How to use 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant

Keep your vinyl surfaces looking like new with 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant! Our guide explains how to use it to protect and enhance your spa cover.

Buying a new spa cover is a sizeable investment in safety, energy savings, and increased spa enjoyment so it stands to reason that you would want to protect that investment.

UV rays from the sun, dust, mold and grime shorten the life of vinyl spa covers. That's why it's important to regularly clean your cover and then add a protectant product. It can add years onto the life of your spa cover!

What's 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant?

Yes, 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant sounds like it is for the space shuttle, not your spa cover, in fact, 303 Aerospace Vinyl protectant was developed for aerospace and aviation applications and it is the world's most effective UV screening product. 303 is SPF 40 for your stuff. It restores and maintains a "like new" look, texture, and colour while repelling dust, soiling, and staining.

303 never leaves a glossy or oily surface like many of the silicone-based products which are known to cook surfaces in the hot sun. The finish is matte and clean-looking and you will be amazed at how it repels water.

We recommended that you apply 303 to your spa cover every 3-5 weeks for maximum UV protection.

Guide to using 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant

Step 1: Wash your cover

303 Aerospace Vinyl protectant is not a cleaner so you will want to wash your spa cover with 303 Vinyl cleaner and let it dry. We have found a microfibre cloth helps with the cleaning if you have mold or heavy dirt.

Step 2: Apply 303 Aerospace protectant

Simply spray on 303 Aerospace protectant onto your spa cover. Use ample amounts so that the cover surface is saturated then wipe completely dry. 303 wants to be buffed completely dry. It helps remove the unbound polymers resulting in a better application.

303 is not just for spa covers. It is used by car and boat owners the world over. It is perfect for vinyl & leather interiors, plastic bumpers, fender flares, trim and lenses, car bras, vinyl soft tops, plastic windows, chrome and alloy wheels. Simply spray it on and wipe it completely dry.

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