What are the best spa accessories in Australia in 2024?

Soaking in your spa might be one of lifes best luxuries, but with a few extra accessories you can level up your experience.

We asked the spa pool accessory experts at Spa Store for their top picks of spa accessories and have summed it up for you in this article.

Can I eat or drink in a spa pool?

Wondering where to put your drink, phone or sunglasses while in your spa? This handy spa shelf with added drawer attaches to the side of your spa and provides an easy slip-resistant surface for your gear.

Made to be a permanent or removable addition with two easy to install mounting brackets and compatible with all Vortex™, Fisher™ and Jacuzzi® spas.

Shower and spa pool design idea

How do you shower before a hot tub?

To keep your spa crystal clear it's best to shower before jumping in the spa. Make rinsing off easy with a Poolstar outdoor shower! Keeping dirt, body oils and beauty products out of the spa is the best way to keep your water crystal clear.

With this practical and stylish addition to your outdoor space, you can shower easily and jump straight into your spa. With a sleek aluminium body, de-luxe chrome shower head and separate foot shower, this is the perfect addition to your spa set-up.

How do I make my spa safe?

Everyone wants easy access in and out of the spa. With a handrail, you can ensure safe and simple access in and out of your spa pool, and it functions as a handy spot to hang your towel.

Designed to be side mounted to any above ground spa, with a 360-degree swivel and adjustable top bracket for ease of use – you won’t go back!

Can I connect my spa to wifi?

If you want to easily connect to and monitor and control your spa remotely then the SmartLink™ WiFi module and SmartLink™ app are perfect for you. Using the app, you can connect to monitor and control your spa remotely from any location using an iOS or Android Smart Device.

This convenient system will allow you to adjust your spa temperature, control your pumps and adjust light modes all from your mobile device – perfect for holiday houses and Airbnb's. The SmartLink™ is also compatible with the Vortex Spas app for ease of use.

Spa World Twin Swim Spa Cover Lifters

Is a hot tub cover lifter worth it?

Make lifting the lid on and off your spa a breeze with a cover lifter. Using a cover lifter will help minimise any tugging or lifting, making your spa experience more relaxing!

Not only will this save your back, but it will also help to keep your cover clean and off the ground. This cover lifter easily slips under the spa for a hassle-free installation.

How do I keep my spa clean?

Make cleaning your spa a breeze with a handheld spa vacuum. This rechargeable vacuum will collect debris and filter the water in one easy motion.

With an easy-to-empty filter cone and soft bumper head to protect the pool liner and walls - this really is the ultimate accessory for your convenience.

Why is there no glass in a hot tub?

The last thing you want to deal with when relaxing in your spa is smashed glass. Glass can be incredibly hard to clean up and will likely get stuck in your filters and pumps.

Enjoy a glass of your favourite beverage with our smash-resistant, spa friendly and stylish glassware.

The range includes elegant champagne flutes, wine and beer glasses. All glasses are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Pool heat pump in a deck

How do I save on heating costs for my spa?

If you want to reduce your spa heating costs and save $1000's over the life of your spa, then the SpaNet™ heat pump is a great option for you.

A conventional spa heater turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 1 kilowatt of heat. A Heat pump turns 1 kilowatt of electricity into 5 kilowatts of heat, giving you up to 4 kilowatts of heat for free!

With easy installation, quiet operation and saving you money year-round – you’ll thank us later!

Are all spas the same height?

As spas come in all shapes and sizes you may find the your spa is a little too deep if you are on the shorter side. To keep your head above the water you may want to llok into a spa booster seat, perfect for those wanting extra height or comfort while enjoying a soak.

Made from heavy-duty, heat resistant material, these spa booster seats are the perfect addition to give you a little extra height. The booster is easily filled to your desired height using a garden hose
and fixed in place with suction cups.

Spa World™ Two-Tier Spa Steps

Do you need steps for hot tub?

One of the best ways to ensure your spa experience is enjoyable and safe is with easy access. Make getting in and out of your spa easier with these two-tier spa steps.

Available in aluminium, moulded resin and WPC synthetic composite so you don't have to worry about rot, or cracking. A variety of colours are available to suit any backyard design including, black, grey, chocolate and a natural wood finish.

In Summary

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