How to use the SpaNet™ Control System on Vortex™ and Fisher™ Spas

One of the first things you’ll need to learn with a new spa is how to control the keypad. This article will guide you on how to use the SpaNet™ controllers in Vortex™ and Fisher™ Spas.

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This article explains the different buttons, functions, and features of SpaNet™ controllers, so you can get the most out of your Vortex™ or Fisher™ Spa.

In this article, you will learn:

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What is the SpaNet™ keypad?

SpaNet™ is a leading manufacturer of controllers used by some of the top spa brands. Vortex™ and Fisher Spas™ are equipped with SpaNet™ keypads.

The SpaNet™ keypad is where you can control the main features of your spa, such as the clean cycle, lighting, and filtration. We will go through the main keypad functions below, so you can start to familiarise yourself with the SpaNet™ controllers.

Keep reading to learn how to decide which SpaNet™ controller you have.

Determining the model of your SpaNet™ controller

To determine the model of your SpaNet™ controllers, you can check the tech sheet for your spa. You should be able to identify the controller model from the descriptions there. Note that the SV1 is distinctive, but the other three models are similar.

SpaNet™ SV1 Mini Controller

Spa controls

SpaNet™ SV1 Mini Controller

SpaNet™ SV2 Mini Controller

Spanet SV2 mini controller

SpaNet™ SV2 Mini Controller

SpaNet™ SV2 Controller

SpaNet SV2 Controller

SpaNet™ SV2 Controller

SpaNet™ SV3 Controller

SpaNet SV3 Controller

SpaNet™ SV3 Controller

SpaNet™ SV 4 Controller

SpaNet SV 4 Controller

SpaNet™ SV 4 Controller

While the SV2, SV3, and SV4 are similar to the SV1 and SV2 Minis they have extra functions and features that set them apart.

The main way to tell the different models apart, is by the number of pump buttons on the keyboard:

  • SV1 Mini - 1 pump button
  • SV Mini 2 - 2 pump buttons
  • SV2 - 2 pump buttons
  • SV3 - 3 pump buttons
  • SV4 - 4 pump buttons

Once you understand the meaning behind each button and indicator on the keypad, using it is pretty straightforward.

Watch: How to use SpaNet™ SV Mini 1 keypad (Step-by-step)

What are the buttons on the SpaNet™ SV1 & SV2 Mini keypad?

Let’s go through the buttons and the indicators that can be found on the SV1 keypad. This is the keypad commonly found on Vortex™ Spas.

  • Up and Down
  • Ok
  • Pump A
  • Auxillary
  • On/Off light
  • Auto Mode LED
  • Heater On LED
  • Sleep Cycle LED
jetted hot tub

Up, Down, and Ok

These buttons are used for selecting the desired settings. The Up and Down buttons are for going through the different options while the Ok is for picking the correct option.

Pump A

This button is the main difference between the SV1 keypad from the other SV controllers. Other models have multiple pump buttons.

Light indicators

The buttons for the pumps and lights will be lit with a green LED light within the circle of the button to indicate when the corresponding functions are on. The LED indicators at the top will light up in red to indicate the spa's status.

Auto Mode LED

The Auto Mode LED will turn on when the spa is in automatic filtration mode. It indicates that the pump used for filtration will turn on and off to meet the spa's filtration and heating requirements.

Should the filtration pump be turned on or off manually, the Auto Mode LED will turn off.

The control will revert to Auto Mode after 45 minutes if it is not changed back to Auto Mode.

Heater ON LED

The Heater On LED will turn on when the heater is active. Keep in mind that the heater is automatically controlled. It will turn on and off as needed. It will work with the filtration pump to maintain the set temperature.

When the filtration pump is turned off manually, the heater will not operate.

Take note as well that in some cases, activating high speed on a 2-speed pump or running multiple pumps may cause the heater to turn off. That is needed to keep the system within a correctly rated power supply. That will occur even if heating is required.

Sleep Cycle LED

The Sleep Cycle LED will turn on when the spa is within a designated sleep cycle. When the Sleep Cycle is activated, all automatic system activation will stop.

Remember that filtration and heating will not occur during a sleep cycle.

SV2 keypad

Setting the Clock

Important functions like filtration require the date on the display. Make sure that the date and time on the display are correct. To do that, press the Down button to select the time on the display. Then press Ok once you have made the selection.

The required adjustments will appear based on:

  • Time (24-hour, 12-hour)
  • Year
  • Month
  • Date
  • Weekday
  • Hours
  • Minutes

Again, you only need to use the Up, Down, and Ok buttons to make the adjustments. Once you are done, the display will go back to the default display mode.


The SV1 can factor in leap years, but it doesn’t consider daylight savings time. This means you must adjust the settings manually.

If there is a power interruption, the SV1 can hold the correct clock setting for eight to 10 hours. The clock will have to be manually set if the power is not restored after that period.

These are the most commonly used functions of the SV1. Please go through your instruction manual for more details on using the keypad properly and to learn more about the other features of your Vortex™ Spa.

Watch: How to use SpaNet™ SV2 keypad on a Vortex Spa

How to use the SpaNet™ SV2, SV3, and SV4 controllers

If your spa has the SpaNet™ SV2, SV3 or SV4 controller it is set up a little differently to the SV2 keypad.

The following buttons and indicators are found on the SpaNet™ SV2, SV3 and SV4 keypads are:

  • Up and Down
  • Ok
  • Sanitise
  • Water Temperature and Time
  • Light
  • Blower
  • Pump A
  • Pump B
  • Pump C
  • Sleep Timer Indicator LED
  • Sanitiser Indicator LED
  • Heater Indicator LED
  • Automatic Indicator LED

We look into the function of those buttons and indicators in detail below.

Premium SpaNet Controller

Up, Down, and Ok

The Up, Down, and Ok buttons are for entering and saving setting adjustments.


The Sanitise button is used to activate a 20-minute sanitisation action. This is to refresh the water quality after the spa has been used. Another press of the button will cancel the cycle.

Water temperature and time

The Water Temperature and Time button is a shortcut. You can switch between water temperature and time display modes using the button. This makes it easier to check the temperature or the time left.

Changing the light colours

The Light button gives you control over the lights of your spa. To change the light mode, press the Light button and then use the Up and Down buttons to choose the light mode.

The light modes are:

  • White
  • User colour
  • Fade effect
  • Step effect

Once you have picked the light mode of your choice, press the Ok button. You may be given additional mode options depending on your selected original mode.

These additional options include:

  • User colour number
  • Transition speed
  • Light brightness

Remember that the light settings are saved, so you don’t have to repeat the same process.


Use the Blower button to turn on and off the blower; you just need to give it a single press. You can then use the Up and Down buttons to control the speed of the blower. You may be given additional mode options depending on your selected original mode. Use the same process for selecting your choice.

Pump A

This button is used for controlling the filtration pump. Remember that this might differ when using a spa with an SV3 or an SV4 controller.

Pump B

The Pump B button is used for controlling the jet pump. On the SV3 or SV4, there will be additional pump buttons.

Sleep timer indicator LED

This LED indicator will turn on when the controller is in sleep mode.

Sanitiser indicator LED

This indicator will light up when the ozone or the UV sanitiser is operating. Just a side note, the UV sanitisers are fitted to the Avanté models.

Heater indicator LED

This LED indicator will turn on when the heater or the heat pump is running.

Automatic indicator LED

This indicator will run when the filtration pump is running in automatic mode.

How to lock the SpaNet™ SV keypad (All models)

To lock the keypad, you need to press the Up and Down and then the Pump A buttons. A lock icon should appear on the display screen as confirmation. When the keypad is locked, none of the functions will run even when buttons are pressed. To unlock the keypad, press the same three buttons simultaneously.

You can also partially lock the keypad. To partially lock the spa, press the Up and Down buttons and the pump B button. The lock icon will also appear on the screen. Only certain buttons will be usable under this mode. To remove the partially lock mode, press down on the same three buttons.

SV Controllers

How to setup your spa using the SpaNet™ SV controller

The setup menu of your spa will give you the chance to customise its adjustable controller settings. To start and adjust, press and hold the Up and Down buttons simultaneously until Mode shows up on the screen.

Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the available options, and then press Ok when you have the option on the screen.

All the items on the setup menu follow the same procedure for the setup. Now, we’ll go through the different menu items there:

Operating Modes

The following are the operating modes that you can adjust:

  • Normal
  • Away
  • Week

Normal mode is for normal heating and filtration. Away means that the heating is disabled, and the filtration is reduced to one hour per day.

Week mode is a weekly schedule where the spa goes on Away mode from Monday to Thursday and then runs on Normal mode from Friday to Sunday.


You can adjust the hour of the daily filtration. Just remember, the filtration limits depend on the type of pump installed in your spa.

You can adjust the hours of filtration each day. The filtration limits depend on the type of pump. Circulation pumps rated at 2 Amps or less can be adjusted between one to 24 hours. Jet pumps, one speed or two speed, can be adjusted between one to eight hours.

purezone filtration system

Filtration Cycles

This setting is used for determining how often filtration cycles will take place. The following are the filtration cycle options:

  • 1 Hour
  • 2 Hours
  • 3 Hours
  • 4 Hours
  • 6 Hours
  • 8 Hours
  • 12 Hours
  • 24 Hours

Sleep Timers

The Sleep Timer function is used to disable the automatic heating and filtration of the spa at certain times. You have four options:

  • Sleep timer 1
  • Sleep timer 2
  • Reset timer to default
  • Exit timer menu

The two timers will allow you to create two different sleep settings for different days.

For example, you can create a weekday setting, start, and stop time. When creating the setting, the option would appear on the screen as day, begin, and end. As with the other settings, you can use the Up, Down, and Ok buttons to adjust and confirm your chosen settings.

How to disable the sleep timer

Steps to Disable Sleep Timer on SpaNet™ controllers:

  • Press and hold UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously until [MODE] is displayed.
  • Press the DOWN button to skip through menu items until [SNZE] is displayed
  • Press the OK button to enter SNZE adjustment,[1.SNZ] is displayed.
  • Press the OK button to enter 1.SNZ (first sleep timer) programming
  • Press the UP or DOWN button to adjust 1.DAY setting until the semicolon [:] OFF
  • sleep timer icon is displayed.
  • Press OK to confirm and save settings
  • Re-enter SNZE menu and ensure 2.SNZ (second sleep timer 0 is also disabled [:]

Power Save Off-Peak

Because the power consumption of the spa can be considerable, the SV2 controller has the Power Save Off-Peak setting. This allows you to set the spa functions like heating and filtration to occur during off-peak power periods.

There is three power save options:

  • Off
  • Low
  • High

The Low setting means off-peak filtration only. High means filtration and heating. You must enter the peak power period to schedule when the Power Save mode should activate.

You can enter the beginning of the peak power time and the end peak power time. You can adjust the 20-minute daily sanitiser to any hour of the day from 0:00 to 11:59.

power meter

Default Display Mode

The Default Display would normally show on the keypad's display on normal operations. You can adjust the default display to the following options:

  • Water temperature
  • Set temperature
  • Clock

Time Out

The pumps and blowers of the spa will automatically turn off after the Time Out period. **You can adjust the Time Out Period from ten to sixty minutes. **

SpaNet Integrated Heat Pump Interface

Hybrid Heat Pump Mode

This is an external upgrade to the spa. If you have this upgrade, the options for it are:

  • Auto
  • Heat & Cool
  • Heat
  • Cool
  • Off

Element Boost

This mode enables or disables the SV electric element. It can boost the heat pump heating when the water temperature goes 2°C below the set temperature point. The Element Boost can also be used when the heat pump runs for more than an hour.

Putting in on Off will disable the element, and only the heat pump will be enabled. On will enable the SV element and the heat pump.

These are the most commonly used functions of the SV2 keypad. Please refer to your instruction manual for more details on using the keypad properly to get the most out of your Vortex™ Spa.

How to wire your SpaNet™ SV Series controller

Important: A licensed electrician must perform all electrical connections to comply with national and local connections. Wiring the controller is not an action the user should take unless he or she is a licensed electrician.

Spanet SV Series

Use pan, round or truss head screws with flat washers to install the controller.

Sometimes, the SV Series controller of a spa may have to be replaced. This needs to be done by a professional.

First of all, the supply line should be a dedicated electrical circuit. The electrician must consider the power consumption of all the devices connected to the spa and install the correct circuit breaker.

Remember that the spa controller should be mounted vertically in a fixed position. You should only use pan, round or truss head screws with flat washers. DO NOT use countersunk screws since those can cause damage.

Please view the manual below for a more detailed guide on how to wire your controller.

How to adjust the daily ozone running time (O.MAX) on an SV Series™ spa controller

The daily ozone run time or O.MAX software setting defines a maximum number of hours the sanitiser (ozone/UV) can run for in a given day. By default O.MAX = NONE (disabled), so the sanitiser will run whenever the spa is heating or filtering with one exception: if the spa is in manual use, in which case it is temporarily disabled.

The O.MAX can be adjusted from 1‐23 hrs. This is helpful to prevent excessive ozone gas on smaller spas that may be set with many hours of filtration or larger spas that require long periods of heating.

Click the button below to view full instruction manual.

Why is the Ozone/UV not coming on when clean cycle is pressed?

The UV/Ozone has a maximum limit of hours that it stays on during the day, so if the clean cycle is pressed multiple times or after the max time the UV has been operating, then the light will not go on.

This does not affect the function and is normal setting on the controller.

How do I maintain spa touchpads?

Maintaining spa touchpads is crucial for ensuring the longevity and functionality of your spa controls.

Here's a simple and straightforward guide to keeping your spa touchpads in tip-top shape:

Keep it Clean

Regularly wipe down the touchpad with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt, grime, or residue that could build up over time. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the touchpad's surface or the electrical components underneath.

Gentle Use

Touchpads are designed to respond to a light touch. There's no need to press hard or use sharp objects on the touchpad, as this could cause scratches or damage to the sensitive control surface.

Avoid Water Submersion

While spa touchpads are water-resistant to withstand the occasional splash, they should not be submerged in water. Make sure to fix any leaks that could cause water to accumulate around the touchpad area.

Regular Checks

Periodically check for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or unresponsive areas on the touchpad. Early detection of issues can help prevent further damage and potentially costly repairs.

In summary

We hope this article has helped you understand how to use the SpaNet™ controls on your Vortex™ Spa. Knowing how to use your spa controller will ensure you get the most out of your spa and all its great features.

If you need more information on how to use your Vortex™ Spa, get in touch with our customer care team. You can also visit your local Spa World Showroom and talk to one of our friendly salespeople.

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