What is BioGuard® Armour™? (Review, benefits, how to use)

A detailed overview on BioGuard Armour spa sanitiser. The benefits of using in your spa, and directions for use.

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What is BioGuard® Armour™?

BioGuard® Armour™ is a chlorine spa sanitiser that comes in a safe and easy-to-store granular form. It dissolves quickly in your spa water and has the advantage of being able to be used as an oxidiser (shock) as well as a sanitiser.

BioGuard® Armour™ is made up of a blend of chlorine ( Sodium dichloroisocyanurate) and Sodium Bromide.

What are the benefits of BioGuard® Armour™ spa sanitiser?

  • BioGuard® is a trusted international brand and is known for quality pool and spa chemicals.
  • Unlike Lithium Hydrochlorite, BioGuard® Armour™ is virtually pH neutral and will not cause pH changes making water balancing easier.
  • Armour™ does not require the use of a spa shock to remove chlorine by-products which saves you money and simplifies maintenance.
  • The stabilized Bromine salts are reactivated in spas with Ozone systems making it more efficient than Lithium Hydrochlorite.
  • It can be shipped as a non-dangerous good.
  • It has a stable supply and pricing.
  • BioGuard® Armour™ is recognised and factory approved by a number of spa manufacturers including Fisher, Arcadia, Lifestyle, Banff and Vortex Spas.

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Is BioGuard® Armour™ approved for use in Spa World spas?

Yes it is approved.

Spa World and Spa Store will not recommend any sanitiser that has not been approved because the risk to our customer's health and spa components is too great. We will not recommend a new product until we have completed our due diligence.

With the shortage of sanitisers after Lithium, there have been a number of non-APVMA and other low-quality products entering the marketplace. BioGuard® Armour™ is fully APVMA approved for use in spas and swim spas in Australia.

For the protection of our customers, we tested BioGuard® Armour™ for 24 months prior to approving it.

How do you sanitise a spa with BioGuard® Armour™?

Step 1. Start with chemical-free water

If you are changing over to BioGuard® Armour™ from using a lithium-based sanitiser, leave your spa water chemical free for 3 days before using BioGuard® Armour™. If you are changing from Hydrogen Peroxide, you must drain your water and start fresh with clean water.

Step 2. Clean your filters

Make sure your filters have been cleaned thoroughly before dosing your spa.

Step 3. Completely remove your spa cover

It is important to remove your spa cover completely before dosing your spa with chemicals. The chemicals can stain or damage the underside of your cover while they are working.

(Don’t be tempted to just take half of the cover off!)

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Step 4. Dose your spa with BioGuard® Armour™

Follow the dosing instructions on the label and add 6-10 grams per 1000 litres daily.

Measure out the correct weight of chemicals your spa requires. (Depending on the size of your spa, the amount will vary).

Scoop some spa water into a bucket, pour your sanitiser into the bucket and mix together.

Push the clean cycle on your touchpad and pour your chemical into the spa.

Step 5. Wait for the sanitiser to do its work

Leave your spa uncovered for 15-30 minutes to allow BioGuard® Armour™ to sanitise your water and for the gases to evaporate before entering the spa, or replacing the cover.

Who makes BioGuard® Armour™?

BioGuard® Armour™ is made by BioLab - an international company specialising in the development and distribution of world-leading products for pools and spa pools. Their range includes water sanitisers, balancers and specialist cleaning and water treatment products.

View the range of BioGuard® Products

NOTE: BioGuard® Armour™ cannot be used with Nature2 Sticks as it will damage the Nature2 Stick.

Sanitisers have a large impact on the components within your spa and using a poor quality or unsuitable sanitiser can damage your spa and void your warranty.

Can I use BioGuard® Armour™ with Nature2® Spa Stick?

BioGuard® Armour™ cannot be used with Nature2® Sticks as it will damage the Nature2 Stick. Sanitisers have a large impact on the components within your spa and using a poor quality or unsuitable sanitiser can damage your spa and void your warranty.

What is the shelf life of BioGuard® Armour™ Spa Sanitiser?

As long as the sanitiser is stored in a dark, cool area and the container is sealed it can last several years.

Do I need to change my water if changing over to BioGuard® Armour™?

You do not need to change your spa water when switching from Lithium to BioGuard® Armour™ products however if you have not changed the water for 3 months or more, we would recommend changing your water before using new chemicals.

How do I switch to BioGuard® Armour™ if I have been using Lithium or Bromine?

Firstly do not sanitize or use any chemicals for 3 hours to let your water settle. If you are due to change your water, dump your water and start fresh. (use a Pipe Degreaser before you dump water so pipes are cleaned out completely). Now you can start using BioGuard® Armour™, make sure you follow the dosing instructions.

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Can I use standard test strips with BioGuard® Armour™ sanitiser?

When using BioGuard® Armour™ you will need to use BioGuard® Test Strips. Please always follow the dosing instructions on your BioGuard® Armour™ label and do not use with Hydrogen Peroxide systems, such as Poppits or Spa Protector.

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