Why is SV SmartLink™ the best Wi-Fi system upgrade for my spa?

Are you a frequent spa user or anticipate you will become one? Does the thought of checking or changing spa settings while you’re out and about appeal to you? Smart spa systems can make this task a whole lot easier!

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In this article you will learn about SmartLink™ and why with the help of Wi-Fi, you can turn your smart device into your spa controller.

What is SmartLink™

SmartLink™ is an optional wifi hardware module that attaches to the cabinet of your spa. It makes your spa accessible by connecting to both the SV spa controller (inside the spa cabinet) and your home Wi-Fi network.

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What apps does SmartLink™ connect to?

SmartLink™ connects to the Vortex App™ and the SmartLink™ app. The Vortex App™ allows you to control settings from afar including jets, lights, temperature and holiday mode.

Important notice: Vortex App support ceased on March 12, 2024; it may stop functioning and has been removed from app stores. Spa World advises switching to SpaNet™ SmartLink app.

SmartLink™ takes this a step further and allows access to all the control settings on your spa keypad. SmartLink™ can provide exactly the same control access that you would get from using the keypad on the spa.

These settings include-

  • Operation mode - Control frequency of heating and filtration cycles as well as energy costs
  • Filtration - Control how often and how long filtration cycles run for
  • Water temperature - Adjust and set spa water temperature
  • Light settings - Have fun adjusting the mode, effect and brightness of the spa lights

Can SmartLink™ save me money?

SmartLink™ can connect to both the Vortex App™ and SmartLink™. These two apps allow you to adjust control settings including heating and filtration cycles which can reduce power usage and therefore lower your power bill.

Does SmartLink™ connect to all SpaNet™ controllers?

Yes, SmartLink connects to all SV controllers that you will find on Fisher Spas™ and Vortex Spas™. These are the SV2, SV3. SV4. SV Mini 1 and SV Mini 2).

Where can I buy the SmartLink™ Wi-Fi module?

You can buy SmartLink™ as an optional accessory when you purchase your spa. You can also buy SmartLink™ online at our spa parts and accessories shop.

Why could SmartLink™ be the best Wi-Fi system upgrade for my spa?

The SmartLink™ Wi-Fi hardware module allows you to connect with both the Vortex App™ and the Spa Link™ app. With its versatility and compatibility across different systems and different brands (Fisher Spas™ and Vortex Spas™), this makes SmartLink™ an all-round useful upgrade for your spa and could be why it becomes the best option for you.

However, if the thought of controlling your spa from a location other than the keypad doesn’t appeal to you, you’re not away from your home and spa for extended periods or you don’t have a Wi-Fi home network, purchasing SmartLink™ may not be a top priority for you.

How do I get SmartLink™ ready for use?

The best way to get SmartLink™ setup for your spa is to download the links below and follow the instructions.

Click the links below to access the SpaNet SmartLink app.

If you need further assistance, please head to the contact us page on the Spa World website. From here you can get in touch with a member of the Spa World™ team.

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