The Best Spa Vacuum Cleaners (Reviews and pricing) 2024

In this article, we discuss the importance of spa vacuums as well as the review the recommended ones available in the market.

In this article, we'll discuss:

Most of us have had it happen. You have changed your spa water and sponged out every last bit of water making certain it is sparkling clean only to refill it and a few days later notice a bit of grit or a pesky leaf that has found its way into your spa.

You may like to dive deep into your spa and do an underwater ballet with these bits of debris but we all know that corralling these particles while underwater is really only entertaining for those watching!

This is where a portable Spa Vacuum comes in to save the day.

There are a number of different types of spa vacs. Some of the more complex vacuums used in pools move automatically around the pool cleaning the surfaces. In this article, we’ll focus on portable spa vacuums which for the most part are manually operated.

Recommended reading: how to vacuum your spa pool or swim spa - a detailed guide including an explanation of how the different types of spa vacuums work.

What is the best rechargeable spa vacuum cleaner?

In the section below, we'll review some of the best portable and rechargeable spa vacuum cleaners on the market so you can choose the best one for your needs. Browse all spa vacuums.

Telsa 30 Rechargeable spa vacuum

This cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for spas, swim spas and medium-sized pools up to 3m deep. Its powerful suction makes it easy to suck up dirt, leaves and other debris in your spa. The suction head is cleverly designed to pivot and the bristles at the mouth of the vacuum help it reach into deep corners to loosen stubborn dirt particles.

The Telsa 30 has a longer-lasting battery than many others in its size - with power for up to 60 minutes on a single charge.

The head and body are waterproof and completely submersible, so you can get right down into the deep corners of your spa or pool. You can attach the Telsa 30 to a standard telescopic pool pole (sold separately) so you can vacuum without getting your feet wet!

There are no attached hoses or cables and it doesn't rely on your pool's filter pump or a garden hose to generate suction.

For easy clean-up afterwards, there is a quick drain system and removable filter.

The Telsa 30 spa vacuum is priced at $299.95

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The Zephira Rechargeable Spa vacuum

This is compact and lightweight - weighing in at only 1.6kg. The rechargeable lithium battery will work for up to 60 mins on one charge.

The powerful motor provides plenty of suction so you can quickly suck up both large and small debris from your spa or swim spa.

The Zephira is designed for use in spa pools, swim spas, and the fiddly little hard-to-reach areas around steps and filter baskets in swimming pools.

The telescopic handle allows you to reach even further so you can get into the furthest corner of your spa or swim spa.

The Zephira Spa Vacuum is priced at $189.95

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Wanda™ Battery Powered Spa Vacuum

If you're looking for something a little smaller and less pricey, The Wanda™ Rechargeable Spa vacuum is another good option. It is even lighter than the Zephira at only 1.1kg. It is easy to handle while still powerful enough to collect large and small pieces of debris from your spa, swim spa and even a small pool.

It is powered by 8 x AA batteries (not included).

The vacuum head size is compact so you can get right into the difficult-to-reach areas around steps and filter baskets. It reaches up to 1.9m fully extended.

The Wanda™ spa vacuum cleaner is priced at $99.95

What is the best manual spa vacuum cleaner?

Another type of spa vacuum simply uses the pressure difference between the air trapped in the vacuum chamber and the water pressure once it is underwater. The Spa Store Spa Vacuum works this way.

The Spa Store Super Vacuum

Using this vacuum is simple. You put your thumb over the hole at the end of the vacuum handle before you put the vacuum into the spa. Once the spa vacuum reaches the floor of the spa you remove your thumb from the small hole which allows air to escape. The escaping air allows water to enter the vacuum chamber and brings debris with it which is caught in a mesh filter bag.

The Super Spa Vac is quick and easy to use as it does not require a hose or other attachment. You do not have to pump on it like some of the spa vacuums and it does not add cold water to your spa.

The Spa Store Spa Super Vac can also be used to clean fish ponds and other water features.

The Spa Store® Super Vac is priced at $59.00

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Why do I need to vacuum my spa?

Dirt and debris that enters your spa can carry organic contaminants and bacteria that can make it harder to sanitise your water. If left unchecked, you may find you will use more sanitiser to maintain clear water or you may notice other water quality issues. Dirt and debris carry phosphates which make for great food for algae - something you don't want in your spa!

Regularly vacuuming up dirt and debris will make it easier to maintain sparkling clean water, so you have more time to relax and enjoy a refreshing soak in your spa!

How do spa vacuums work?

Electric spa vacuums have an electric pump inside them which creates suction. The suction draws water and debris into the vacuum and dirt and debris are caught by the filter, while water escapes and returns to your spa water.

When you have finished vacuuming your spa, remove your vacuum from the water and empty the dirt and debris from the filter chamber

Most handheld electric spa vacuums are rechargeable with a 12V battery, making them easy and safe to handle with no unwieldy power cables or high voltage near your spa water. The batteries can last for 30-40 minutes which provides plenty of time for you to clean your spa thoroughly.

The Telsa® 50 Spa vacuum filter chamber after use

The Telsa® 50 Spa vacuum filter chamber after use

Help me select the right spa vacuum

If you're not sure which vacuum is going to suit you best, reach out to us through the live chat box in the bottom right corner of the screen, or send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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