Delivering your new spa – what you need to know

Congratulations on your new spa or swim spa! You may now be wondering about the delivery process and how your spa will be delivered whether by crane, hiab, trailer or DIY. We answer these questions and more below.

Spa delivery information

In this article, we answer these questions and more:

  • Who will deliver my spa?
  • How will my spa be delivered?
  • What are the delivery options?
  • What if I need a crane or Hiab for my spa delivery?
  • Taking care of your spa after delivery

How will my spa be delivered?

There are a number of ways your spa can be delivered – from picking the spa up yourself at our warehouse to having it professionally delivered and fully installed on your property.

How your spa is delivered depends a lot on your property access and the size of your spa.

For example:

  • A small spa pool with flat property access may require two people and a trolley to deliver it.
  • A large swim spa on a sloping section would likely need a team of contractors, truck and crane.

Regardless of the type of property or spa, we will need to know what your property access is like before we can deliver your spa. This information helps us ensure a smooth and safe delivery. Learn more below.

Watch: How to install the Vortex™ swim spa by crane

What is your property access like?

Your Spa World Concierge will contact you to request a property access video.

This video is important as it helps with our planning and lets us know if there are any hazards to be aware of, what the access is like, how much space there is for the spa and more.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to make your access video and why we need it.

What are the delivery options?

When you purchase a spa from Spa World, there are a range of delivery options depending on your location, the size and type of product you are buying and the type of property or installation you have.

The four main delivery options are:

  1. Standard Metro Portable Spa Delivery – urban area
  2. Standard Metro Swim Spa Delivery – urban area
  3. Out of area delivery
  4. Non-standard delivery
  5. Self-pickup from depot

1. Standard Metro Portable Spa Delivery - urban area

A Standard Metro Delivery covers portable spas up to 2.3m2 being delivered in urban or ‘metro’ areas.

A Standard Metro Portable Spa Delivery is an extra charge on your sales order. It includes two people and a trolley. If the spa can be put into place with two people using only a trolley then there will be no additional charges, over and above the initial delivery fee.

If the delivery team arrives, and the spa cannot be put into place as described above, the delivery team will discuss any factors with you that may result in additional charges.

2. Standard Metro Swim Spa Delivery – urban area

A Standard Metro Swim Spa Delivery applies to swim spas and spas larger than 2.3m2 being delivered in urban or ‘metro’ areas.

A Standard Metro Swim Spa Delivery is an extra charge on your sales order. It applies to swim spas and spas larger than 2.3m2.

This service covers delivery to your property only. It does not cover non-standard deliveries, installation or the hiring of a crane or Hiab to unload and place the spa or swim into position (unless specified on the sales order). You will need to organise this yourself, as explained below.

Please note, it is virtually impossible to move a swim spa by hand once in position. For this reason, it is vital that it is placed in its final position whilst the crane or hiab truck is on-site.

If you require the spa or swim spa to be placed into position using a trolley, instead of a crane or hiab, then this is considered ‘Non-Standard’ and will need to be quoted separately prior to delivery.

3. Out of Area Delivery

Deliveries to areas outside of the metropolitan areas may incur additional charges and be carried out by general carriers who will only deliver your spa to the curb (i.e. not inside your property in position).

If this is the case with your delivery, please be aware that you will be responsible for providing any manpower or mechanical means to remove the spa from the vehicle and move into your desired position.

4. Non-Standard Delivery

Non-standard Delivery is any delivery that does not meet our standard delivery criteria. Non-standard deliveries need to be quoted separately as each situation is different.

A Non-Standard Delivery includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deliveries requiring hiab or crane.
  • Properties with a steep surface gradient, steps, retainer walls, tight spaces, powerlines, narrow gate widths, low eaves.
  • Any delivery that involves inserting a spa or swim spa into decking.

If the product cannot get into position because the access is not barrier-free and the product has to go back to the depot and be delivered on another date; a service fee, storage fee and an additional delivery fee will be charged.

5. Self-pickup from our depot

If you have chosen to collect your spa from our nearest depot yourself, or you have assigned a courier to collect it, you will be responsible for it as soon as it has left our warehouse.

It is recommended that, even if you assign a courier to pick up the product, you are also present to inspect the goods at our warehouse so you know what condition it was in prior to departure and delivery.

Please note: At the point of collection, the spa or swim spa becomes your property and you will be liable for any damage. Please make sure to have insurance.

What if I need a crane or Hiab for my spa delivery?

All swim spa (and some spa) deliveries require the use of a crane or Hiab.

For example:

  • If access is difficult, a crane may be required.
  • If you have ordered a swim spa – a crane will be required.

If this is the case with your delivery then, unless otherwise noted on your sales order; you will be responsible for the hiring, organizing and cost of the crane or hiab.

The size of the crane required is dependent on your access and position of the spa.

Cranes are not as expensive as some would think and it is important to use the right crane for the job to avoid unnecessary costs. If you have not already discussed delivery access with your salesperson or Spa World Concierge, please do so as soon as possible.

Depending on the access you have, you may be able to crane the spa into position using a truck-mounted hiab. This type of crane delivery can be the most cost-efficient, however, it requires the truck to be able to drive within an appropriate distance to the intended location of the spa.

Stand alone, truck-mounted cranes will have a much larger reach. However, these cranes are often very wide, very heavy and may not be able to drive on a domestic driveway. It is very unlikely that a crane of this type will be able to operate from grass or 'off-road', but some all-terrain cranes are available.

We recommend that your chosen crane company visit your property to assess the potential access, any potential access challenges and to ensure that the intended site is within safe reach.

While spas can often be lifted without spreader bars, this is at the discretion of the crane company and we insist that they are used for lifting swim spas.

It is the sole responsibility of the crane company to ensure that the spa is moved without damage and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are suitably insured for damage occurring to either your spa or your property.

We cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage to person or property while the product is in the air or while the crane is operating.

In all cases please consult with your Spa World Concierge so that they can point you in the right direction. It is best to have everything arranged well before delivery to avoid delays.

Watch: Installing a swim spa with a Hiab

Taking care of your spa after delivery

Once the spa is in position, please sign the delivery document to verify that you have received your spa and any accessories listed on your sales order confirmation.

You must unwrap it immediately to avoid excessive heat build-up, even if you are not installing it straight away. Any damage caused by overheating is not covered by your warranty.

The spa cover must remain on at all times when not in use, including while empty, especially if in direct sunlight.

While empty and during extreme heat it is suggested to periodically vent the spa in the evening by opening part of the cover to release built-up heat.

The disposal of spa packaging and rubbish is the customers responsibility.

Need more help?

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns about your spa or swim spa delivery or installation, please contact your Spa World concierge.

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