What is Spa Aromatherapy?

Looking to enhance your spa experience? Spa aromatherapy might be what you need. Learn more about the benefits of this spa feature, including how it can promote relaxation and healing.

If you love your spa pool or swim spa but are looking to get even more relaxation from it aromatherapy can be a great way to do that.

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How does aromatherapy work in a spa or hot tub?

Aromatherapy infuses the air with scent as the hot water bubbles through the jets. It also adds a level of oil-free hydration to the spa water, helping your skin feeling moisturised and nourished.

Aromatherapy is believed by many to have healing qualities such as the ability to influence moods, energy levels, and to positively change the state of mind. Combined with the mind-body relaxation of hydrotherapy, spa aromatherapy enhances the in-spa experience in a variety of ways.

Hydrotherapy has long been thought to reduce stress and anxiety and adding Aromatherapy to that only helps.

What is spa aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy for spas and swims spas is the use of specially formulated fragrances that help reduce stress and rejuvenate the bather while also moisturizing skin.

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Is spa Aromatherapy safe for my spa?

Yes, there are high-quality aromatherapy products available that have been designed for use in spa pools, swim spas and hot tubs.

They have been tested to ensure that they will not damage any of your spa components including the acrylic shell, timber, filters or other internal spa plumbing.

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What is the best aromatherapy for my spa pool or hot tub?

All of our aromatherapy products are PH neutral, oil-free and will not leave any unwanted residue in your spa.

This makes choosing the right product for you easy and hassle-free. With many different scents and formulas, we're sure you'll find one or more that suit your needs and your nostrils.

We have forms that can be used in all spa types like liquid, crystals and beads as well as aromatherapy specifically designed for O2 and Vortex spas, Aromatherapy canisters for 02 and Vortex spas.

We also have a wide range of scents from Spazazz Aqua Aromatherapy Elixer which is a natural blend of botanical extract enriched with special vitamins and minerals to Spazazz RX Therapy Crystals which have a spicy and minty scent and promotes long-lasting pain relief.

How do I use Spa Aromatherapy?

Liquid, Crystal and Bead forms can all be added directly to the water and will easily dissolve. You will use as described on the bottle.

The Aromatherapy canisters for 02 and Vortex spas Will be added to the existing canister in the spa. The scent lingers is long-lasting as they infuse the scent into the blower air where it is mixed with the water.

This method, along with the fact that the aromatherapy canisters can be turned off while not being used makes these a good value option.

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Can you put aromatherapy oil in a spa pool or hot tub?

No. You should not use any oil-based aromatherapy products in your spa or hot tub as they will clog your filters and plumbing. They can also affect your water balance, creating problems like foam, cloudy water and other issues.

What essential oils are good for a spa to use?

Regular essential oils are not safe to use in a spa, these will clog up the filters and throw off the chemical balance of your spa.

With clogged filters and imbalanced water, you may need to dump and refill your spa.

You should only use aromatherapy products that are approved for use in a spa or hot tub.

How to avoid clogging your spa filter with aromatherapy

Only use approved aromatherapy products that are designed to be used in a spa or hot tub. We recommend the Spazazz range.

Are aromatherapy crystals OK for a spa pool?

There are aromatherapy crystals available that are specially formulated for use in spa pools, swim spas. These crystals come as malleable granules infused with essential fragrance which release their scent when dissolved in water.

Make sure you only use aromatherapy crystals in your spa that are designed for spas or hot tubs and are not oil-based.

Aromatherapy Fun Fact!

Aromatherapy for spas is not new and evidence shows that this was first used by the Chinese centuries ago to enhance their well being while the Egyptians used it for cosmetic, fragrant, medicinal and spiritual purposes. In the centuries that followed, aromatherapy spread from the Far East to Europe.

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