The health benefits of de-stressing in a spa or swim spa

Too much stress in life is not fun and can affect our health in a whole range of ways. You could spend a fortune on de-stressing, but for the cost of a swim spa, you can have a lifetime of stress therapy right in your own home.

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Simply ignoring stress and hoping it will go away can have serious consequences. The result can be a whole range of serious long-term health issues.

Growing evidence shows that immersing yourself in warm water in a spa or swim spa is an excellent stress-reliever. In addition to reducing stress, soaking in a swim spa also offers similar benefits to meditation, by improving mental focus, creativity and sleep patterns.

Leading expert in swim spa exercise, Dr. Rick McAvoy has some interesting things to say about the importance of de-stressing in spas or swim spas and the positive impact this can have on your health, particularly for men, on this blog on his website.

Dr. Rick McAvoy is a physical therapist based in the United States who has specialised in aquatic physical therapy, fitness and sports performance for more than 25 years. Spa World is pleased to work alongside Dr. Rick, helping to get the word out about the health benefits of swim spas.

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