Top 5 Accessories For Cleaning Your Spa Pool Reviewed

To keep your spa pool sparkling clean it requires regular maintenance. In this article, we'll look at the top five accessories that can be a great help to clean and maintain your spa.

What is a rechargeable waterproof spa vacuum?

A rechargeable spa vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum designed for collecting dirt and debris from the walls and floor of a spa. It has a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable when the battery runs low. Note that rechargeable vacuums rely on battery power to provide strong suction to remove all dirts.

How does a rechargeable waterproof spa vacuum work?

Just like regular vacuums, rechargeable pool vacuums produce a negative pressure or suction. But instead of relying on a power supply, these handheld units run on batteries.

To work, they need to be fully submerged. Don't worry – they are waterproof. Most spa vacuums feature telescopic handles, which can be expanded to give you additional reach.

Why should you buy a rechargeable waterproof spa vacuum?

There are several reasons you should consider purchasing a rechargeable spa vacuum, such as the following:

  • Portability. They are usually lightweight, compact, and easy to store.
  • Convenience. During cleaning, you can use them without the need to be plugged to a power source. You can clean your spa even if there is a power outage in your area. They also offer a variety of cleaning abilities.
  • Manoeuvrable. Rechargeable vacuums are designed to be able to clean particular spots in your spa that a regular vacuum can’t reach. You can also collect debris and other dirt that are floating on the water's surface.

What to consider when buying a rechargeable waterproof spa vacuum?

These are the things you should pay attention to when buying this accessory:

  • Battery Life. Select a device with a decent battery life; obviously, the longer the life the better. Keep in mind that run time is not fixed. The run time of a battery-operated vacuum relies on a variety of variables. These variables include the cleaner's setting, the battery's capacity, and how well you are using it.
  • Battery Charging Time. Another crucial factor is the length of time vacuum batteries need to recharge. Check with your supplier how long it takes for the vacuum unit to be fully charged.
  • Ease of use. No matter how tech-savvy you are, an appliance that is too challenging to set up and use may make a simple task seem complicated. Find a spa vacuum that is easy to run – this way, even if you ask someone else to do the cleaning for you, it won’t take a lot of time figuring out how to operate.

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How long do rechargeable waterproof spa vacuums run?

Depending on the model, run duration can range from 30 to 90 minutes for most vacuums on a single full charge. How you use the device also affects run time.

What is a filter cleaning wand?

The filter cleaning wand is a hand-held spa cleaning device you connect to your standard garden hose. With a high pressure spray, it uses eight evenly spaced fan nozzles to flush and clean the pleats of the spa pool filter cartridge.

Why should you buy a filter cleaning wand?

Unlike conventional filter cartridge cleaning procedures, using a filter cleaning wand takes a lot less time, water, and labour. It also helps to preserve the life of your spa filters.

What is a leaf skimmer?

A leaf skimmer is made up of a long pole and a mesh net or basket. It acts like a strainer and removes leaves, bugs, and other large or small unwanted debris from your swim spa or spa pool that might clog the filter.

What are the types of leaf skimmer?

  • Leaf net rake. Rake nets feature front lips that are broader and more inclined that make it easier to quickly scoop leaves and other trash into the net. With fine mesh, it can even pick up smaller particles like hair and insects. When using this, you must first sink it to the bottom of the pool or spa before pulling it toward you, creating a slight current that helps to collect dirt easily.
  • Leaf net scoop. Unlike net rakes, scoop nets are deeper in design and have larger openings, allowing you to scoop up a lot of leaves with just one motion.
  • Leaf net shovel. With a leaf net shovel, the angled edge helps the net's effortless gliding and manoeuvring around the pool's bottom. In order to collect more leaves and clean them out more quickly, the angular edge also offers an increased capacity for scooping.

What to consider when buying a leaf skimmer?

Although buying a pool leaf skimmer net may appear simple, you should take the following things into account first:

  • The type of leaf skimmer. As was already mentioned, there are various kinds of skimmer nets, including rakes, shovels, and scoops. Choose one that fits your needs.
  • The price. High-quality skimmer nets with excellent plastic, fine mesh, and well-built aluminum poles are what you should choose if you want it to last. Keep in mind that many skimmers are sold without a pole or handle; you must purchase one separately.
  • The durability. Product reviews are a big help when buying a leaf skimmer. Of course you would want to buy one that won't break just after a few uses and will last for a number of years.
  • Ease of use. It's challenging to empty many skimmer nets because they are so heavy. Some are challenging to manoeuvre and require a considerable amount of strength and effort to pull back and push it out. A few don't make it simple to remove leaves that may have fallen to the bottom of the pool or spa. In order to prevent these issues, look for a net with a larger lip design, easy movement, and other design elements.

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What is a digital water tester?

A digital water tester is a portable, battery-powered device that is used to test the spa water for pH, temperature, salinity and other measures.

Many pH testers can be calibrated regularly with buffer powder, which allows you to get the most precise results, unlike other less expensive pH testers on the market. This means that you can continually maintain the ideal pH of your spa and pool water.

Why should you buy a digital water tester?

Using a digital water tester can help you get rid of the struggle of reading test strips, which are usually pricey. You can also precisely measure the pH and salinity of your spa water. Thus, giving you the finest soak experience.

What is the best digital water tester?

The AQDT digital water tester is simple to use, precise and can measure the salinity and temperature of your spa water as well as your pH. With the included buffer sachets, it can be calibrated and provides accuracy to one decimal place.

What is a rubber glove cleaning pad?

A rubber glove cleaning pad is specially designed for cleaning spas by getting rid of stubborn marks, stain, and scum lines without scratching the spa. They can be used both above and below the water's surface. It comes with a rubber glove.

Where can I buy spa pool cleaning accessories?

You can find these top spa pool cleaning accessories and a wide range of other cleaning products at our accessories shop..

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In Summary

A spa pool requires maintenance and care in order to keep it clean and safe for use.

It’s important to remember that your spa will always need maintenance. You’ll need to take care of all aspects of the pool, including its chemical balance, filters, and water chemistry. Regularly cleaning your spa pool can improve your whole spa experience.

Today, spas have advanced technology that makes cleaning much easier than ever before. The right spa accessories are also vital for keeping your spa pool or swim spa clean. It is highly recommended that you get the five essential spa cleaning items discussed in this article to keep your spa clean, sanitised, and safe to use!

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