What is the ClearLift™ automatic swim spa cover and is it worth it? (Cost, pros, cons and more)

One thing you’ll need to consider when buying a swim spa is the cover. In this article, we review the ClearLift™ automatic swim spa cover to help you decide if it’s right for you.

ClearLift motorised swim spa cover

Most conventional swim spa covers are heavy and awkward to lift, that’s where an automatic or motorised cover comes in.

These motorised systems do the heavy lifting for you. With the turn of a key or flick of a switch, they can lift the cover-up and off the swim spa in 30 to 40 seconds.

There are a few different types of automatic or automated swim spa covers or cover lifters, and depending on the type of swim spa you have and how it’s installed, some will work better than others.

In this article, we review the ClearLift™ automatic swim spa cover. ClearLift™ was launched in 2023 and is available exclusively on select Vortex™ and Fisher™ swim spas from Spa World in Australia.

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What is an automatic swim spa or pool cover?

An automatic swim spa cover is a device designed to cover and uncover a swim spa or pool automatically.

It is typically made of durable materials like vinyl or UV resistant, marine grade polyester fabric and is operated by a motorised mechanism.

The cover can be controlled with the push of a button, the turn of a key, or a remote control – allowing the user to open or close the cover as needed easily.

The automated system helps to protect the swim spa from debris, leaves, and other contaminants, as well as helps to maintain the water temperature and conserve energy.

What types of automatic covers are there for swim spas?

Various automatic covers are available for swim spas, plunge pools, portable pools, and inground pools – each with its benefits and features.

However, at the time of writing, there were just two automatic covers specifically designed for swim spas in Australia – The ClearLift™ which is fully retractable, and the Covana® Legend which lifts up and above the swim spa. Learn more about these in this article..

Want to learn more about automatic pool covers? Click the button below to read our comprehsive article comparing different options including costs, pros, cons and more.

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Clearlift automatic swim spa cover

What is the ClearLift™ automatic swim spa cover?

ClearLift™ is a patent-pending motorised system designed to easily lift heavy swim spa covers on and off.

The unit has a cover and frame attached to the swim spa. Clearlift™ is connected to the swim spa’s control system and is operated via a key that turns it on and off.

ClearLift™ was launched in Australia in 2023 and is the first of its kind for swim spas – being a fully retractable system that lifts and folds the cover completely out of the way to one side of the spa. Unlike other cover lifters, ClearLift™ does not obstruct the view to or from the swim spa. Other products are either positioned above the spa like a pergola, rolled back into a bulky housing unit at one end of the spa, or folded off to the side – blocking views, sun and light.

Please note: At this stage, ClearLift™ can only be used with select Vortex™ and Fisher™ Swim Spas, and only on models manufactured after November 2023. You will also need to purchase the ClearLift™ with your swim spa. You cannot buy it separately or install it on a previously purchased Vortex™ swim spa.

In summary, ClearLift™ is:

  • An automatic, motorised cover lifting system for swim spas
  • A revolutionary patent-pending design
  • Operated via a one-turn smart key system that activates the cover lifter
  • The cover moves discreetly out of the way and doesn’t block your view
  • Available exclusively as an upgrade on select Vortex™ Swim Spas

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How does ClearLift™ automated swim spa cover work?

When the key is turned on, one-half of the cover lifts and folds back, and then the cover folds back onto itself and is placed to one side of the spa where it is clear of your view.

ClearLift motorised pool cover for swim spas

How much does the ClearLift™ swim spa cover cost?

ClearLift™ is an additional purchase with a Vortex Swim Spa. It is only available on Vortex™ Swim Spas manufactured after November 2023.

At the time of writing, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price was (MSRP) $9,990. Check the latest prices with Spa World, the exclusive distributor of Vortex Spas in Australia and New Zealand.

Please note: You will need to purchase ClearLift™ with your swim spa. You cannot buy it separately or install it on a previously purchased Vortex™ swim spa.

What are the electrical requirements of the Clearlift swim spa cover lifter?

Clearlift™ is connected to the SpaNet™ control panel on the swim spa. There is no need for a separate electrical connection. the power comes right off the controller and no additional power supply or connection is required.

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Clearlift keypad

Top six reasons to choose a ClearLift™ motorised swim spa cover

There are several types of automatic covers available on the market; however, there is only one automatic cover for swim spas that is fully retractable – that is the ClearLift™.

Here are the main reasons why ClearLift™ is worth the investment:

  1. Completely automated. No manual handling of an 80kg cover or separate 20kg sections.
  2. Protection. The cover is safely handled and stored, so it lasts longer.
  3. Completely secure. The Key is operated for safety, so children can’t open the cover
  4. Comes installed. Other auto cover lifters can take hours to install and require special foundation construction
  5. Affordable. Fraction of the cost of the next most popular auto cover lifter solution
  6. Unobstructed views. ClearLift™ removes the cover completely from the spa so as not to obstruct the view from the spa, and can still have fun jumping into the spa.
  7. It’s fast. It takes about one minute to lift the cover clear from the swim spa.

Consideration: Not recommended for installation into a deck or pit. It will require special consideration to avoid pinch points and to leave room for the lifter to operate.

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What to consider when installing and using ClearLift™ (FAQs, installation info, and more)

At this point, you likely have a good understanding of ClearLift™—what it is, how it works, and the advantages it offers.

To find out more about this automatic spa cover, including common questions, how to install it, specifications, and more, please click the button below.

In summary

ClearLift™ is the first of its kind for swim spas – being a fully retractable system that lifts and folds the cover completely out of the way to one side of the spa.

It was created by Vortex™ Spas and at this stage is only available on Vortex™ and Fisher™ swim spas manufactured after November 2023. It cannot be installed on existing models or those produced before that date. There are plans to extend the product to other swim spa models and brands.

If you are interested in purchasing ClearLift™ with your Vortex swim spa, please contact us for more information or visit your local Spa World showroom.

Article authored by: Mariam El Orfi

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