Why is SmartLink™ the best mobile app remote for my spa?

Smart devices play a major role in making everyday life easier and this includes the running of your spa pool.

In this article you will learn about the main features of SmartLink™ and why it could be a useful, time saving and cost effective app to download to your smart device.

what is smartlink

What is SmartLink?

SmartLink™ is a free app from SpaNet™ that acts as a wireless remote control for your spa. It provides exactly the same control ability that you would get from standing in front of the spa keypad itself.

SmartLink™ works with Wi-Fi hardware module SmartLink™ or SmartStream™ and the spa’s SV controller to ensure your spa settings can be accessed as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Please note: The SmartLink™ App was formerly called the "SpaLink App". SpaLink has been replaced by the new, improved SmartLink™ App.

Should I download SmartLink™ for my spa?

Having complete remote control of your spa allows you to go about your daily life with the assurance that checking on your spa, resolving issues or undertaking standard maintenance is always possible.

SmartLink™ allows full access to your spa’s control settings. More options means greater convenience and that’s why SmartLink™ could be the best mobile app remote that you should consider for your spa.

In comparison, the settings you can remotely control and monitor through the Vortex App™ are limited to lights, temperature, jets and holiday mode.

If the thought of controlling your spa from a location other than the keypad doesn’t appeal to you, you’re not away from your home and spa for extended periods or you don’t have a Wi-Fi home network, downloading the SmartLink™ app may not be a top priority option.

Important notice: Vortex App support ceased on March 12, 2024; it may stop functioning and has been removed from app stores. Spa World advises switching to SpaNet™ SmartLink app – see links below to download the SmartLink app.

What other spa apps should I consider?

Spa shopping and looking for an app that runs on a cellular connection? Take a look at SmartTub™ which is available as an optional upgrade with all Jacuzzi® portable spas.

Jacuzzi® Smarttub

What are the features and benefits of using SmartLink™?

SmartLink™ gives you power control of your spa anywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal. The app comes with all the features you will find on the keypad of your spa. These include: -Operation mode - Control frequency of heating and filtration cycles as well as energy costs

  • Filtration - Control how often and how long filtration cycles run for
  • Water temperature - Adjust and set spa water temperature
  • Light settings - Have fun adjusting the mode, effect and brightness of the spa lights
  • Technical support - You can contact an expert, wherever you are in the world
  • Receive push notifications for spa maintenance updates e.g. spa parts or water issues and advice on how to resolve them
  • And more.

Does SmartLink™ connect to all SV controllers?

Yes, SmartLink connects to all SV controllers that you will find on Fisher Spas™ and Vortex Spas™.

These are the SV2, SV3. SV4. SV Mini 1 and SV Mini 2.

Can SmartLink™ save me money?

Certain settings on SmartLink™ including ‘operation mode’ and ‘power save’ allow you to reduce the frequency of heating and filter cycles. You can even choose to activate them during off-peak power hours.

By selecting these options you can reduce your power bill and have the peace of mind, especially if you’re not at home or on holiday, that your spa is being filtered and staying healthy without bumping up the electricity bill.

If you’re wondering what other options you can take to reduce the running costs of your spa? Read this article.

Where can I download SmartLink™?

SmartLink™ is free and can be downloaded from the App Store™ for iOS users and Google Play® for Android™ users.

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