ClearLift™ vs Covana® Legend – which automatic swim spa cover is best?

In Australia, swim spa owners have two main automatic cover choices: the retractable ClearLift™ and the overhead Covana®. This article will give you a closer look at these options.

ClearLift vs Covana swim spa covers

If you’re shopping for an automatic swim spa cover in Australia, your main choices are the ClearLift™ and Covana®’s Legend cover.

Both systems are activated with a key, however, ClearLift™ slides to the side, whereas Covana™ Legend rises up like a roof. There are other differences which you’ll learn about in this article. Keep reading for more information about these unique covers and which one might work best for you.

You'll learn:

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd, the parent company of Spa World™. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing and may change without notice.

Disclaimer: The image shown at the right is just an example of what a Covana™ cover looks like. Not the actual Covana™ cover.

What is an automated or automatic cover for swim spas?

An automatic cover for swim spas and pools makes it easy to cover and uncover your pool with just a button press, key turn, or remote click. These motorised covers are typically made of strong materials like vinyl or UV-protective polyester.

They help keep your pool clean, and safe, maintain the water's warmth, and save energy.

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What is the ClearLift™ Automatic Swim Spa Cover?

ClearLift™ was launched in 2023 and is the first of its kind for swim spas – being a fully retractable system that lifts and folds the cover completely out of the way to one side of the spa. The unit is connected to the swim spa’s control system and is operated via a key that turns it on and off.

Watch: ClearLift™: The Revolutionary Swim Spa Cover

Unlike other cover lifters, ClearLift™ does not obstruct the view to or from the swim spa. Other products are either positioned above the spa like a pergola, rolled back into a bulky housing unit at one end of the spa, or folded off to the side – blocking views, sun and light.

How Clearlift works

ClearLift™ Automatic Swim Spa Cover

At this stage, ClearLift™ can only be used with select Vortex™ and Fisher™ Swim Spas, and only on models manufactured after November 2023. It will also soon be available on Jacuzzi® swim spas. You will also need to purchase the ClearLift™ with your swim spa. You cannot buy it separately or install it on a previously purchased Vortex™ swim spa. Click the button below to learn more about ClearLift™. At the time of writing, ClearLift™ was available through Spa World and selling for $9,990.

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What is the Covana® Legend Automatic Swim Spa Cover?

The Covana® Legend automatic swim spa cover operates as a dual-function cover and gazebo, providing both protection for your swim spa and a private, sheltered space around it. In Australia, Covana® swim spa and spa covers are available through HotSpring® Spas.

The Covana® cover features a motorised system that automates the lifting and lowering of the cover. At the turn of a key, the motor engages and either raises the cover to transform it into a gazebo or lowers it to securely cover the swim spa. Covana® Swim Spa Covers prices start at around $25,000.

Like ClearLift™, this motorised action eliminates the need for manual lifting, making it convenient and accessible for users of all abilities.

According to HotSpring® Spas' website, the Covana® cover is designed to be compatible with the majority of swim spa models.

However, it's important to note that compatibility does not guarantee a perfect fit for every swim spa. While the Covana® is engineered to accommodate various swim spa dimensions, there may be instances where the cover extends beyond the edges of the spa when in the closed position.

This is because the Covana® cover maintains a consistent roof dimension while adapting to different swim spas using a flexible rubber seal. This seal is applied to the underside of the roof and can be tailored to snugly fit around the perimeter of your swim spa. Despite the potential for an overhang, the adaptive seal ensures a secure and protective barrier for your spa.

When considering a Covana® swim spa cover for your setup, it's advisable to consult with a representative from HotSpring® Spas to discuss the specifications of your swim spa. This will help ensure that the Covana® cover you choose will provide the best fit, functionality, and aesthetic appeal for your needs.

Covana-like swim spa

Disclaimer: The image shown is just an example of what a Covana® cover looks like – not the actual Covana® Legend cover.

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How much does an automatic swim spa cover cost?

There is a big price difference between the two main options for automatic swim spa covers in Australi – the ClearLift™ and Covana® Legend.

The ClearLift™ is priced from $9,990 and was released in 2024, designed to fit specific Vortex™, Fisher™ and Jacuzzi® swim spa models.

The Covana® Legend starts at approximately $25,000 and is part of a range that includes automatic covers for spa pools as well.

When considering the purchase of an automatic swim spa cover, Spa World advises getting quotes from various suppliers and verifying that the cover comes with a reliable warranty and customer support. While the initial cost may be significant, a durable and high-quality cover can result in reduced long-term expenses for spa maintenance and operation. It's crucial to choose a cover that offers both quality and longevity.

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ClearLift™ automatic cover pros and cons

Pros of ClearLift™ Swim Spa Cover:

  • The fully retractable design removes the cover from the swim spa area.
  • Lifts and folds neatly to one side, optimizing space and accessibility
  • Integrated with the swim spa’s control system for seamless operation.
  • Key-operated mechanism for safety, convenience and ease of use.
  • Discreet storage. Housed out of eyesight on the side of the swim spa for unobstructed views.
  • Affordable price point, currently selling for $9,990

Cons of ClearLift™ Swim Spa Cover:

  • Limited compatibility, only suitable for select Vortex™, Fisher™ and Jacuzzi® Swim Spas, and recent models post-November 2023.
  • Can not be retrofitted on existing units, and must be purchased alongside a new swim spa, although Spa World does offer trade-in deals.
  • Not a stand-alone product, can not be purchased separately
  • Exclusive availability through Spa World, which may limit purchase options.
  • Installation limitations. May not work for all installation locations, like those where the swim spa is completely sunk into a deck on all sides.

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Covana® automatic cover pros and cons

Pros of the Covana Automatic Swim Spa Cover:

  • Multi-use. Serves as both a protective cover and a gazebo
  • Key-operated motorised system for automated lifting and lowering
  • Compatible with most swim spa models according to HotSpring® Spas.
  • Adaptable sizing. The flexible rubber seal can be adjusted to fit a variety of swim spa dimensions ensuring secure closure.

Cons of the Covana Automatic Swim Spa Cover:

  • High price point, with prices starting at approximately $25,000.
  • Blocks views. Gazebo-style cover can obstruct views to and from the pool
  • Exclusive availability through HotSpring® Spas limits purchase options.
  • Potential overhang. Compatibility may not translate to an exact fit for all swim spa sizes, potentially causing an overhang.
  • Fixed roof size. Although it adapts to different dimensions, the uniform roof size might not align perfectly with every spa's edges.
  • Installation issues. Potential installation and maintenance complexity and cost due to post alignment and level.

In summary

In conclusion, if you live in Australia and are looking for an automatic cover for your swim spa or plunge pool, you have two distinct options:

  • ClearLift™ boasts a retractable system that doesn't block views and is exclusive to certain models of Vortex™ and Fisher™ Swim Spas made after November 2023. It must be purchased with the swim spa and is not available for retrofitting.
  • Covana® Legend sold through HotSpring® Spas, combines a cover and gazebo feature but may not fit every swim spa perfectly due to its fixed roof dimensions. This could result in an overhang, though a flexible rubber seal is available to enhance the fit. It is designed to accommodate a variety of swim spa sizes.

Aside from the design, a major difference between these two systems is the price. ClearLift™ retails for $9990 while the Covana® swim spa cover prices start at around $25,000.

Both covers operate with a motorised system activated by a key, removing the manual effort traditionally required.

When choosing between ClearLift™ and Covana®, factors such as compatibility with the existing swim spa, cost, design preferences, and fit should be carefully considered to ensure the cover meets the functional needs of the swim spa owner.

DISCLAIMER In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd, the parent company of Spa World™. All information, including pricing and product details, was accurate at the time of writing (9 April 2024) and may change without notice. The following registered trademarks are owned by companies not affiliated in any way with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd: Hot Spring® Spas trademark is owned by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation (Watkins). Covana® and Covana® Legend trademark is owned by Canimex Group.

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Article authored by: Mariam El Orfi

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