Vortex Spas™ Dynamic Lighting Features - what you need to know

Vortex Spas™ come with numerous dynamic lighting features that make your spa experience even more enjoyable and convenient, particularly at night. This article examines the different lighting features available on Vortex Spa models.

Vortex Spas™ Dynamic Lighting Features

Excited to try out your new spa? There are dozens of coloured bright lights hidden in the features of your spa to make your experience even more enjoyable and convenient.

This article will tell you about the dynamic lighting features of your new Vortex Spa, and what you can do with them to make the most out of your spa.

Please note that this article is intended for people who have purchased a Vortex Spa™. Other brands may have a different set of lighting features. If you want to learn more about your spa’s lighting features, talk with your sales consultant or a spa expert and they’ll be sure to guide you.

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Is lighting included on Vortex Spas™?

Other than the floodlight mentioned below, all other lighting options are included on the Vortex Avante Models.

What features on Vortex Spas™ light up?

Your new Vortex Spa™ has multiple programmable lights that highlight key areas or features of your spa. These multi-colour lights make the spa easier and safer to use at night and add a touch of beauty and elegance to your spa.

Vortex Spa™ backlit jets and topside control lighting also create an environment focused on health and healing through chromotherapy or light therapy.

Here are the different dynamic lighting features of your new Vortex Spa™:

Programmable multi-colour flood light

The underwater flood lighting feature is available across all spa pool models and fills the interior of your spa with a soft light. This allows you to choose between 20 programmable colours and customize the fade or colour transition rate using your spa’s controller.

Programmable multi-colour flood light

Programmable multi-colour flood light

Hydroglow™ jet lights

Not satisfied with interior flood lights? Vortex’s Premium lighting package can take your spa experience to the next level with the Hydroglow™ jet light system.

This feature turns every water jet within your spa into a programmable light similar to the flood light. Hydroglow™ jet lights.

The number of lighted jets is different across Vortex Spa™ models and this is only available on water jets.

Hydroglow jet lights

Hydroglow™ Jet Lights

Cup holder illumination

Hydration is important! Sometimes, it’s also just fun to have a cold drink in hand while you’re enjoying your spa.

Selected Vortex Spa™ models have cup holders on the topside which are easily accessible from your spa seat so you never have to spill a drop of your favourite beverage again. They are also illuminated so you can easily navigate at night.

Cup holder illumination

Illuminated headrests

Another special feature of Vortex Spa™ is the illuminated headrests that shine softly onto the water and other surrounding elements.

These lights are embedded behind each of your headrests and act a little bit like an underside glow, simply peeking in from underneath. This makes them perfect for navigating your way back to your seat, but also not too bright that they detract from your comfort.

Illuminated headrests

Waterline illumination

Just slightly above your water line, you can see coloured lights ringing the area around your spa water line. These lights throw coloured light across the surface of the spa water which you can enjoy whether the jets are on or off.

The soft highlights created by this lighting feature add a sense of serenity and calmness to all areas of your spa’s waterline and make an absolutely stunning view at night.

waterline illumination

waterline illumination

Illuminated water feature

Aside from the air jets, topside water features also get their own special highlights. The laminar jets which are the nozzles that throw a constant clear jet of water above the waterline are backlit so you can see them even at night. The water cascade over the filter box is also backlit.

Illuminated water feature

Illuminated water feature

Access lighting

Before you can enjoy your spa, you have to get in your spa. Accessing spa steps may be a challenge at night, so Vortex Spa™ models have access lighting attached to the cabinet of your spa. These are designed to illuminate the steps going into your spa to ensure a safe entry and exit.

Access lighting

Why do lights on the cabinet of Vortex Spas™ light up and what do they mean?

Have you noticed the lights on the cabinet of your Vortex Spa™ and wondered what they mean? A couple of beneficial lighting features are found on your Vortex Spa's cabinet.

You may have seen some fixed downlights on the side of your spa. These are the access lighting that will help illuminate your spa’s steps to give you safer access to your spa. This feature allows you to get in and out of your spa so much easier at night!

Around the same area as the keypad, you may see a small rectangular shape with tiny lights that glow red or green. This is your spa’s Health Badge and UV light indicator. The health indicator light is designed to let you know what condition your spa is in without having to lift the cover of your spa.

This allows you to accurately gauge the state of your spa even without seeing the water itself!

For more information about the function of your health indicator, click the button below.

Are lighting features the same across all Vortex™ models?

There are many different Vortex™ models. Are you curious whether there’s a difference between their lighting features? Does every Vortex™ spa have the same number of lighted jets?

The answer is simple. The available lighting features are the same across all Vortex Spa™ models, but the lighting inclusions for each one will vary depending on the model you purchased. Some models will have more lights or lighted jets than others.

For example, perimeter lighting and jet lighting are only included in selected models.

To see what lighting features are included in your spa, please refer to the specifications sheet or the spa manual for your selected model.

Can I change the light colours on Vortex Spas™?

Yes! Light colours on Vortex Spas™ are changeable and programmable. Using your spa controller. If you have opted for the SmartLink™ WiFi option or the Vortex Audio and WiFi kit you can use the Vortex™ mobile app, or SpaNet™ app to adjust the lighting in your spa.

You can even program the transition effects of your spa’s dynamic lighting to fit your moods, such as with a fade effect or even a party mode!

Find out how you can change your light settings using your spa keypad below:

In summary

There are multiple lighting elements that are designed to make your spa experience safe, fun, and comfortable even at night. Dynamic lighting features make your Vortex Spa shine and highlight different areas of your spa.

You can use your spa controller to change your lighting settings, choose the transition rate between colours, and even set up a lights party mode if you really want to get excited.

The number of lights included in each Vortex Spa™ varies per model. Certain lighting features like the Hydroglow jet lights are only available with Avante upgrades.

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