Purezone™ Filtration

Low maintenance, along with unsurpassed filtration ability (4 times finer than normal pleated cartridge filters), makes Purezone™ filtration the obvious choice in your next spa.

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Filters to 5 microns

The Purezone™ system utilizes a floating weir design which applies a powerful skimming action to the surface of the water where most contaminants accumulate. This vortex draws water down into the filter assembly where it is screened through two high volume, 20 Micron pleated filters and one 5 Micron Purezone™ filter. Additional water is drawn from the bottom of the spa through the bypass suction fittings before returning through the equipment and back to the spa. 100% of the spa water is filtered over and over again, assuring you of the cleanest spa water possible.

The 5 Micron filter takes out many of the smallest particles that cause water clarity issues so it takes less treatment to maintain crystal clear spa water.

The high flow of pleated cartridges improves circulation and surface skimming ensures no 'dead spots' in the spa water.

Disposable cartridge

Purezone™ 5 micron filter cartridge brings an end to weekly filter maintenance*. Filtering to 5 micron, the PurezoneTM system provides up to 50 times the filtration of traditional filters. This reduces the need for chemical shock, clarifiers or defoamers. Coupled with Vortex Spa™ pioneering UV-C automated sanitising system, PurezoneT™ spa filters will assist in slashing chemical use and maintenance time.

High-density filtration

High-Density Depth filtration is a process in which water is forced through microscopic caves and caverns in a tightly wound core. Purezone™ filters use this same process and remove particles throughout the entire thickness of the filter.

The contaminants are taken out of the water two ways. By getting stuck in the Polypropylene web and by absorption into the material. Polypropylene removes these contaminants and traps them in its fibers, not letting them back into the water. The particles that would have formed a cake on the surface of a pleated-type filter will now be spread throughout the entire High-Density filter element instead. The path through the filter media is long and random. High Density Depth filters offer the best chance of contaminants to be captured in both the long term and the short term and are more likely to capture semi-solids and particles of varying sizes.

Peace of mind

Backing up the Purezone™ cartridge are two conventional cartridges that are connected to the jet pump(s). These conventional cartridges are designed to capture larger particles and serve to prolong the life of the Purezone™ cartridge whilst improving surface skimmimg. They also provide a crucial safety role, in that each jet pump is connected to both a filter cartridge and a bypass suction in the foot well. By separating the two suction points, there is a zero chance of entrapment, providing you with piece of mind.

*the high volume cartridges should still be cleaned occasionally

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