How to use the controls and features on Vortex Spas™ or Swim Spas

Have you noticed the valves, dials and features on the top sides of your spa? These might include aromatherapy, backlit drink holders, and laminar jets. Learn more about features and how to use them below.

Vortex Spa topside controls

Your Vortex™ Spa can offer you an amazingly relaxing experience, but you can enhance that even further. This article will go through the top side controls and features like the aromatherapy, water cascade, backlit drink holders, and laminar jets, on your Vortex™ Spa.

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What features and controls are on the top sides of a Vortex Spas™

Vortex™ Spas come with several topside features and controls. Understanding what they can do and how to operate them will ensure you get the most out of your spa.

Those topside features and controls include:

1. Aromatherapy diffuser and air blower 2. Diverter Valve 3. Swim Spa Jet Valves 4. Water Feature Valve 5. Laminar Jets 6. Water Cascade 7. Air Controller 8. Drink Holder 9. Beverage Chiller 10. Headrests 11. Perimeter Lighting

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these controls and features.

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1. Aromatherapy diffuser and air blower

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils or fragrances for therapeutic benefit. Aromatherapy is not just for indoors. You can add specially formulated, spa-safe fragrances to spas and swims spas to aid in stress reduction and rejuvenation.

Some Vortex™ Spa models have a convenient, built-in aromatherapy dispenser to automatically disperse the fragrance into your spa pool evenly when you use your air blower.

When the scent runs out, you can purchase and easily install the refill.

The aromatherapy feature is not exposed or in contact with the water, allowing it to last for a long time.

Important: Only use products that are approved for use in spas. You should not use oil-based aromatherapy products in your spa or hot tub, as they will clog your filters and plumbing. They can also affect your water balance, creating foam and cloudy water problems.

Make sure you purchase aromatherapy products that are safe for you and your spa pool.

What is the aromatherapy cartridge?

Vortex spa aromatherapy cartridge

This feature is available in as an upgrade on most Vortex™ Spa models and in the Avante pack. Check the models specification sheet for details. The aromatherapy cartridge has a black cap on the topside. When you twist off the cap, you can access the aromatherapy cartridge.When you twist off the cap, you can access the aromatherapy cartridge.

Vortex spa aromatherapy cartridge

You can twist the cartridge and then lift it out. The cartridges are available in several fragrances, including:

  • Pina Colada
  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender

You can control the amount of aromatherapy released by twisting it once it is in place.

2. Diverter Valve

The diverter valve is a control to divert water from one plumbing section of the spa to another. This valve helps control water flow from one set of jets to another when used in swim spas.

Vortex spa diverter valve

3. Swim Spa Jet Valves

These valves are used in Vortex™ Swim Spas to adjust the water flow between the different swim spa jets.

Vortex Swim Spa jet valves

Vortex™ Laminar Jets

Laminar jets are known for the relaxing sound and calming appearance that they contribute to the spa. Specific Vortex™ Avanté models are equipped with laminar jets, and it’s easy to distinguish them from the other jets because they are the only ones placed above the spa's waterline.

Vortex laminar jets

4. Water Feature Valve

The water feature valve controls water flow through features like the laminar jets.

Vortex water feature valve

5. Water Cascade

The water cascade can be found right above the filter box. It provides a gentle trickle that can add to the relaxing sensation offered by a spa.

water cascade

6. Air Controller

The air controller regulates the flow of air when the jets are functioning. The Air Controller can increase or decrease the water's turbulence. The Air Controller will also help to regulate the intensity of the massage.

Vortex air controller

7. Backlit Drink Holders

Backlit Drink Holders are available in specific Vortex™ Avanté models. The surface of the Drink Holder will prevent beverages from slipping into the spa, while the stunning backlights make it easy to spot in the dark.

Backlit Drink Holders

8. Beverage Chiller

Some Vortex™ Spas are equipped with a special Beverage Chiller or Ice Bucket. This is handy for keeping your beverage cool while you enjoy a hot soak. Also, because it’s self-draining, you don’t have to worry about having stagnant water there.

beverage chiller

9. Headrests

The Headrests on Vortex Spas™ are designed to give you maximum relaxation while withstanding the wear and tear of water exposure.

Vortex™ Spa headrests are made from high-quality EVA. These headrests are designed to be durable and chemical resistant.

To properly clean the headrests, they must be detached from the spa. They can also be replaced once worn out. To remove a headrest, you can start on one end by pulling it gently away and towards you. When you remove the headrest, you can see grooves that would fit into the surface of the topside.

illuminated headrests

9. Perimeter Lighting

The Perimeter Lighting is the small light on the spa's water line. The Perimeter Lighting can be controlled using the spa controller or the SpaNet™ App.

Perimeter lighting

In summary

We hope this article has given you a clear idea of how to use the controls and features on your Vortex Spa™. You can find more details about these features in your spa’s instruction manual. For further information, please contact our customer support team. We are here to help.

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