Spa World Launceston Reviews

a Cooksley

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Aug 22, 2023

Fantastic customer service, we bought our swim spa last year and the after care from Micheal has been fantastic! Would highly recommend

Jessica Carins

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Aug 03, 2023

Thankyou Michael and team for your efficiency and knowledge when we purchased our first spa. Definitely recommended!

Kim tobias

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Jun 30, 2022

Well our thoughts were...... will we buy a spa OR won't we buy a spa? After about 25min in the showroom all spent with a sales person just giving us a whole lot of info about the basic spec's and the everyday Do's & Don'ts of operating a spa. We walked away to measure out a spot in our back yard and to source out other costs i.e. concrete & electrics we're sold Thank you Spa World

brendon Mckay

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Apr 10, 2022

We were greeted by Michael who was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, gave us great advice & service! They have a great range of spa's & products in their showroom & if they don't have what your looking for they will do their best to source an item that will fit your needs! Situated only a short drive out of the heart of Launceston, also there's plenty of parking on the main street. Amazing friendly service, great showroom & location, if your in the market & looking to purchase a spa this is your place you won't be disappointed, the staff will make your shopping experience a pleasant one!

Jodi Johnson-Glading

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Jul 13, 2021

Lisa and her team in Hobart made purchasing our swim spa effortless. They helped us decide on the right make and model for our family, talked us through all of the steps of getting ready for delivery and have been very helpful with keeping the water clear post delivery.

Jessica Heenan

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Jul 12, 2021

Just got our Spa from Hobart and very happy with the service from the team. They have been super helpful and great to deal with.

martin tongs

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Jul 12, 2021

Lisa at Spaworld Derwent Park was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. The installation guys were very professional ,And installed spa and external heat pumps as soon as the spa was put down on the concrete pad A very professional team all round

Stephen Eyles

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Jul 09, 2021

I just bought a Spa From Spa World at Launceston Tasmania and had the pleasure of dealing with their Sales Person Michael Mckay. When I first entered the store I definitely wanted to purchase a spa but in not knowing anything about them I was confused and apprehensive as to what to buy. After spending nearly 1 hour with Michael I understood all I need to know and exactly which Spa to buy for my needs and price. Michael slowly explained everything about Spas including costs of running them and the maintenance involved. His knowledge was considerable and his portraying of it was excellent. So when the wife and I made our decision to purchaser it was an enlightened one and made with confidence. The service provided by Michael did not end there he has stayed in touch all the way through to Delivery and installation. I can only say that Michael's level of service and knowledge is exemplary and both the wife and I would have no hesitation in referring Spa World Launceston and in particular Michael to any one who is interested in purchasing a Spa.

David Nyman

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May 02, 2020

We've had our Vortex spa for just over a week now, used it about 9 or 10 times. Not only is the product beautifully built, with all the bells and whistles you could want, but the service these guys deliver is just so good! No pressure when we were initially looking. Michael is one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. Delivery was done so professionally, and the after sales service is outstanding. You can even get water tests done for you. Every time I contact these guys they get back to me almost straight away. The final handover by Tim was the best I've ever had - he didn't miss any detail, and was happy to answer all my newbie dumb questions without fail. Would recommend these guys to anyone contemplating a spa! Well done.

Wilo Gamerboy

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Dec 08, 2019

I'm very angry because normally they do a amazing job but this time they cleaned out the pool very well but they didn't plug in the filter pump we found the pool green the next week when we were going to have a swim. But it was green because they didn't plug in the cord to the powerpoint for the filter to run

John Pattison

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Aug 10, 2018


Jason Gibson

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Jul 03, 2018

My wife and i set out to purchase a quality spa. After comparing a lot of spas at different price points we decided on the Vortex Nitro. Value for money, finish and the performance is outstanding, we are the happiest people and extremely pleased we made the decision to go with Spa World and Vortex spas. The service from all the staff members at the Kings Meadows store has been 12 out of 10, just outstanding. If you are in the market for a spa you could not beat the quality of the spas and the service you will receive from Spa World Kings Meadows.

Amanda Poteris

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Nov 28, 2017

Very informative and helpful

Ken O'Brien

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Jan 24, 2017

PLV tv

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Oct 09, 2016

Its amazing ....PLV831k...

Infrared Saunas for Sale in Devonport

Why buy an infrared sauna in Devonport?

Devonport provides a backdrop where the climate can be varied, and the locals enjoy a blend of urban and outdoor activities.

Infrared saunas cater to this environment by offering a means for personal relaxation and health improvement. They can be particularly useful for combating the cooler temperatures, providing warmth and a space for solace.

Here are the top three reasons why an infrared sauna can be great for you.

Disclaimer: The health information contained in this article is not intended to prescribe a particular diagnosis or course of action. We are not medical professionals. If you have any concerns about your current health or well-being, please contact your GP or other medical professional for advice.

Learn more about the benefits of infrared saunas.

Where to buy infrared saunas in Devonport?

Devonport hosts a number of sauna retailers, but Spa World distinguishes itself as the top choice. Despite lacking a local showroom and the closest being in Launceston, Spa World's expertise in the field makes it the go-to retailer.

Renowned for its status as a trusted sauna provider, it secures its position through reliable aftercare support and a wealth of industry knowledge. Customers in Devonport seeking quality and dependability in their sauna purchases continue to turn to Spa World, solidifying its reputation in the area.

The Spa World showroom in Launceston showcases more than just infrared saunas. It also display a vast collection of outdoor essentials for your leisure and entertainment including spa pools, plunge pools, swim spas, outdoor fires, umbrellas, and pergolas.

About Vortex™ Saunas

Vortex™ far infrared saunas help soothe tired muscles and relax the mind – leaving you recharged and reset!

Harness the healing powers of heat with infrared technology – the gold standard when it comes to saunas. The Vortex™ range of infrared saunas is the perfect solution for those who take recovery and relaxation seriously.

There are two models to choose from – Linear and Prestige – and three size options within each range. The saunas feature low EMF ratings and are hand-crafted from sustainable Forest Stewardship Council-certified timber. Learn more about infrared saunas.

Are you ready to experience the therapeutic effects of a home sauna in Launceston? Contact Spa World today!

Why Spa World?

Five Star Trust Pilot Rating

We are proud that Spa World customers have given us a Five Star Trustpilot rating.