Can I use Chlorine or Bromine tablets in a dispenser in my spa?

Why we don't recommend using bromine or chlorine tablets in a floating dispenser in your spa pool.

Can I use Chlorine or Bromine tablets in a dispenser in my spa hero

For many years, pool owners and spa pool owners have used little plastic floating dispensers that hold chlorine or bromine tablets. These floating dispensers can take many forms including yellow rubber duckies or more subtle blue and white colour schemes!

They travel around the pool supposedly dispensing sanitiser with the idea of keeping your water clean.

So, should you use them in a spa pool or swim spa, and why or why not?

Can I use Chlorine or Bromine tablets in a dispenser in my spa?

No. We do not recommend using bromine tablets and floating dispensers in your spa or swim spa.

There are a number of good reasons for this and we have outline a few of the most important ones below.

1. These dispensers can cause irregular dosing of your water.

As they travel around at random, there may be patches of your spa water that haven't been properly sanitised, allowing bacteria and organisms to grow. On the flip side, there will be other patches in your water that have over-sanitisation - which could cause skin or eye irritation.

2. Deterioration of your spa components

Because of the inconsistent dosing of your water as we explained above, some patches of water can have a strong concentration of sanitiser. This can damage the component in your spa - including the acrylic body itself - seen as 'scarring' and discolouring on the body.

3. Voiding your spa manufacturer's warranty

Damage to your spa through the use of a floating dispenser will most likely not be covered by your warranty.

4. The sanitation doesn't flow throughout your entire water system

Attempting to sanitise your spa or swim spa using a floating dispenser will only sanitise the surface of your water. The sanitiser will not travel throughout your entire water system - meaning that bacteria and micro-organisims can build up inside your pipes or other 'hard to reach' places in your spa!

5. Bromine tablets are often unstabilised

This means the sanitising properties will quickly diminish, compared with a proper stabilised sanitiser which lasts much longer.

What should I use instead of a floating dispenser in my spa?

We recommend a granulised or liquid sanitiser like BioGuard Armour, or if you're looking for a chlorine-free system. Hydrogen Peroxide is a great alternative.

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