Equipment access for inbuilt and inground spas

Installing a spa or swim spa into a timber deck or pit could be a great option for your property. Just make sure you can still access the spa's pumps, controller and plumbing! Keep reading to learn more.

Pool heat pump in a deck

This article explains how to ensure access to your spa's equipment for maintenance and service.

In this article, we cover the following key points:

Building a spa into a deck

Spas built into a deck can not only look stunning but because you step down into them they also offer additional privacy and ease of access.

However; if you are building a deck around your spa, sinking it slightly or placing it against a wall – you must ensure easy access to all access panels. In particular, you need easy access to the equipment bay for regular maintenance. (Please see your spa model’s tech sheet for details).

Why do I need to ensure access to my spa’s equipment?

When it comes to warranty inspections and maintenance, it is your responsibility as the spa owner to ensure the spa’s machinery and equipment can be easily accessed.

It’s too late to think about access after the spa or swim spa has already been installed – you will want to ensure this has been factored into the design before the building begins.

If you are building your spa into a deck that is low to the ground or in a pit that would prevent access from underneath, you will need to provide access hatches in order to prevent your spa from having to be lifted out in order to service or maintain it.

Just a reminder, even under warranty conditions the manufacturer will not pay for or provide a solution to access your spa. This is the owner’s responsibility.

Watch: Swim spa deck installation – example build process

Technical considerations for installing a spa in a deck

When designing the access around your spa or swim spa, we recommend allowing at least 1m at the equipment bay and at least 500mm clearance on the other three sides for spas and for swim spas.

When decking around a new pool you will also need to ensure the deck or bearers are not built in such a way that means we are not able to remove the cabinet panels.

Please consult with your builder on ways of achieving this. If required your builder may need to split the cabinet panels to allow for removal from under the deck. This would mean a fixed portion of the panel would remain on the spa and under the deck the panel is easy to remove.

Need more help?

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