How to Connect Smartlink™ to Your Smart Device

The SmartLink™ WiFi module and SmartLink™ App™ allow you to control your spa remotely using a smart device. This article explains how to connect the SmartLink™ WiFi module to your smart phone or tablet.

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Transform your spa experience with the SmartLink™ module and app - the dynamic duo that puts spa control at your fingertips.

The SmartLink™ WiFi module connects to your spa's control system, enabling you to manage settings remotely via the SmartLink™ app on your mobile device.

Ready to dive in? Our quick guide below will show you how to install your SmartLink™ module and set up the app for stress-free spa management.

Or, click the button below to download the full SmartLink™ Manual.

Please note: The SmartLink™ App was formerly called the "SpaLink App". SpaLink has been replaced by the new, improved SmartLink™ App.

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What is the SmartLink™ WiFi module and SmartLink™ app?

The SmartLink™ system enables you to control your spa from anywhere using the SmartLink™ WiFi module and app with your Apple® or Android™ device.

The module links to your spa's SV controller and taps into your home WiFi to let you manage your spa via the SmartLink™ app.

Compatible with SV controllers from 2015 onward, it enables you to adjust settings and operate pumps, lights, and more. Get notifications and access technical support through the app.

Please note: A continuous and strong WiFi connection is essential for remote spa control.

For a smooth and successful setup process you must complete each installation section and steps in their correct order:

  1. Install SmartLink™ WiFi Module
  2. Confirm WiFi Internet access credentials
  3. Download and install the Spanet™ SmartLink™ app
  4. Register a User Account
  5. SmartLink app setup process

How to install SmartLink™ WiFi Module on your spa

First things first, you'll need to check that your spa is compatible – it must be a model SV controller produced from 2015 onwards. Then, follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the Perfect Spot: Place your SmartLink™ module where it has the best line of sight to your WiFi router. For spas located in pits or under decking, keep the module above ground and in a weather-protected area.

  2. Orient Correctly: Make sure the module is vertical with the WiFi logo at the top to maintain water protection and signal strength.

  3. Connect to Power: Attach the data cable to the EXP1 socket on your SpaNET SV Series Spa Control.

How to connect SmartLink™ to a smart device

Before you jump into the SmartLink™ app, ensure your router is powered and has a strong signal. Here's what to do:

Setting Up WiFi Access

  1. Know your Network: Have your router's SSID (network name) and password ready. Remember, the V2 module does not support '%' or spaces in passwords.

  2. Check Signal Strength: You'll need a signal strength of -70dB or better for V2 modules and -80dB or better for V3 modules for smooth operation.

Connecting to the SmartLink™ App

Now let's get your spa connected to the SmartLink app:

  1. Download the App: Download the Spanet Smartlink app from the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.

  2. Create an Account: Open the app and register a user account, verifying your email to proceed.

  3. Pair Your Device: Sign in and tap the '+' button to add your spa. For V3 modules, use Bluetooth to connect, and for V2 modules (on iOS), follow the instructions to connect to the SV WiFi network and proceed with the setup.

  4. Configure WiFi: Choose your home WiFi network within the app, enter the password, and you're almost there!

Final Touches

Name your spa within the app to easily identify it. If everything is entered correctly, your spa will soon appear online in the app.

Voice Control: Talk to Your Spa

For those who fancy a bit of tech-savvy flair, you can link your spa to Google® Assistant or Amazon® Alexa™ for voice commands:

  1. Link Accounts: In the SmartLink app settings, link your Google or Amazon account.

  2. Set a PIN for Google Assistant: Set a 4-digit PIN if you're using Google Assistant.

  3. Enable Skills: For Google, say, Hey Google, talk to my spa pool and follow the prompts. For Amazon, find and enable the My Spa Pool skill in the Alexa app.

  4. Choose Your Spa: Using voice commands, list your spas and select the one you want to control.

And that’s it! You’ve just elevated your spa game with the SmartLink™ module and app. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your spa anywhere, anytime.

Find out more

For detailed information, refer to the manual pages: V.2303 Page 2-30. Click the button below to download the SmartLink™ Manual.

Please note, in the original manual, detailed instructions are provided for both V3 and V2 modules, particularly noting differences in the setup process. Make sure to consult the manual for device-specific instructions.

In summary

We hope you have found this information helpful. As always, if you need help with your spa or swim spa please get in touch! Our customer care team are here to help.

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