What you need to know about spa headrests

Whether you're a new spa owner or a seasoned pro, this article will help you learn what spa headrest are made of, replacement cost, plus a maintenance guide.

One often-overlooked detail that can make a big difference in a great spa experieence is quality and functional spa headrest. In this article, we'll discuss important details about spa headrests, from their benefits and different materials to maintenance and replacement costs.

We'll cover:

What are spa headrests made of?

Older spas used headrests made from PU (polyurethane) foam. This type of foam would break down rapidly when exposed to chemicals and often grew soft shedding foam pieces into the spa.

These old PU foam headrests may have a different colour interior with a coloured outer finish. PU foam headrests are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria.

Headrests used in higher quality new spas are made from EVA (Ethyle Vinyl Acetate) for those who need to know.

EVA is an extremely rugged material used in items like hot melt glues, medical implants and baby teether toys. EVA headrests typically have the same colour interior and exterior. Often in new condition, they can have a vinegar-like scent.

Make sure to check when looking at a used spa or a lesser quality new spa to see what the headrest is made of.

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How much does a spa headrest replacement cost?

Spa headrests range in price from $30-$150 with many older models not being stocked but made to order.

Care needs to be taken when you buy spa pillows because the same model or even the same model year might have a different headrest with regards to size and mounting method.

Often with older spas, replacement headrests may not be able to be found. In this case there are universal headrests and even inflatable or EVA headrests with suction cups that may be suitable.

How to remove spa headrest

The steps to remove a headrest may vary depending on the spa model you have. In some spas,like Vortex™ and Fisher™ Spas the headrest can be easily removed by pulling upward. Other spa models, like Jacuzzi® Hydrosoothe™ pillows, have headrests that are attached with wing nuts.

Here's how to remove small corner and larger headrests in Vortex™ and Fisher™ Spas:

Small corner headrest. Simply pull the headrest gently and it should come off easily. There are no clips or attachments for this type of headrest.

Larger headrest. Look for the clips that hook the headrest onto the hot tub. These clips are usually located on the backside of the headrest near the top edge.

  • Hold onto the bottom part of the headrest firmly with one hand to stabilize it.
  • With your other hand, gently pull the top part of the headrest forward. This will lift the back of the headrest off the clips.
  • Continue pulling the headrest forward while slightly maneuvering it from side to side if needed. This will help the back of the headrest detach completely from the clips.
  • Once the back of the headrest is free from the clips, lift it upwards to remove the headrest from the spa.

If you have Jacuzzi® Hydrosoothe™ pillows, please refer to our detailed article for step-by-step instructions on how to remove them.

How do I take care of my spa headrest/spa pillow?

The best way to protect your spa pillow is to make sure you use higher quality chemicals and do not overdose when sanitising and shocking.

Of course, you always want to make sure to keep the lid off your spa open when applying chemicals until they have gone through their initial off-gassing. This will save your spa cover and headrest.

Lastly, you need to treat your headrests carefully when removing them for cleaning as they can be torn during removal and reinstallation.

With headrests in place, you can sit back and enjoy your spa time in comfort.

If you own a Jacuzzi® Spa, our detailed article on Jacuzzi® spa headrests care and replacement guide can be a great resource.

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