How to Turn On a Jacuzzi® Spa Pool– Step-by-Step Instructions

Wondering how to turn on and start up your new Jacuzzi® Spa ready to use? This article is a step-by-step guide for turning on your spa along with important safety tips.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Jacuzzi® Spa! You can now look forward to many years of relaxation and fun with your family and friends.

Before you can enjoy your spa you’ll need to turn it on and get it ready for use. To make sure you’re doing this correctly and safely, please take the time to go through these instructions.

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Do I need an electrician to set up or start a Jacuzzi® Spa?

Jacuzzi® Spas are equipped with the most advanced safety and self-protective equipment in the industry. Nonetheless, these spas must be installed properly to ensure dependable usage.

All Jacuzzi® Spas will require a hardwired electrical connection provided by a licensed electrician and must conform to all national, state and local electrical codes in effect at the time of installation.

If the supply cord on your spa is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

Important reminders:

  • This spa must be permanently connected (hard-wired) to the power supply.
  • The power supplied to this spa must be a dedicated circuit with no other appliances or lights sharing the power provided by the circuit.
  • Supplying power to the spa, which is not in accordance with these instructions, will void both the independent testing agency listing and the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Organising an electrician and associated costs are the responsibility of the spa owner.
Jacuzzi Hot Tub

What to do before turning your Jacuzzi® Spa on?

Apart from having a licensed electrician carry out the electrical work for you, there are important things you need to prepare before spa delivery and to turn it on.

The checklist below can help you ensure you’re all set up before your spa arrives and that it is running smoothly and safely before applying power.

  • Spa pool barriers and fencing
  • Delivery safety considerations
  • Positioning of spa
  • Property access information
  • Solid foundation
  • Adequate drainage for flood protection
  • Spa service and maintenance access

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How to turn ON a Jacuzzi® Spa Pool

Once the spa is set up in its final resting place, it’s now time to get it working!

Important reminder: Never apply power to an empty spa. Make sure the spa is turned OFF before filling it with water.

Before filling the spa

Step 1: Check the pumps and barrel unions

By removing the cabinet door panel on the electronic keypad side to access the equipment bay. Barrel unions are the joints between the pump, heater, and the plumbing of the spa. Make sure that they are hand-tight.

During transportation, it is possible for these connections to become loose, so it is important to check these from the get-go. Loose connections may cause water leakage. To tighten, just use your hand to rotate the locking nut.

Important reminders:

  • The Jacuzzi® indicator light is located on the front panel. Take care when removing the front panel to avoid damaging the wires or light. Remove the wing nuts from the indicator light to remove the light housing. Once the light housing is removed, reinstall the wing nuts or place them in a safe location.
  • We recommend keeping the front panel off until the spa is filled with water and running as it should.

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Step 2: Check T-handled valves

T-handled valves are also known as isolation valves, slice valves and gate valves. These valves should be in a pulled-up open position and secured with clips. These valves permit the flow of water to be closed off so that you can stop the operation of spa equipment without the need to drain the spa water.

Step 4: Check the drain valve/s

You’ll find the drain valve on the front left corner of the black plastic pan. The drain valves must be tightly closed before filling your spa with water.

Important reminder: The Jacuzzi® J-400™ Collection Spa features a quick drain valve located inside the spa in the equipment bay. Please make sure to check this too.

Step 5: Check all jets

Before filling the spa with water, make sure all jets are open. You can turn on these jets by rotating the outside jet ring.

Filling the spa

Generally, hot tubs can be refilled using a garden hose through into the empty primary filter fitting or into the footwell.

However, we highly recommend that you refill your spa through the primary filter inlet to avoid airlock (air is trapped in the pumps, preventing the pumps from circulating water) which typically happens when refilling the spa through the footwell.

Pro Tip: The primary filter cartridge is the one with the grid across the wall.

Important reminders:

  • Fill the spa with clean tap water from a garden hose, to reduce the risk of contracting a waterborne illness (e.g. an infection, bacteria or virus) and/or respiratory ailments.
  • Fill until the water covers all jets but does not touch the bottom of the lowest headrest (DO NOT OVERFILL!).
  • On average, it takes 1 to 4 hours to fill a spa. However, it can go shorter or longer depending on several factors such as water pressure, spa size, and hose size. We recommend setting a timer to keep your eye on the water level as your spa gets filled to avoid overfilling.

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After filling the spa

And here comes the exciting part!

Step 1: Turn on the spa

After filling your spa with water at the accurate level, apply power to the spa by switching the power on.

Step 2: Let your spa do water priming

Once the switch is turned on, your spa will prime and this can take a few minutes. Water priming is the cycle of the water flowing through the circulation pump into the plumbing and back into the spa.

This process activates the circulation pump before the automatic heat cycle begins to ensure there is enough water in the heater tube so that the heater element will not be damaged by overheating.

Step 3: Reinstall the cabinet panel

After water priming and you don't get an on your keypad, then you are ready to place your cabinet door panel back on your spa. Reattach the light cables and insert the previously removed screws.

Step 4: Set the water temperature

The maximum water temperature setting for your spa is 104°F (40°C) and the minimum setting is 65°F (18°C). How to set the temperature of your spa based on the model and control panel it uses.

Click the button below to learn the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fill your spa with water.

In the rare event that your spa displays an error due to an airlock, please refer to the troubleshooting guide below.

Step 5: Add start-up chemicals and test the water

The next step is to add the recommended spa water chemicals.

After adding the chemicals, you’ll need to test the water and establish a stable sanitiser reading.

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In Summary

To ensure the safety of anyone who will use it, it is important to follow the steps above.

Let’s look at the crucial reminders to keep in mind when turning your spa on.

  • All Jacuzzi® Spas will require a hardwired electrical connection provided by a licensed electrician.
  • Never apply power to an empty spa. Make sure the spa is turned OFF before filling it with water.
  • Supplying power to the spa, which is not in accordance with these instructions, will void both the independent testing agency listing and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Please make sure to read the other articles in the series on how to set up and care for your new Jacuzzi® Spa. Click the button below to learn more.

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