Top 10 accessories for your spa or swim spa

Whether you're looking for a workout, relaxation or having a party, there's something here on the list for you!

Top 10 accessories for your spa or swim spa

1. Get a little boost with spa booster seats

For those who are a bit shorter and find they need a little lift to be comfortable in a spa, booster seats are the perfect accessory. Made from heavy-duty, heat-resistant material, these spa boosters are easily filled to the right height using a standard garden hose, and use suction cups to prevent them from floating.

2. Eat, drink and be relaxed with a floating bar

No need to leave the water to top up your favourite summer beverage with a floating bar.

Made to hold a variety of snacks and drinks, this specially designed spa bar uses water-filled ballasts to maintain stability in the water or spa edge and has two carry handles for easy transport straight from the kitchen.

3. Play it safe with steps

Make getting in and out of the water safe and easy with spa steps.

Spa steps come in a range of heights, colours and materials to match your set-up, including heavy-duty WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and strong but transportable plastic. Read our detailed spa steps guide: what are the best spa steps?

Two-tiered models will work for any spa up to one metre high, while four-tiered steps are great for swim spas.

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4. Watch your back with a cover lifter

Save your back, spa cabinet and cover from wear and tear with a cabinet-free cover lifter.

Insulated covers are essential to maintain the temperature of your spa and save on your power bill. The weight of a good cover can be challenging to lift, and you run the risk of damage by dropping or dragging it on the ground. A cover lifter can easily be operated by one person and makes using your spa more enjoyable.

Watch: Spa Cover Lifter Benefits - Considerations and more

5. Keep glass out of your spa with unbreakable drinkware

Relax in your spa with a glass of your favourite beverage with these impact-resistant drinkware products.

Something you never want in your spa is broken glass. If you ever do break a glass into your spa, you need to drain it completely and clean up the smallest fragment, before it wreaks havoc with your spa filters, pumps and plumbing.

Avoid the hassle, and opt for impact-resistant glassware instead!

Elevate your in-spa entertaining with Spa Store’s new range of stylish food-grade Tritan™ drinking glasses. Tritan™ glassware has the clarity of real glass but is made from extremely durable Tritan™ Copolyester. They look good enough to pass for the real thing. So why wouldn’t you make the switch?

The range includes elegant champagne flutes, wine and beer glasses, so you can enjoy your favourite drink in style. All glasses are easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe.

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6. Stay calm and collected while you clean with a spa vacuum

Keep your spa free from debris with a spa vacuum. A rechargeable spa vacuum is the simplest way to remove sand and debris from your spa. It’s cordless and doesn’t use a water hose that can change the temperature of your water.

7. pH testing made easy with the AQ Digital pH tester

No more spending $$$ on expensive test strips or struggling to read the colours! Accurately measure your spa and pool pH and salinity with the AQ pH tester to get your water pH perfectly balanced.

The AQ PH tester is a simple battery-powered device that enables you to accurately test your PH levels in a spa or swimming pool. Unlike budget pH testers on the market, the AQ pH tester can be calibrated, enabling you to get the most accurate readings. This means you can consistently get your spa and pool water pH just right.

8. Clean like magic with a filter cleaner wand

Cleaning your filters regularly and thoroughly will help your spa equipment work more efficiently and effectively, keeping your water clean and crystal clear.

A filter cleaning wand will help you rinse your filters more thoroughly and efficiently, getting rid of dirt and debris caught in the pleats of your filter.

These filter wands simply clip onto a standard garden hose fitting. Just click on and clean - and you’ll be back in the spa in no time for a relaxing soak!

Spa cleaning made easy with a spa cleaning pad

Make cleaning quick and easy with this convenient cleaning pad to scrub your water line. Scum and oils can build up around the waterline of your spa, affecting your water quality and making your sanitiser less effective.

These non-scratch spa cleaning brushes are specially designed for use in spas and swim spas. Keep your spa sparkling and clean!

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9. Turn your spa into a water workout with a Fitness Set

Give yourself the ultimate workout experience in the comfort and privacy of your spa with a fitness set.

Working out in the water has a number of benefits for your body. Water creates natural resistance meaning you don’t need massive weights to get a fantastic workout. Improve your flexibility, agility, endurance, power, balance and strength with just a small amount of fitness equipment.

When you’re done, relax back, turn on the jets and enjoy some rejuvenating hydrotherapy for your muscles!

10. Scent from Heaven! Aromatherapy

Fragrance is known to influence our emotions, encourage relaxation, de-stress and even help to revitalise relationships.

Whatever purpose your spa pool serves, from injury rehabilitation to quality family time, adding an aromatherapy scent is bound to enhance your experience.

Aromatherapy is so much more than just a pleasant smell. The many known benefits include reducing stress, anxiety relief, recovery from injury, soothing aches and pains and improved sleep.

But proceed with caution. Putting bubble bath, liquid soap or standard essential oils in your spa pool can affect the water quality and clog your plumbing. Always use a safe aromatherapy product that is approved for use in a spa to avoid compromising your water and equipment.

There are two main types of aromatherapy fragrances suitable for spa pool use:

Aromatherapy Crystals

Aromatherapy crystals dissolve in the warmth of the spa, circulating and releasing the scent combination of your choice as you stretch out and relax. The granules are quick to dissolve, so they don’t scratch the acrylic, and they won’t leave a residue behind.

Spa Store recommends Spazazz® Aromatherapy Crystals and Beads.

From detoxify to wild fiesta, the Spazazz® range offers a scent combination for a range of occasions.

Aromatherapy Liquid

Added directly to your spa water for an instant effect, liquid aromatherapy adds a delicious fragrance, plus skin moisturisers and conditioners. Completely safe for use in spas, liquid aromatherapy is a simple-to-use way to add another layer of luxury to your daily soak.

Choose from fruity and fresh scent combinations, which are designed to suit any mood.

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