms at Marsden Park and Campbelltown/Gregory Hills. View our Sydney showrooms here.

You can see a full list of spa and swim spa stores in and around Sydney including the suburbs Campbelltown, Gregory Hills and Seven Hills in this helpful article.

Who owns Alpine Spas™?

Alpine Spas™ is owned by Simon Riddel. He is the company’s sole director.

Is Alpine™ Spas Australasia's #1 spa pool retailer?

There is no industry data to back up this statement which is published on the Alpine™ Spas website. Alpine Spas™ has never won an industry award from SPASA for Best Spa retailer, as Spa World has multiple times in Australia and New Zealand. It is most likely that the claim 'Alpine Spas™ are Australasia's #1 Spa Pool retailer' is incorrect and simply a marketing puffery statement.

Is Alpine Spas™ Australasia's largest spa pool retailer?

Like the previous statement, we don't believe the claim to be correct and it is simply puffery.

Alpine™ Spas began selling spas in Australia in February 2022. Therefore we strongly doubt the claim that Alpine™ Spas is 'Australasia's largest spa pool retailer' to be accurate.

How long have Alpine Spas™ been in business?

Alpine Spas™ has been in business since 2014. Alpine Spas™ was incorporated in May 2014.

Are Alpine Spas™ made in China?

Yes, Alpine Spas™ are made in China by a contract manufacturer called SunSpa®.

When considering the country of origin, it’s important to remember that where the spa is made is not a reliable indicator of quality.

Some of the best spas and swim spas on the market for quality and value are made in developing countries – for example, Jacuzzi® Spas and HotSpring® Spas have factories in Mexico; while Oasis Spas® , Fisher Spas™ and Vortex™ Spas are made in China.

Read this detailed article to learn more about spas made in China and what to look out for when buying a Chinese-made spa.

What product brands does Alpine™ Spas sell?

Alpine™ Spas sells its own brand name spas, swim spas, hot tubs, saunas and gazebos – which are marketed under the Alpine Spas™ and Alpine Elite™ brands. It also distributes other companies’ brands including Master Spas® spas and swim spas.

This review focuses on Alpine Spas™’ own brand of spas and swim spas. It does not cover other brands the company distributes, such as Master Spas®. To learn more about Master Spas® read this detailed review.

Are Alpine Spas™ expensive?

Spa pools sold in Australia range in price from $4995 to over $30,000+, depending on any additional specifications and design features.

As mentioned above, along with other companies’ products, Alpine Spas™ sells its own brand of spas under the Alpine Spas™ and Alpine Elite™ brand names.

The Alpine Spas™ brand of spas are priced from $5,995NZD to $67,995 – making them an option for people looking for an entry to a mid-level spa or swim spa.

The Alpine Elite™ range is in the next tier up with prices ranging from $11,995 to $16,995 – putting them in the mid-market price bracket.

How much does an Alpine™ Spa cost?

You can see the pricing for most, if not all, Alpine Spa™ products on their website. Alpine Spas™ spas range in price from $5,995 to $17,995.

How much does an Alpine™ Swim Spa cost?

Alpine Spas™ stocks its own brand of swim spa, along with Master Spas® swim spas. The Alpine Spas™ brand of swim spas range in price from $19,995 to $67,995.

How much does an Alpine™ Sauna Cost?

Alpine Spas™ sells saunas infrared and steam saunas, and indoor and outdoor units. Their saunas range in price from $3,995 to $11,995.

Learn more about infrared saunas and their benefits.

What are Alpine Spas™ prices?

As mentioned above, Alpines Spas™ and Alpine Elite™ spas range in price from $5,495NZD to $16,995NZD.

At the time of writing, Alpine Spas™ spa pool prices are:*

  • Alpine Spas™ Fuji 3-person spa - $5,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Nepal 3-person spa - $6,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Colorado 5-person Spa - $6,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Tibet 4-person spa - $7,495
  • Alpine Spas™ Aspen 5-person spa - $7,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Nordic 6-person spa - $7,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Nevada 3-person spa - $8,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Vermont 5-person spa - $8,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Blackburn 6-person spa - $8,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Matterhorn 6-person spa - $9,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Lucania 6-person spa - $9,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Sierra 5-person spa - $10,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Munro 6-person spa - $11,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Yukon 6-person spa - $11,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Vancouver 7-person spa - $11,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Entertainer 8-person spa - $17,995

At the time of writing, Alpine Elite™ spa pool prices are:

  • Alpine Elite™ Ottawa 3-person spa - $11,995
  • Alpine Elite™ Montreal 5-person spa - $12,995
  • Alpine Elite™ Edmonton 5-person spa - $15,495
  • Alpine Elite™ Kingston 6-person spa - $14,995
  • Alpine Elite™ Alberta 6-person spa - $16,995

What are Alpine Spas™ swim spa prices?

As mentioned above, Alpines Spas™ swim spas range in price from $19,995NZD to $68,995NZD.

At the time of writing, Alpine Spas™ swim spa prices are:*

  • Alpine Spas™ Juno Swim Spa - $19,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Olympia Swim Spa - $25,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Jupiter Swim Spa - $31,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Columbus Swim Spa - $33,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Hercules Swim Spa - $36,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Neptune Swim Spa - $37,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Atlantic Swim Spa - $39,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Missouri Swim Spa - $59,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Titus Swim Spa - $67,995

Are Alpine Spas™ designed in Canada?

On their website, Alpine Spas™ state their spa models are 'designed by The Canadian Spa Company® based in Canada'.

The Canadian Spa Company® manufactures and supplies hot tubs, swim spas, outdoor furniture and saunas to major retailers worldwide – including Costco®. Its products are made in North America, Asia and Europe.

Do Alpine Spas™ do service?

We do not know if Alpine Spas™ offers after-sales service in Australia. You will need to check with Alpine Spas™ Directly about this.

In New Zealand, Alpine Spas™ offers a nationwide after-sales service and a seven day a week call centre.

Are Alpine Spas™ any good?

If you’re in the market for an entry to mid-level spa, Alpine Spas™ branded spa pool range might be a good fit for you.

Have a look at the pros and cons list below for our view on what’s good and not so good about Alpine Spas™.

Should I buy an Alpine Spa™?

If you are after an entry to mid-level spa pool, then, yes – you should consider buying an Alpine Spa™ or Alpine Elite™ spa, along with others.

As with any significant purchase, it’s always wise to shop around and compare products. We suggest making a list of your top requirements first. There's a handy checklist in our Spa Buyers Guide that will help you do this.

What do Alpine Spas™ customers say?

According to Google reviews, Alpine Spas™ customers seem happy with their products and service (Alpine Spas™ had 398 Google reviews and 4.8 stars at the time of writing).

It’s worth noting that Google® does not require authentication that the review is genuine and from a real customer.

TrustPilot® on the other hand, requires proof of purchase for a verified review. For this reason, in our humble opinion, it is a more reliable gauge of customer opinion.

Alpine Spas™ does not have a profile on TrustPilot, so it’s hard to compare how they stack up against similar competitors. View the Spa World Trust Pilot profile .

Alpine Spas™ Pros and Cons


  • Nationwide after-sales service with a 7-day call centre in New Zealand
  • A range of products to choose from
  • 60-day ‘satisfaction guarantee’ returns policy
  • Prices to suit a range of budgets
  • Injection-moulded plastic frame on Alpine Elite™ range (like those used by Vortex Spas™ and Bullfrog Spas™)


  • Timber frames on the Alpine Spas™ brand – may not be as durable as other frame materials
  • Longer warranties than they have been in business
  • No TrustPilot profile – hard to compare customer reviews against competitors
  • A relatively new company (started in 2014) compared with longstanding spa retailers like Spa World or Hot Spring® which have been in the spa industry over 30 years

What products are similar to Alpine Spas™?

Products in the same price bracket and similar quality to Alpine Spas™ include Fisher Spas® from Spa World and Leisurerite Spas® from Spa Depot®.

If you’re after something in the next tier up, you might consider Vortex™ Spas; Alpine Elite™, or Signature Spas® from Spa Depot®.

If you are looking for a top of the range spa, then we recommend Hot Spring® Spas, Jacuzzi® Spas, Master Spas® or Bullfrog Spas®.

Learn more about the best spas for sale in Australia.

DISCLAIMER The following registered trademarks are owned by companies not affiliated in any way with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd – the parent company of Spa World Ltd:

Oasis Spas® trademark is owned by Oasis Leisure Products Pty Ltd. Alpine Spas™ trademark is owned by Alpine Spas Limited. Bullfrog Spas® trademark is owned by Bullfrog International. LC Spa Depot® trademark is owned by Spa Depot Limited. Signature® Spas trademark is owned by Spa Industries Pty Ltd. (SCS) Passion Spas® trademark is owned by Fonteyn Outdoor Living Mall. Hot Spring® Spas trademark is owned by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation. (Watkins) The Canadian Spa Company® trademark is owned by Canadian Spa Company. Leisurerite Spas® trademark is owned by Spa Industries Limited. Master Spas® trademark is owned by Master Spas. SunSpa®.

Affiliations: Vortex™ Spas, Fisher™ Spas and Spa World™ are trademarks owned by Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd.

The Jacuzzi® brand is owned by Jacuzzi Inc. and exclusively licensed for use to Spa World™ in Australia and New Zealand.

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