Understanding the Health Badge & UV Light on Vortex™ Spas

Noticed the Health Badge and UV Light on your Vortex™ spa and wondering what the lights mean? Read this short article to learn more.

Health badge uv light

You might have noticed that there is a health indicator light on the outside of the spa cabinet and you might be wondering what that’s for. In this article, you will learn what each light and light color means on the health badge and the UV system indicator.

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Please note: This article is intended for people who have purchased a Vortex Spa™. Other brands may have different health badges and UV systems, so consult with your sales consultant or a spa expert before you start.

Watch: Health Badge & UV Light Guide - Vortex Spas™ & Swim Spas

What is a Health Badge on a Vortex™ Spa?

The Vortex™ Spa health indicator light has been designed to communicate the spa’s condition to spa users easily. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to come out to your spa, lift up the cover, and look at your keypad to determine the status.

Where is the health badge indicator on a Vortex™ Spa?

The health badge is located on the side where your spa keypad is. In the image below, you can see the Health Badge in red light.

Vortex Spas Health Badge video thumbnail

What do the Health Badge light colors in a Vortex™ Spa mean?

If the health light is shining red, this means that there is an issue with the spa or if the water temperature hasn’t yet reached the temperature you have set. This means that during the startup it will be red. The indicator lights up blue to show it is at the correct temperature.

Vortex spa health badge UV light

What is the UV light below the Health Badge?

The Health Badge also has a UV light on it just below and this shows whether the UV system is okay or not. The handy UV indicator lamp will let you know if your UV system is operating correctly.

What do the UV light colors in a Vortex™ Spa mean?

The UV light should shine green if the system is okay and the circulation pump is running. Otherwise, it will shine red if the UV system needs attention (i.e. the UV lamp needs to be replaced).

If the UV light is not lit, it simply means the unit is off at that point.

Why does the health light stay red in a Vortex™ Spa?

There are several possible reasons why the health light is staying in red. Please refer to the chart below for the appropriate troubleshooting steps.

Important note: Vortex Spas™ has two health lights. This troubleshooting guide is for the Vortex™ health light, not the UV health light.

Vortex Health Light Troubleshooting Guide

How to check BRND Settings on SpaNet® SV Controllers

To resolve the issue of the health light remaining red, you can try checking the BRND settings on SpaNet® SV Controllers.

Here's how to do it:

  • Apply power to the spa
  • Press and hold: Pump B + Blower + W.CLN Buttons until V.PMP or BRND appears on the display.
  • Press the UP button until the BRND menu is displayed
  • Press OK to enter BRND menu option
  • Use the UP or DOWN buttons to navigate to VORT
  • Press OK to confirm and save new setting. BRND will be displayed on the screen
  • Recheck the health light to make sure it's blue.

In Summary

Knowing the status of your spa is made easy thanks to a simple light system–the Health Badge with a UV light. For example, a certain light indicator will show when the water in your spa has reached the correct temperature. For your quick reference, here’s what the light colors mean.

Health Badge Light Colors:

  • Blue - the water has reached the right set temperature.
  • Red - there is fault with the spa pool or the water temperature is outside five degrees of set point. It is red during the start up process by default.

UV Light Colors:

  • Green - the circulation pump is running and the UV system is okay.
  • Red - the UV lamp needs replacement.

We hope this short guide helps, and if you have any questions, please contact our customer care centre.

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