How do I cool my spa down in summer?

Is your spa overheating during the summer? Discover some simple steps you can take to cool your spa water down in the warmer weather!

How do I cool my spa down in summer hero

On a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than a soak in some cool water to cool down!

The reality is though, that most spas don’t have a way of cooling their water temperature down below the ambient outside air temperature.

In Australia, the daytime temperatures can get well into the mid ‘30’s (celcius), which means your spa water has no way of reducing it’s temperature, even if you’ve set the temperature well down into the mid twenties, which is a comfortable water temperature in warm weather.

In this article, we answer these questions:

daytime temperatures in Australia

Daytime temperatures in Australia

Read on to discover some ways that you can reduce the temperature in your spa water in the hot weather.

How do I turn the temperature down in my spa?

The first thing to check if you’re finding your spa too warm is the set temperature on your controller. On most modern spas, you can check the current set temperature by looking at your controller.

You can usually adjust the temperature down simply by pressing the down arrow on the touchpad and you’ll see the set temperature reduce.

If your spa has a heat pump connected you can use it to cool your water. To ensure your heat pump will switch to cooling mode, you will need to set the heat pump mode to AUTO. This enables the heat pump to cool your water down to your set temperature. (Don't set the mode to cool, or you may forget and it won't heat your spa when the weather begins to cool down again).

Note that it will take a while for your spa water to adjust the temperature - so you may need to wait a day or so for it to cool down in warmer weather. In very hot weather, the outside air temperature will prevent your spa from cooling down, so you’ll need to follow the steps below;

Down arrow on SpaNet touchpad

Adjust the temperature down simply by pressing the down arrow on the touchpad

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Can I add cold water to my spa to cool it down?

One of the ways that you can cool your spa temperature down is by partially draining the water and adding fresh cold water. Often the water from your hose will be cool as it has travelled underground and hasn’t been heated by the sun as much as the water in your spa.

If you run the hose for a few minutes before placing it in your spa you’ll give the water time to cool and flush out any warm water that might be sitting in your hose.

One thing to note if you are partially refilling your spa with fresh water is that you will need to check and adjust your water balance after adding the fresh water.

Whatever the source of your water - town supply, bore water, rainwater or another source, there will always be some adjustments you’ll need to make to your water balance to bring it back into the ideal Total Alkalinity range (80-120ppm) and ideal pH range (7.2 - 7.6).

Learn more about spa water alkalinity and pH and the steps to testing and adjusting your water balance.

Add cold water to your spa

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Can I put ice in my spa to cool it?

Yes. Adding Ice to your spa is another way to cool the water temperature down. As we explained above, this could also affect your water balance so you’ll need to check and re-balance your water after adding straight ice.

Another alternative is to fill up milk cartons (or similar containers) with water then freeze them. Once they are frozen, you can place these into your spa like giant ice packs to cool your water down, without affecting your water balance.

When the ice melts, simply remove the ‘ice packs’, refreeze and use them again.

Turn plastic milk containers to spa ice packs

Fill plastic milk containers with water and freeze to create 'spa ice packs'!

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Can I remove my spa cover to help my spa water cool down?

Yes, you can remove your spa cover to help your water cool down in the warmer weather. Your spa cover is designed to provide insulation in the cooler months of the year and enable your spa to operate more efficiently and retain heat.

In the warmer months, if you want to keep your spa water cooler, you can remove your spa cover to help your water remain cooler.

Please note you should always take care to ensure that your spa is fully fenced if your cover is removed. It is a safety requirement in most states for a spa pool to be covered by a lockable cover or fully fenced.

Your cover does provide some other protection for your spa. Firstly it protects your acrylic shell and plastic components from the UV rays of the sun. It also protects your spa from bacteria, dirt, dust and debris that may blow into your spa water on a windy day. Your cover will also help you maintain your water balance by keeping rainwater out.

Removing your spa cover can help your spa stay cooler, but you need to consider these other factors if you’re thinking about leaving your spa cover off.

Remove spa cover cools down spa

Remove spa cover to cool down spa

Does shading my spa keep my water cooler?

Yes, providing shade for your spa will help keep the water cooler in the warmer months. A perfect way to shade your spa is with an umbrella. An umbrella is a perfect accessory for your spa and outdoor area - to provide shade and help keep you cool in the summer.

Umbrellas with an offset upright support and tilting canopy are the best as they can be re-positioned throughout the day to block the sun as it moves across the sky.

An umbrella also enables you to enjoy being in the spa even more on a hot day as you relax in the refreshing water and enjoy being out of the sun.

If you have the option of re-positioning your spa, you can consider placing your spa near a large tree to provide shade.

If you live in a warm part of the country with summer temperatures in the mid to high 30s, you may still struggle to keep your water temperatures down.

Read on to find out about how a heat pump can work in reverse to cool your spa water.

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How does a spa heat pump cool my spa water?

A heat pump works in reverse to extract heat out of your spa water and flush it out to the ambient air outside. A spa heat pump works just like the heat pump / HVAC unit in your home and can work in summer to cool down the water in your spa.

In the cooler months, a heat pump takes heat energy from the ambient air and uses that energy to heat your spa water.

What should my spa temperature be in summer in Australia?

As a general rule, the spa water temperature in summer should be between 28-32 degrees Celsius (82-89 degrees Fahrenheit). However, the ideal water temperature in your spa is a matter of personal preference.

You may prefer your spa to be at a cooler temperature if you live in a warmer area of the country or are having a particularly hot summer, you may consider turning your spa water temperature down to 26 degrees Celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit). According to the World Health Organisation, a water temperature in the range between 26 to 30 degrees Celsius “is comfortable for most swimmers throughout prolonged periods of moderate physical exertion”*

If you live in a cooler area and you like a nice warm spa in the evening, you may consider turning your spa temperature up to 34-36 degrees celsius. (93-97 degrees Fahrenheit). It is not recommended to turn your spa temperature up above 39 degrees Celsius.

“ Body overheating can occur in natural spas and hot tubs, where water temperatures may be above 40 °C.” - World Health Organisation*

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What should I do if my spa won't cool?

Without an external heat pump, spas cannot cool down on their own. To help cool the spa, you may follow the steps above. If none of these steps fixes the issue, you can refer to this troubleshooting guide.

This troubleshooting guide applies to Vortex™ and Fisher™ spas.

How to check TYPE Settings on SV Controllers

  • Apply power to the spa
  • Press and hold: Pump B + Blower + W.CLN buttons until [V.PMP] or [BRND] appears on the display.
  • Press the UP button until the [TYPE] menu is displayed.
  • Press OK to enter [TYPE] menu option.
  • Use the UP or DOWN buttons to navigate to correct controller.
  • Press OK to confirm and save new setting. [TYPE] will be displayed on the screen.
  • Press the UP button until the display shows [BOOT].
  • Press OK and the system will restart.
  • Recheck touchpad is operating correctly.

How to check TYPE settings on SV Mini 1 and 2

  • On a SV Mini 1: Simultaneously press and hold the PUMP B (AUX) + Both hidden buttons together until either [V.PMP] or [BRND] appears on the display.
  • On a SV mini 2: Simultaneously press and hold: Pump B (AUX) + Pump C + Blower buttons until either [V.PMP] or [BRND] appears on the display 3 Press the UP button until the [TYPE] menu is  displayed
  • Press OK to enter [TYPE] menu option
  • Use the UP or DOWN buttons to navigate to the correct model number (this should typically match the model number of the touchpad or controller underneath the spa.
  • Press OK to confirm  and save new setting. [TYPE] will be displayed on the screen
  • Press the UP button until the display shows [BOOT]
  • Press OK and the system will restart.
  • If the display goes blank after the spa finishes priming, please power the spa off for a couple  of seconds. 

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