How to Turn On a Vortex™ Spa or Swim Spa – Step-by-Step Instructions

Ready to turn on your Vortex™ spa or swim spa and wondering what steps you need to take. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process on how to turn your spa on and how to resolve any common error messages that may occur during the startup process.

Vortex spa turn on

You must be very excited about your new purchase – a Vortex™ spa. Now you can unwind in style, relax at your own pace, and treat yourself with a mini vacation in your own home. To make sure that you enjoy your spa right away, please take the time to read and review this guideline.

This article is intended for people who have purchased a Vortex Spa™. Other brands may have different processes for operating their spas, so consult with your sales consultant or a spa expert before you start.

Important: A licensed electrician must carry out all electrical work on your spa. Any electrical information included here, whether it is troubleshooting or other instructions, are provided for use by a licensed electrician only. Local electrical codes supersede any information found here.

What are the things I need to do before turning on my Vortex™ Spa?

Vortex™ Spa Basic Installation Information Your Vortex™ Spa must be placed on a solid, uniform level, and flat surface. This is to prevent the shell from being subjected to stress that could cause damage and shell cracking. You don't want to void your warranty.

Do I need an electrician to set up or start a Vortex™ Spa?

A spa's power requirements will vary depending on the model you have. If it is a model that requires more than 15 amps, or if you do not have a dedicated 15 amp circuit a licensed electrician will need to make the connection from your main power supply to your spa.

If your unit has less than 15 amp rating, the spa can be plugged into a dedicated outlet connected to a residual current device (RCD). However, such models require an outdoor waterproof powerpoint with an earth leakage protection device, so consulting with an electrician is still recommended to ensure that local regulations are met.

Also, for 10 and 15 amp spas, if your spa is placed further away from the power cord than the supplied cord, you will need an electrician to hardwire your spa. Please do not use an extension cord.

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How do I turn on a Vortex™ Spa?

Before Filling The Spa:

  • Check the pumps and barrel unions by removing the cabinet door panel on the electronic keypad side to access the equipment bay. Barrel unions are the joints between the pump, heater, and the plumbing of the spa. Make sure that they are hand-tight.
tight barrel union

Checking the tightness of the barrel union

During transportation, it is possible for these connections to become loose, so it is important to check these from the get go. Loose connections may cause water leakage. To tighten, just use your hand to rotate the locking nut.

  • Check T-handled valves if they are in a pulled up open position and secure them with clips. These valves permit the flow of water to be closed off so that you can stop the operation of spa equipment without the need to drain the spa water.
T-handled valves check

Checking of T-handled valves

  • Check the external drain valve if it is tightly closed.
  • Check all jets if they are open before filling the spa with water. You can turn on these jets by rotating the jet face clockwise and counterclockwise to turn off.

Filling The Spa:

  • After removing each filter from the spa, insert your hose down the filter pipes. Allow the water to flow for at least 5 minutes each. This will prevent air locks by flooding the pipework.
Filling the vortex spa

Filling the spa

  • Fill the spa with water until the level is at least 50 mm above the skimmer or at the marked level on the side of the filter area. Make sure the water filling process is successful before you turn on the power.

After Filling The Spa:

  • After filling with water at the accurate level, apply power to the spa by switching the power on.
spa turn on
  • The spa will prime and this can take a few minutes. Priming is the process of water flowing through the circulation pump into the plumbing and back into the spa.
  • If the priming is successful, you will see water coming out of the water features like the waterfall.
Vortex spa priming

Successful priming

If you don't get an Error 3 or an Error 4 pop up on your keypad, then you are ready to place your cabinet door panel back on your spa.

  • Reattach light cables and insert the previously removed screws.
  • Adjust your desired water temperature level and set the time.
  • Read the directions provided by your spa dealer regarding your spa chemical start up procedure.
  • To reduce the heat up time, make sure that the hard cover is well fitted to the spa.

If your spa’s keypad shows an Error 3 or 4, you would need to do a few troubleshooting steps before you do the above-mentioned. Click the button below to learn more.

In Summary

Turning on your spa is the first step for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. To ensure the safety of anyone who will use it, it is important that you get a licensed electrician to help you set up.

Please make sure to read the other articles in the series on how to set up and care for your new Vortex Spa. Click the button below to learn more.

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