Best smart system upgrades for your spa 2024

Making spas easy to use and hassle-free can really change the game when it comes to owning a spa. As technology continues to evolve, so do the latest innovations for smart controls and apps.

Whether you’re a busy family, an Airbnb owner or a solo user, this article will help you work out if one or some of these optional upgrade systems will help you get the best out of your spa.

Smart spa system

Why are they called ‘smart’ systems?

It’s all in the name, smart. Owning a spa should be stress-free with relatively low maintenance. Many systems on the market can help a spa user achieve this, with the support of a smart device.

These systems often come with two main components – the hardware for controlling the spa and a downloadable app.

Be aware that while the apps are free, most systems are an optional upgrade. Check with your spa retailer for pricing.

How do they make life easier?

  • Peace of mind. Planning on going away for a few days or more? No worries! There are apps that allow you to remotely check your spa’s temperature and filtration settings.

  • Convenience. No one likes waiting for their spa to heat up. Make sure your spa is ready when you. Connect your spa’s smart control system to a mobile app so you can plan ahead and adjust settings ahead of time.

  • Tech support. Need to call a technician or expert for help? You can use a spa app to contact your spa dealer or appropriate tech support person.

  • Save money. Many smart systems have ‘Eco’ or ‘holiday mode’ options that allow you to reduce energy consumption and keep heat and filtration cycles to a minimum while you’re away.

Retired couple in spa

Smart control systems, apps and accessories – Our top picks


SmartLink™ is an optional wifi hardware module from SpaNet™. It connects to the SV spa controller and home Wi-Fi network to make the spa remotely accessible.

SmartLink™ allows you to configure your spa. Want to limit heating and filtration cycles while you’re away or reduce energy costs by running cycles during off-peak power periods? Control is at your fingertips!

  • Designed for all Fisher Spas™ and Vortex Spas™ with an SV controller. SmartLink™ is compatible with all SV controllers (SV2, SV3, SV4, SV Mini 1 and 2)
  • Purchase as an optional accessory with your spa or buy separately through our online store.
  • Click for more details on SmartLink™.

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Vortex App™

Important notice: Vortex App support ceased on March 12, 2024; it may stop functioning and has been removed from app stores. Spa World advises switching to SpaNet™ SmartLink app – see links provided in this article.

Vortex App™, is a free app that allows you to check and monitor your spa by connecting to the SmartLink™ Wi-Fi module. From here you can use the app on your smart device to adjust pump and light settings and even set the spa on holiday mode when you go away.

  • Designed for Vortex Spas™
  • The app can be downloaded after SmartLink™ is installed to the spa
  • Note, a strong home Wi-Fi network is required to use with the SmartLink™ app.
  • Click for more details on Vortex App™.
Vortex App™


The SmartLink™ App, similar to the Vortex™ App, is a free app from SpaNet™ that has an even greater ability to adjust spa settings on your smart device and act as a remote control. The SmartLink™ App connects to the SmartLink™ hardware system and SmartStream™ (read on for more details) via Wi-Fi. This enables you to access the same settings that you would use standing in front of the keypad on your spa!

  • Designed for all Fisher Spas™ and Vortex Spas™ with an SV controller
  • Download the free SmartLink™ app from App Store® or Google Play®
  • Click for more details on SmartLink™.

Please note: The SmartLink™ App was formerly called the "SpaLink App". SpaLink has been replaced by the new, improved SmartLink™ App.

SpaLink app

Click the links below to access the SpaNet SmartLink app.


SmartStream™ is a high definition sound system that uses Bluetooth® to stream music or play popular apps on your smart device. Your audio of choice emits through multiple transducer speakers and a subwoofer.

SmartStream™ is compatible with SmartLink™ and the downloadable SmartLink™ app so you can both stream music, audio and remotely control your spa settings.

Note, a strong home Wi-Fi network is required to use with the SmartLink™ app.

  • Designed for Vortex Spas™
  • Available only at the time of purchasing a Vortex™ spa
  • Click for more details on SmartStream™.
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Fisher Spas™ Audio and Wifi Kit

The Fisher Spas™ Audio and Wifi Kit is an optional accessory upgrade for Fisher Spas™ for streaming music, podcasts, listening to audio books and more.

Included in the kit is a Hydravibe™ transformer and subwoofer so you can use the pre-installed speakers on the top-side of the spa to their full potential.

The kit also includes the SmartLink™ Wi-Fi module and the downloadable, free SmartLink™ app to remotely control and monitor your spa from your smart device.

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SmartTub™ is both a hardware system and an app that work together so you can remotely control your spa from your smart device. SmartTub™ acts as a personal assistant, allowing you to become an expert at handling your spa.

  • Designed for all Jacuzzi® portable spas. -SmartTub™ is not compatible with Jacuzzi® swim spas.
  • SmartTub™ is a separate add-on to Jacuzzi® portable spas and can be fitted to the spa anytime.
  • SmartTub™ offers free connection for the first year
  • Click for more details on SmartTub™.
Smart Tub


The spa sytems mentioned in this article are designed to make controlling your spa easier, provide you with more ways to entertain and relax and make spa ownership satisfying and straight forward!

To learn more about these optional upgrades as well as useful articles about planning and being a spa owner, head to the Learning Centre on our website.

You can also visit your nearest Spa World™ showroom or call to speak with a member of our friendly, helpful team.

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