How to install a spa pool or swim spa (Tips, expert advice and more)

Planning for your spa pool or swim spa is an exciting time as you get one step closer to spa ownership. Of course you will want to avoid unexpected surprises or delays.

In this article you will learn the best steps to ensuring a smooth, stress-free installation so you can do it once, and do it right!

Top tips for stress-free spa and swim spa installation

Tony Jones, Head of Quality, Assurance and Compliance at Spa World has been working in the spa industry for more than 18 years. To put it simply, Tony insures Spa World products meet all regulatory requirements. He says his position is pretty unique within the spa industry in Australia and New Zealand.

"I make sure our products are safe, fit for purpose and compliant with all the regulations. I also help customeres with any rules or regulations they might need to know before installing their Spa World purchase."

Tony’s wealth of experience in the spa industry includes a decade working as a spa retailer and servicing spas. During that time he encountered many problematic spa installations as a result of two things – a lack of planning, and getting priorities wrong.

Whether it’s building a deck or a pit for an inground installation, he says building works must be approved before the construction work can begin.

“It’s much easier to get a building permit before the work starts. If you leave it until after installation it can be a lot more difficult, as you may need to show the work’s been done correctly which could mean exposing foundations and back-tracking.”

Watch: Installing a swim spa by crane

Tip 1 - Do your research on spa pool & swim spa regulations

There are good reasons for rules and regulations around spas and pools. Most importantly the primary purpose they serve is to keep people safe, prevent drownings and meet building codes. If you’re unsure of the rules in your area, no worries.

You can head to the Learning Centre on the Spa World website where you'll find a complete overview of rules and requirements for installing a spa, from hiring a crane to laying a concrete foundation.

“The content there is definitely invaluable for customers to get a good idea of what they need to do in order to own a spa,” Tony says.

Tony assures spa owners they will reap the rewards from doing their research.

“The spa project flows a hell of a lot easier when you know everything upfront, rather than doing everything in the wrong order.”

Wondering what important spa and swim spa rules and requirements apply to your area? Click the button below to locate the article with information relevant to your area.

Tip 2 Ask your local council for specific spa & swim spa requirements in your area

Rules and regulations for spas can vary across states and regions and in some cases, rules can even differ within a region.

“Some councils require a permit over a certain size of deck, others don’t. Decking and fencing are some of the many aspects that can vary from council to council.”

For complete peace of mind and accuracy, Tony recommends that spa owners double check with the local certifier or council for rules specific to the area that need to be met.

Tip 3 - Hire a professional building surveyor or certifier for your spa install

Engaging a private, registered building surveyor or certifier is Tony’s third and most important step - it will ensure you have a signed off, approved project in less time!

Yes, it may cost a little more upfront but Tony points out that building surveyors and certifiers can offer advice, get the building permits approved, carry out an inspection at the end of the installation and submit paperwork to the council, all on your behalf.

"“I know a lot of customers who have dealt directly with the council for gaining approvals and regretted it.”"
Tony Jones - Spa World

“For a private certifier, it’s their business. They know the easiest and most efficient way to get the job done. Contact a professional that knows regulations like the back of their hand.”


A few careful steps early on in the spa planning process can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a smooth, straightforward spa or swim spa installation!

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