Why does my spa water get cloudy? (Causes and how to fix cloudy water)

Wondering why your spa water is cloudy? This quick guide will help you identify what is causing the cloudy water and provide some tips to help fix it.

Why is my spa pool cloudy?

Cloudy spa water can be caused by a few different reasons. Most likely it is one of the following:

  • Cloudy water can be caused because there is organic matter that has built up in your spa water due to insufficient sanitiser dosage.
  • Your spa filters are clogged or dirty and need cleaning or replacing.
  • Your chemical water balance is incorrect. The pH and alkalinity are either too high or too low.

Read on to learn more about cloudy spa water and what to do about it.

Can I use my spa if the water is cloudy? (Is it safe to get in a cloudy spa?)

No. We do not recommend using your spa if the water is cloudy. The lack of clarity indicates that your water is not balanced correctly which will mean that your sanitiser is not working properly and there may be bacteria present in your water.

How long does it take for cloudy spa water to clear?

Cloudy spa water should clear up within a few days of following the steps outlined below.

If you have followed all these steps described in this article and your water is still cloudy and unclear after a week, you will need to change the water in your spa or swim spa.

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How does my spa filter out cloudy water?

Your spa filters are designed to collect tiny particles and organic matter from your spa water. This helps keep your spa water clear and free from cloudiness. Make sure you check your daily filtration settings on your controller and ensure your spa is set to at least 8 hours of filtration per day for a portable spa and at least 16 hours of filtration for a swim spa.

This will ensure all the water in your spa is circulated through your filters so dirt, grime and tiny particles are filtered out of your water.

How often should I change my spa filters to keep my water clear?

Make sure you are changing your filters regularly and in line with your spa manufacturer's recommendations. We recommend changing your filters every 3-4 months.

Does rinsing my spa filters help get rid of cloudy spa water?

Your spa filters are often neglected though they are the best way to keep your water crystal clear.

Oils, grime and bacteria can build up in your spa filters if they are not cleaned regularly. We recommend removing and rinsing your filters every week or 2, and soaking them thoroughly in a filter cleaning solution at least once a month. If your spa has high usage, you may want to clean your filters more regularly.

We suggest a filter wand as the most effective way of doing this without damaging the filter material.

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How often should I soak my spa filters in a filter cleaning solution?

On a monthly basis, you need to soak your filter in an approved filter cleaner solution to eliminate body fats and other organic matter that are not removed by simple rinsing.

Most people rotate 2 sets of Spa filters so that they can soak one set while the other is in use. Adhere to the guidelines of your filter cartridge cleaner label.

Do not use products like bleach, detergent, nappy cleaners as most of them can upset the chemical balance in your spa and reduces the life of your spa filters.

What should my pH and Alkalinity be in my spa?

Your spa water pH should be within the range of 7.2 to 7.8. Total Alkalinity should be within 80-120 PPM. Use water test strips to check your pH and Total Alkalinity.

If your water is not in these recommended ranges, modify up or down using an approved pH decreaser or Alkalinity increaser until it is appropriate. Make sure to follow the instructions on your chemical labels and give the substances a chance to work before examining again.

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Why is my spa cloudy even with my water chemical balance correct?

If your water chemistry is within the correct range, but you are still having trouble with cloudy spa water, there are still some more tools and techniques you can try!

You can try shocking your spa to burn off excess organic matter, checking your sanitiser dosage is correct and using a water clarifier product to help gather small particles in your water together so your filters can collect them more easily.

Lastly, you can try an algaecide to kill off algae that may be forming in your water.

How often should I shock my spa pool?

You need to use an approved oxidiser (spa shock) at least once a week or after heavy use (say a party in the weekend with lots of guests in your spa!). Spa shock oxidises the organic matter that makes the water cloudy.

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Important: If you are using a chlorine-free sanitising system you will need to shock the water with a Chlorine-free shock (Poppits Quick Fix).

How much sanitiser should I use to keep my water clear?

Make sure you are dosing your spa water with enough Sanitiser. Underdosing your Sanitiser can cause cloudiness. Ensure you follow the recommended dosage on the sanitiser label.

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Can bore water or rain water cause cloudiness in a spa pool? (Using a clarifier)

If you are using bore or rainfall water and have followed the recommendations above but your water is still cloudy you may use a water clarifier or flock. Study the guidelines on the label for dosage rates.

Essentially the water clarifier works by grabbing microscopic particles of organic matter and combining them into larger particles where they can quickly be captured in the filter media

What causes cloudy spa water if using hydrogen peroxide sanitiser?

If you are using Poppits sanitiser or another brand of Hydrogen Peroxide you might have an algae issue. You may use an Algicide product to help clear algae.

Cloudy spa water and Purezone spa filters

Follow the dosing instructions so that you do not prematurely plug your filter. Spa chemicals take time to work. Be patient.

Important: Purezone filters can be gently rinsed as needed. They cannot be soaked in a filter cleaning solution. Purezone filters must be replaced at least every three months depending on bather load.

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