Electrical requirements for your spa installation 2024

When you buy a new spa or swim spa, you will need to make sure you have a safe power source to connect it to. Learn more below.

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new spa pool.

One of the first things you will need to do before your spa arrives is to ensure you have an appropriate electrical connection. This article explains the electrical requirements you need to know when installing a spa pool.

Please note: This article includes electrical advice and information. A licensed electrician must carry out all electrical work. Any electrical information included here, whether it is troubleshooting or other instructions, are provided for use by a licensed electrician only. Local electrical codes supersede any information found here.

Important safety information

For the safety of you and any of our staff who might service your spa, all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician only.

Spa World recommends that an electrician is contacted to ensure the power supply to your property is capable of handling the electrical load of the spa you are purchasing.

Refer to your spa model tech pack for electrical information. Please provide the tech pack to your electrician.

Please note that Spa World does not offer an electrical service. As the spa owner, you are responsible for organising an electrician and any associated costs.

Important: An extension cord must not be used to power your spa and we will not install your spa if the compliant electrical service has not been installed. This might require a second visit from our technician which will result in an added cost to you.

Is an emergency stop switch required for a spa or swim spa?

Australian Standard AS 2610:2007 requires an emergency stop switch controlling all spa pool pumps, blowers and heaters shall be provided within 3.0 m of the spa pool and shall be visible at all times. The spa owner is responsible for engaging with a licensed electrician to undertake this work.

What size of conduit is required for my spa?

The electrician that is connecting the power to your spa will determine the required conduit size for the the model of spa that you are installing. The conduit will vary depending on the cable size and number of circuits required. This will be determined by the electrician.

Where to locate the electrical conduit pipe

If you are planning on running the power to your spa up through a concrete pad or deck you will need to know where to locate the conduit.

This location is different in each spa model and is noted in the spa tech pack, which you can download from the specifications section of the product page for your spa model on the Spa World website.

The measurements provided are referenced from the exterior of the spa cabinet.

You will simply need to layout where the spa is going to be located on the ground, using the dimensions provided for your particular spa, and measure in from the edge as illustrated in the tech pack and below here.

IMPORTANT: Portable spas, up to 2.4m and entertainer spas, from 2.4-3m, do not have a hole predrilled in the base for conduit entry. The entry hole will need to be drilled on site once your spa is delivered. We recommend drilling a hole with a 100mm hole saw to accommodate conduit entry. If you need to accommodate heat pump plumbing entry the size of the entry hole will need to be assessed on site.

Please Note: it is important that the hole is drilled from inside the cabinet down through the base. If you were to drill from the outside there is a real chance you would damage some pipework or equipment internally. Such damage is not covered under our warranty.

Electrical conduit placement guides.

Fisher 2 electrical conduit placement guide
Gemini electrical conduit placement guide
Neon electrical conduit placement guide
Cobalt conduit entry position
Best position for conduit entry
Titanium position conduit entry
Palladium position conduit entry
Fisher play position conduit entry
Conduit position for Fisher Vortex and Banff swim spas

Does your spa require 10 to 15 amps?

Spas that are listed as 10 or 15 amps will require an outdoor waterproof powerpoint with an earth leakage protection device.

Please consult with your electrician to ensure you meet local regulations.

If your spa comes with a cord, please check the tech pack to find where the cord is located.

All Vortex™ and Fisher™ Spas with a 10 or 15 amp rating, come with a 5 metre electrical lead. If you have bought one of these brands, you will need to drill a 60mm hole in the cabinet for the lead and the plug to fit through before you can connect your spa. A cable cover is included in your spa manual pack.

Please note, if your spa is situated further away than the length of the power cord – then your spa must be hardwired by an electrician.

Does your spa require more than 15 amps?

If your spa requires more than 15 amps, it will need to be hard-wired by an electrician.

Typically this requires the electrician to visit your site twice. Once to prepare the power cable for your new spa and the second visit, at the time of delivery, is to connect the power cable to the spa.

You can find specific information for your spa model in the tech pack which you can download from the specifications section of the product page for your spa model on the Spa World website.

Please note: All Dual-Zone swim spas have two separate controllers and require individual electrical connections.

Equipotential bonding and why is it a big deal

If you are planning on placing any metallic object, such as steps, grab rail, umbrella or pergola within arm’s reach of your spa or swim spa then you may need to have the object bonded by a licensed electrician. Read the full details by clicking this button.

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